Star Wars: 30 years later the real story Chapter 1732

Star Wars: 30 years later the real story Chapter 1732

Yan Zhan Yun reminded Jiang Chen.

Mu Rong Hao and the old man both shouted at the same time.Mu Rong Hao was now even more terrified.All his arrogance had vanished.He would have a hard time living without his dick, but if both his legs were broken and he was stripped naked, then he would rather die right now.

"Firethorn Savage, you still don't want to retreat? If you keep causing trouble, I'll have to teach you a lesson!"

In the cavern, Jian Chen was in a deep state of cultivation, but outside of the Magical Beast Mountain Range in Wake City, the entire city was in an uproar.

Tian Yishan asked.

"Nephew Jiang Chen is indeed an incredible genius! Even I have to admire his formidable strength! Wu Ningzhu is not nephew Jiang Chen's match."


Jiang Chen thought of Yan Chenyu. After his trip to the Island of Ice, he would return and save Yan Chenyu with the Nine Solar Holy Water. But, at that point of time, the Island of Ice would have disappeared, and Yan Chenyu would not be able to come here to cultivate.

A white figure watched the spectacle in the sky from far away. This figure was was Jiede Tai, the patriarch of the Jiede clan. Even his interest was piqued by what was happening.

The Third Emperor said with a cold sneer visible on his face.

Duo Kang and the other Great Saint Masters were undoubtedly the experts of Wake City. Each one of them was a leader of a hundred man strong mercenary group which could be considered quite powerful within Wake City. Although they were not seen on the streets often, since the five of them had shown their faces at the same time, such a thing would naturally cause everyone to look at them. Jian Chen leading at the front was the focal point of the attention as everyone began to wonder who he was.

Huang's mind went blank after being slapped, what happened? Didn't senior disciple Wang come here to help him? Why did he slap me instead?


"Who are you? State your name at once and why you are attacking my clan." The bald elder standing in the middle barked out as he grasped his sword. The sharp point of the sword glinted ominously, and if it were any regular person standing there, their valor surely would have dipped to non-existent levels.

"Then would you be able to ascertain his position within this mountain range?" Another person besides the third brother asked, it was the third elder of the Jiede clan.

"Shangguan Yilong is here to pay his respect to the princes."

Soon after, Jiang Chen and the group had left the Inferno Hell area, and there was only a thousand miles left until they reached Inferno City. With their speed, they would arrive shortly.

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