Captain Raven Chapter 1098

Captain Raven Chapter 1098

"What, could brother Qin Xiao be participating in the Gathering of the Mercenaries as well?" Jian Chen asked surprised.

Afterward, Jian Chen found a stream and leaped into it to wash himself.

Jiang Chen said.

Right at this moment, many warriors suddenly appeared in the center of the Island of Ice. Each of them wore the same puzzled expressions.

"Fire, fire, fire! Don't let him get away!" The commander cried out.

A Dimensional Creature about 6 meters tall suddenly emerged from the dimensional crack, and fell into a deep hole underneath. After that, it leapt out of the hole, took a deep breath, breathing in the fresh air of this world, then it slammed its own chest with both hands, expressing its excitement.

Although everyone had seen the strange thing that was Jian Chen's sword, it was far too late to actually care about it at that point.

"Haha, I think you're referring to Guan Yiyun and those other men. Since you're here to get yourself killed, I'll fulfill your wish; all of you are going to die today. Let me see how strong you, Tian Yishan's help is."

Just then, the Albino Earthworm let out a terrible sound as well before collapsing to the ground with Shi Xiangran's Seal of Treasure Mountain smashed on top of its head. Even its entire body had been smashed several times with the seal to make for a serious injury.

"This guy's combat strength is more or less equal to ours, but more importantly, the sword in his hand is too powerful!"

Without giving it a second thought, both men immediately turned around and ran, scared that if they were any slower, they would be killed on the spot.

"Just leave with Han Yan and the others. If something bad truly happens to me, at least my bloodline will still go on."


Hearing this, Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed together to look at the petite face of the princess. With a grim voice, he spoke, "This time there will most definitely be a bloodbath. You have never experienced such a scene before, are you still willing?"

Big Yellow transformed into a golden light and smashed into a Bloody Combat Wolf with his head, but the Bloody Combat Wolf turned into bubbles and burst apart. It was actually just a phantom.

Within the courtyard, Yan Chenyu, Han Yan and Big Yellow all had a bad feeling about this.

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