Point Blank Chapter 2710

Point Blank Chapter 2710

"Oh? So what do you want? Why don't I just give you this dog? But, I do wonder whether or not you actually have the guts to take it."

Jiang Chen's confidence had influenced the rest of them.He was like a born king, making the people around him demonstrate their respect unknowingly.

The third teacher's expression suddenly changed to grow dark as he spoke, "Sire, are you aware of the consequences your words may bring you? My Yangji Sect is not an entity you can easily provoke."

Everyone were shocked by what the saw. Yu Zi Han had a confused expression on his face as he watched. He knew that today, the Black Sect was going to lose Jiang Chen. It would be an immeasurable loss.

Today was the first time Jiang Chen had witnessed it, and he was shocked by the ability's power. It was a critical moment just now, and if Big Yellow didn't strike at that moment, even with the combined attack of three men, they still could have killed the Evil Devil in the end, but it wouldn't be this easy. A Combat Soul Evil Devil's last attack before death was extremely terrifying.

Yan Zhan Yun said.

"Another three months."

This combat skill, if it was just an ordinary combat skill, then Jiang Chen wouldn't even take a second look at it. Ordinary combat skills just couldn't compare with his Six Solar Fingers, and on top of the Six Solar Fingers, there was the Nine Solar Energies. However, the Clap of Thunder skill was different. This skill was an axe skill that could be used together with the Axe of Thunder.

In the next second after the shock wave had died down, Jian Chen enveloped Changyang Hu's body in a bubble, allowing it to float in midair. By now, the four Heaven Saint Masters had already drawn within a hundred meters of Jian Chen, each one leering dangerously at him.

Hearing this, Xu Neng's friendly smile was replaced with a cold expression, he immediately said, "Attention, friend from the Shangguan Clan, this is a fair competition, you can't disturb other people's decision."

"Hahaha, Jian Chen, you are truly powerful beyond imagination. I hadn't expected to see you kill those four with nearly a single strike! I can say now that my eyes are fully opened to the world now." The man in black-robes spoke. Holding his fan, the man laughed out loud as he spoke. But his words had been indeed spoken from the heart. They were all truly stunned by just how strong Jian Chen was.

An intelligent look could be seen in Lee Shan Yue's eyes. He opened his mouth and asked.

"Don't worry, I got a lot of Mortal Restoration Pills! If you guys are worried about me, then you can just hand over the Mortal Restoration Pills to this young lady, she will keep them for you!"

"Young master, you're finally back! I've really missed you, so much!"

Soul Crunching Tune!

"Khafir, who do you think the Imperial Protector, Jian Chen is? Why would he rush from a distant kingdom to our Gesun Kingdom to help out? Although our Gesun Kingdom has many rich lands, it isn't enough to provoke the Qinhuang Kingdom's interest, furthermore, the distance between our kingdoms is far too wide for it to matter." The king of the Gesun Kingdom pondered curiously. These were questions he had spent many hours thinking about, but he had not arrived at an answer yet.

"Uncle, you needn't worry. If the Xiao family truly does dare come back, I will make sure to help you settle the problem." Jian Chen smiled with a look of disdain for the Xiao family in his eyes.

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