Trash of the Count is Family Chapter 2483

Trash of the Count is Family Chapter 2483

With an explosive sound, Mao Fang completely unleashed his aura of a Late Divine Core warrior. A dazzling palm appeared, it crashed toward the Flood Dragon like a mountain with its violent energy.

A few guards were stationed on both sides of the entrance, calling people to pay the entrance fee.

Despite the confusion weighing heavily on his mind, Khafir could only speak, "Honored Imperial Protector, I represent the Gesun Kingdom wholeheartedly when I thank you for your assistance. Are elder Xiao Tian's injuries serious?"

A vat of scalding hot oil was suddenly poured down from the walls and splashed down onto the magical beasts below. Immediately, the fur of those who got splashed by the oil caught fire before turning the magical beast into a moving bonfire.

"Brother Jiang Chen, since you can recognize the Nine Yin Meridians, I am sure that there must be a way to save my daughter!I am begging you to save my daughter, as long as you can save her, no matter what you want, I will give it to you!"

After that, the over a thousand Blood Devils shouted out at the same time. Each of them spat out a lump of red blood, and it all shot towards the huge dark face hovering above Lord Blood Moon.

Just at this moment, an old voice reverberated in the area. Shortly afterwards, a presence even greater than the five people appeared, before an old woman with a dragon-headed cane appeared soundlessly in the air. She just happen to block the two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

"The great Nubis!" Nubis argued in annoyance.

Wu Jiu exclaimed. Right as he was about to attack and give Big Yellow a hand, he saw Big Yellow using his head to crush the Evil Devil's head, killing it on the spot.

With his finishing sentence, four seventy-year old elders suddenly came out from the skies in each cardinal direction around Jian Chen so as to trap him in.

Cai Dong became really angry. He was an inner circle disciple, and that brought an honorable status, a status that should be respected by all outer circle disciples. In any normal day, these outer circle disciples would immediately show their respect when they saw him, but this Jiang Chen had just slapped his face in front of so many people. This was ridiculous!

"Young lord Lee, how is everything?Did you meet with that grand master?"

The youth was of a sturdy build and wore blue robes. Underneath his robes, his black pants could be seen with his hair reaching down to his shoulder. From his appearances, he looked to be thirty years old.

"Third sister, you're older than this, there is no need to cause such difficulty toward a child." Yu Fengyan's eyes narrowed with anger.

The arrogant Dark Eagle was sliced in half by the bright beam. It was separated into two parts, then it fell into the ocean, staining the surrounding water with blood.

"Fellow friend, where might Jian Chen be this one asks." A mercenary asked impatiently. To him, Jian Chen was like a mountain of gold, and so he didn't bother to think if he had the strength to fight him.

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