Kateri Leona Chapter 1510

Kateri Leona Chapter 1510

The men in front of them must be the Lee family from Red city.

Many people were shouting in surprise. All of a sudden, Jiang Chen had become the center of attention. Who would have thought that another dark horse would appear in the outer circle competition? and this dark horse was even more badass than Nan Bei Chao. Nan Bei Chao was a genius disciple from the four big sects, but this young man in front of everyone had never been seen anywhere before this.Chapter 87 ΓΏ Ruled Them All


"Ah, so there was something like that? I am relieved." Jian Chen's brows furrowed, this was an interesting piece of information.

"What's going on? Who's going to face Heavenly Tribulation in the Asura Palace?"

While Class 5 Magical Beasts may be a common sight in the more major cities, in a city like Phoenix City, this was an undeniable precious treasure. Jian Chen knew that selling a Class 5 Magical Beast would not be as easy as it should be, so he had to familiarize himself with the environment. In the case that something unexpected happened, he would at least have an escape route and wouldn't be flustered.

"So now you try to act pitifully in front of me."

At the gates, several soldiers could be seen standing in a line. They were there to make sure every single merchant paid an entrance toll before entry. After paying that entrance toll, entry to the city would be given without trouble. Otherwise, there would be a forceful inspection of the goods being brought in.

"Of course!" That mercenary replied almost instantaneously. But the question then registered in his mind, and his expression grew hopeful as he asked incredulously, "Could it be you're willing to let me go?"


It seemed like the battle was going to last for quite some time. A few minutes later, these three men had finally stopped attacking, and Jiang Chen stood a few steps behind where he originally stood. Nonetheless, with Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi's combat strength double, as well as their good teamwork, they now had the ability to turn the tables.

Right at this moment, a cracking sound came from within the house on the left side of the courtyard. In the next second, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow felt a cold breeze being emitted from the house. They turned around and looked at it, then they saw the entire house was covered in frost. The frost soon turned into solid ice, and it made the entire courtyard, even the entire mountain peak's temperature, drop significantly.

Four hours later, Jian Chen had deviated from the path back to Longevity Valley and was instead headed toward Cross Mountains a good distance away.

Three screams sounded out, three men were slashed into half. Two of them were peak Heavenly Core warriors, and the last one was an Early Divine Core warrior.

This was a melee exchange, and no fancy techniques were involved. Ling Yi sensed an enormous force coming from Jiang Chen's punch, forcing him to take a step back before stabilizing his body.

This young man seemed to be in his late twenties. With a sharp facial figure and a handsome look, he could easily stand out amongst the crowds.

After the survival competition was over, they would enter the individual fighting tournament which would take place on an elevated platform against other strong individuals. If Jian Chen wanted to be the number one rank, then he would have to use his azure and violet Sword Qi, thus there was no longer a point in hiding the Sword Qi.

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