Rogue Nights Chapter 1853

Rogue Nights Chapter 1853

More anxious than ever, he blurted, "Senior Heavenhorn, it's me, Bai Xiaochun! Remember me? I concocted that medicinal pill. It took me half a month! I very nearly worked myself to death in the process."

According to legend, there would also always be treasures nearby whenever a White Jade Jiao appeared in an area. This was to be expected as the White Jade Jiao mostly acted as guardians to such treasures. Normally, these kind of demonic beasts would guard treasures such as fruits, herbs, and anything else considered edible. Moreover, the treasures the guardian beast protected would be quite useful for their own consumption. A demonic beast would often guard a treasure for a few dozen years, and in certain cases, even for a century.

An enticing smile broke across Mu Qing's face. Two little formation flags appeared in her hands before she waved her delicate hand!

Just now, Bai Xiaochun had only used about fifty percent of his full power. He couldn't even imagine how powerful and terrifying the secret magic would be if he unleashed its full power.

"Eee?" the hallmaster muttered in surprise. In all the years he had selected new recruits for the Hall of Devil Slayers, never had he encountered anyone this fast. Having no other choice, he sped up a little bit, instantly pushing himself several hundred meters forward.

"Maybe it's some sort of plague? But it doesn't seem like a plague. That can't be the reason!"

"Let's go, we'll make some good food for lunch and have the whole family celebrate together. It's a pity we don't know where Qing Shui is right now!" Qing Yi said as she looked towards a few of the Qing Clan's 2nd and 3rd generation members, who felt melancholy at the mention of Qing Shui's name.

Patriarch Dao River didn't deign to pay any attention to Bai Xiaochun, nor the violet beam of light that shot out from his third eye. The man simply waved his sleeve, sending a portion of sword qi out to intercept it.

Glaring in embarrassment, Li Qinghou said, "There's no reason to flip out! If you have any, I'll just take one!"?

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"Go lie down, there are other ways to relieve yourself, you know¡­...." Huoyun Liu-Li blushed.

A strength of 25 countries caused this small valley to be turned into a piece of flat land!

Chi Ao and Chi Feng also joined the crowd. With them in the lead, the others naturally followed. Although the two of them were young, they were already at the Xiantian realm. To the others, they were their role models.

"Wood Elemental Xiantian Qi increases one's defence by 30%, and increases one's recovery skills by 3 times! The Xiantian Qi is also able to help to heal wounds, and is the most important condition to becoming a top notch alchemist! Of course, these are for references only. There are too few who are able to train techniques which are of the Legendary realm or higher. I myself had merely chanced upon this information in an ancient record!"

Actually, there was also one more reason behind it. It was the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Because of the different ratio in time, Qing Shui would often have the feeling that he had known somebody for a long time even if he had just met that person recently.

Other than the robes, Qing Shui took the time to make a pair of boots. The outer layer of the boots was made with a snow-white fox skin, and the inner layer was constructed with a couple of Level 50 skeleton frames made with tempered metallic essence.

"Congratulations, father-in-law! Who would have thought that you would put down roots in this little town? I'm sure you'll really prosper here! You absolutely, positively must not refuse the offer. Oh, you'll also need alcohol for the wedding. So why don't you go get another jug?"

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