The Forgotten Princess Chapter 604

The Forgotten Princess Chapter 604

When Jiang Chen and Tan Lang finally arrived at Heavenhawk Island, a large crowd of people had gathered outside. There were at least a few hundred people hovering in the sky; the good and the bad mixed together, many of which were Combat Kings. The people in the crowd were all geniuses from the other three major powers, and they were here as indifferent spectators.

Suddenly, a massive amount of energy began to flow from the skies, attracting everyone in sight. Everyone could only see the first signs of energy being warped about in midair, and in two brief moments, a strong multicolored light could be seen from the rapidly expanding space. Quickly, a hundred meter wide hole could be seen with a large space of what could only be described as chaotic inside.

"Heavens! This strike is called the 108,000 Swords, there really are 108,000 swords in the skies now! Each sword carries a devastating force, this is terrifying!"

"Fuck your mother!"

"Enough, Qin Xiao, no matter what you say, you and Tian Ling grew up with each other. Just why should he be friendly to outsiders, could it be that these outsiders are even more important than your sisters and brothers?" A middle aged man walked forward before staring icily at Qin Xiao. Then, his eyes wandered over to where Jian Chen and Ming Dong was before his expression grew dark.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face. This had been his goal all along. Jiang Chen currently had 8,000 Dragon Marks, and no warriors in the Combat Soul realm could be his match. Even an existence like the Crown Prince was no match for him.

The patriarch hummed. "There has been no conflict between us and the Jiede clan. They themselves are quite strong as well. Since we've already made enemies with the Huang family, it wouldn't do to make even more enemies. Go and notify the Jiede clan of this."

Soon after that, a few other mercenaries began to cry out with their pleas for Jian Chen to notice and accept them.

The Heaven Saint Master was about thirty meters away from Jian Chen and floated above him. Staring down onto Jian Chen, he looked at the tiger cub in his left hand and spoke with a slightly happy expression, "Jian Chen, I don't wish to be enemies with you. My Moyun clan is in need of that Class 6 cub, so I must ask you to resign with parting yourself from the cub. My Moyun clan will definitely reward you with a handsome prize and help you unconditionally within our scope of power."Chapter 361: Fierce Battle

Jiang Chen did it like Guo Shan had told him. He could tell that Guo Shan was a man with a true nature, and he would never limit himself to an old pattern. Jiang Chen liked this kind of personality. Besides, being able to become brother of the Black Sect's best alchemist wouldn't bring Jiang Chen any harm either.

"What!? You're only twenty-three!?" The patriarch exclaimed. While he knew that Jian Chen was young, he didn't think that Jian Chen would be that young.

Ka Di Yun sneered in disdain as he watched Jian Chen exit the arena, "Changyang Hu, you're just asking for trouble, so don't blame me for anything that happens."

"Esteemed elder, I am twenty-four this year." Jian Chen said courteously as he clasped his hands at the elder. The Radiant Saint Master Union used the seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue and purple, to categorise radiant Saint Masters. As for the two elders, they had purple badges on their chests, so Jian Chen had already deduced the fact that they were Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.

Jian Chen meticulously studied the Heaven Tier Battle Skill along with Ming Dong. Only Qin Xiao would occasionally play around with them, but not once had they seen the Grand Elder afterward.

"The previous number one genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect is really incredible! I think those ordinary Mid Divine Core warriors would be seriously wounded by this attack!"

By now the sky was already getting dark and it was past the regular dinner time. Thus, the restaurant was not filled with many people. There was still twenty or so tables with only a few waitresses hurriedly running about.

Jiang Chen shut the door leading to the courtyard and walked into a room, shutting the door of that room as well.He never bothered taking a look at the room's decorations.Instead, he took out the jade box straight away.

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