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"Young man, don't go too far.My young master has been wounded, do you not think that this is enough?"

The Tenth Emperor said with a sinister smile on his face, as if he had already pictured Jiang Chen's death.Chapter 427 ÿ The Uproar

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and followed Big Yellow's footsteps together with Yan Chen Yu.

Jian Chen had long since left the inn and flew into the air toward the Qiangan Kingdom's imperial palace. He was completely oblivious to the trouble he had brought upon the inn's mother and son.

Big Yellow shouted at the monk.

At that last remark, Jian Chen went rigid. At last, the anger within his heart had finally broke free! Without saying a word, his legs blurred as both of his legs stamped across the ground. Reaching the servant with the steamer basket within a few seconds, he raised one fist and brought it down onto the servant's back!


Narrowing his eyes, Jian Chen spoke out with an evenly voice, "My apologies, but I've said that I will not be selling the Multicolored Stone."

Following a loud bang, the previously quiet garden was suddenly engulfed in a fierce wind as the flower petals began to dance and fly into the air.

"Ai! Look! This sword here has some resemblance."

"Yes, Captain Bai Fei Yun. When the mercenary called Mu Yun used his battle skill, many people around had seen it, so this information is definitely not false." Caleb replied.

"Chief Jiang, you're such a mighty man!"

"Is that so? Let me see if your crotch is tough enough."

"What a fast sword, they couldn't even react to it. And what precise control he had! I've traveled the Tian Yuan Continent for many years and never have I ever seen anything like that!"A middle aged man wearing blue robes said. He was one of the few that could catch a glimpse of Jian Chen's movements.

Jiang Chen was so enraged that his hair was pointing towards the skies. His strong energy shook the entire Black Sect, and every single disciple were rushing towards his direction. Even all the outer circle disciples were on their way. Right at this moment, every single person in the Black Sect could feel Jiang Chen's heaven piercing fury.

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