The Era of Evolution Chapter 2034

The Era of Evolution Chapter 2034

Qing Shui's hand casually moved to touch the lady's perky peaks!

"Oh right. That -- what's it called? -- Godly Vestige Pill! I want a hundred of them too!"

There were all kinds of expressions and desires when he looked around. Some were attracted to the crowds while others wanted to see humiliation. A few wanted to take advantage of others when they were in their most depressed state. Qing Shui felt really irritated!

"Thanks to what you have done in the past, I progressed to the level of Xiantian ahead of them. My life has also undergone a series of enormous changes." Qing Shui smiled at the demon beast.

Qing Shui was shocked. Could it be that she intend to wrong herself for him? She did say that she would not let anything happen to him but he never expected that she would go this far.

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"You wouldn't believe it even if I tell you." Qing Shui remembered how he injured her, and couldn't help but feel hesitant if it really happened.

"What else did you expect, it's so obvious!" One of the bystanders interrupted.

Next was the pearl. Rumbling sounds echoed out as it slammed into the wok. The wok couldn't hold up any longer, and exploded, transforming into countless black fragments that showered out in all directions. Bai Xiaochun shot out from the wreckage, flying toward the seventh level cultivator.

"Senior Martial Uncle, you know the Old Ancestor this well?" Qing Shui was surprised.?

Although the speed he was capable of couldn't be described as slow, the little turtle was faster. In the blink of an eye, he was right next to Bai Xiaochun.

And yet, that counted for almost nothing compared to what the Grand Heavenmaster and other powerful members of the senior generation had done. They had scoured all of the Eternal Immortal Domains, including the sea itself and the Eternal Island, to find the bits of rubble and rocks that were actually the flesh and blood of the first generation Arch-Emperor, whose body had exploded when the original Heavenspan Realm was destroyed! It was all an effort to commemorate that first generation Arch-Emperor!

The demonic beasts' tremendous cries, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's powerful bellow and the Fire Bird's crisp cry, had caused many people's blood to boil. They looked at Qing Shui hopefully.

"Fellow Daoist Bai Hao, I owe you a big favor for what you did today!"

He had reached another bottleneck with twenty-nine-colored flame, a bottleneck that required a higher cultivation base. Now that he was in the Archaean Realm, he focused completely on the formula for twenty-nine-colored flame, and began to perform various auguries and calculations. Now that he could back that with the divine sense of an archaean, everything went far faster and more efficiently than before.

That was especially true when he noticed how everyone was staring at his right hand. He could see the serious look in the eyes of Chen Haosong and the dukes, and the nervousness of Zhao Xionglin and the other marquises. The pride Bai Xiaochun felt in this moment simply couldn't be described with words.

Flipping to a page, Qing Shui knew. was written on it. Qing Shui understood after seeing that. This cultivation was a level higher than the Basic Sword Technique he obtained earlier. It wrote of the reconciliation between Basic Sword Technique and Sword Force. The only thing Qing Shui did not expect was that such a simple reconciliation would actually become a Xiantian battling technique.

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