Second Chance War Chapter 1278

Second Chance War Chapter 1278

Hearing that one command, all of the remaining mercenaries immediately sprung to follow it, and began to chase down the fleeing bandits. The mercenaries hated the Boundless Bandits down to their very bones, so they would had never let the bandits run off that easily.

Everybody was gossiping, this was the birth of a miracle and the debut of a dark horse. It was guaranteed to leave a deep mark in the history of the Qi Province competition.


The bald elder blanched as well when he heard that, "What!? He's Jian Chen?" Prior to this, Jian Chen had killed five Heaven Saint Masters by himself outside of Mercenary City. Even the news of his fight with two Saint Rulers within the city had been heard by these elders. Such a powerful figure like that was not an opponent that the Heiyun clan could take on. Even with the three Heaven Saint Masters, they stood no chance at all.

After absorbing all of the energy, the white tiger cub had grown even stronger. Even the sharp fangs in its mouth had grown bigger and sharper.

Shortly afterward, everyone returned to the interior of the city. The inhabitants of the city that had been unfortunate enough to fall prey to Nubis' poison were awake once more. The poison of a Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely toxic, but they had only ingested the air that was sprinkled with it. Combined with the fact that Nubis had diluted most of it by taking it back into himself, cutting away the source, the poison that the inhabitants of the city ingested wasn't enough to kill them.

At one point of time, none of these people would even bother look at this useless young master a second time, but recently he had changed dramatically, transforming into someone completely different.Even Mu Rong Zhan was insulted by him, plus the number one genius in the Mu Rong family was destroyed by him as well.Furthermore, he greeted them with respect and courtesy.

"Big Yellow, stay aside, let me handle it."

"With the support of your monster cores combined with my free time, I was able to spend the entire time cultivating. Of course my cultivation would progress faster than normal." Ming Dong spoke with a proud look on his face.Chapter 285: The Departure

Heavens! How could a man accept it when he was being told that he couldn't do it anymore? Most importantly, it was a fact!

"Qin Ji, what is your general estimation for how many monster cores I'll need to transport an entire division?" Jian Chen asked.

The woman thought back to the spectacle that happened back at the inn, "I wonder who those people were," She muttered. "Even their personalities were out of the ordinary. They must be men from a major clan with high positions. Their clan must be very strong if they don't fear the Heiming clan." As she spoke, a sudden gleam appeared in her eyes without disappearing.

The mercenary returned his smile, "It wasn't all that long, just a few years, that's all. Compared to those that have left their homes to travel for ten to a hundred years, I am still green."

Lee Shan Yue said while grinding his teeth. He wished he could just run forward and rip Jiang Chen into pieces.

"Just take it. You're a man, so no need to behave like that."

The nearby Yan Meng' s eyes lit up.He never expected Jiang Chen to be so knowledgeable.If Jiang Chen really could cure Yan Chen Yu' s disease, then he would certainly be rewarded for bringing him here.

"That's right, Tianxiong Lie. With our friendship, whatever it is you need help with you just have to ask. You don't have to beat around the bush like a virgin on her wedding night!" Spoke a dark tanned man. He wore short pants, revealing bulges of muscle on his legs. From the looks of it, those legs looked as if they were capable of bending a steel plate in half with a simple kick.

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