Evolution Theory of the Hunter Chapter 1068

Evolution Theory of the Hunter Chapter 1068

The Tianqin clan's group was led down to the outside of the imperial palace by the Grand Elder. Then, a single armored person came out to greet the Grand Elder with a cordial greeting before ushering everyone inside a courtyard to rest.

After hesitating a bit from these words, Jian Chen nodded, "Then big brother, please be careful." Saying this, Jian Chen walked off the arena.

Ka Di Qiuli was muttering to herself with knit eyebrows as she stared at the confident look on Ming Dong's face. There was a feeling of unrest welling up within her, so she couldn't help but speak with worry, "Second brother, do you see how relaxed he looks? Do you think he'll have something to rely on?"

Jiang Chen mumbled to himself quietly. The Green Hellish Python was a very horrifying Demon Beast, but Jiang Chen wasn't scared of this. The Dragon Transformation skill had a lot of mighty powers that Jiang Chen had yet to discover. He needed to draw out and discover those powers part by part.

Jiang Chen reminded.

"Everyone, let's wait no more and strike together! Don't let any of these geniuses escape, I want them all dead today!"

Big Yellow became worried. The Spiraling Defense Mechanism could only last for three hours, and now, there was only half an hour left. If Jiang Chen still couldn't break through in this half hour, they would lose the chance to get out from this place, and all their hard efforts would go to waste. Once they missed this opportunity, they would have to wait another year before they had the chance to leave this place.

Afterward, Chang Bai left to look for Changyang Ba and tell him the news. After receiving the information, Changyang Ba's eyebrows scrunched together as he spoke with worry, "Chang Bai, will there be any problem with Xiang'er going by himself?"

"A warbeast's defenses are exceptionally strong. Even a Magical Crystal Cannon would be unable to do damage to it. The stronger it is, the more terrifying its defenses are. It would be incredibly hard to kill one. Even the dragon clan during the peak of the magical beast era was said to have been unable to match with the warbeast's defenses. I'm not sure if I can penetrate through its defenses with my current strength."

Someone from the crowd had cried out a warning so that the other people in it could be warned to run as far as they could away from the scene of the carnage in fear. Although they were all strong in their own right, but they didn't dare act out in even a defensive manner to protect themselves in fear of being struck down by the punishment of the city. Since they couldn't use their own power to defend, they could only try to get away so as to not be mixed up in what Jian Chen was doing.

From this, it could be seen that an Imperial Protector was a powerful entity.

Seeing the patriarch, Bi Lian immediately grabbed the patriarch's hand like grabbing a life-saving branch. She said hurriedly, "Fantastic, fantastic, grandfather you've finally come. Brother is fighting a powerful opponent. Grandpa you need to quickly go help him."

At this moment, the other Heaven Saint Master regained his bearings just in time to see his comrade die right beside him. Frightened, he gave up the idea of fighting Jian Chen and tried to fly back toward the other three Heaven Saint Masters, "Everyone forward! Be careful of his Saint Weapon and make sure yours doesn't touch his!"

"I killed him."


Jiang Chen thought to himself. The soul was the most important part of any human, and if the soul was damaged, the consequences would be very serious. When the soul was damaged, you will first lose your ability to concoct pills followed your ability to focus and then your ability to cultivate.


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