Death God System Chapter 1316

Death God System Chapter 1316

"Stupid dog, you're the one who dragged me into this, and now you're not even willing to carry your father for a while? You're really heartless!"

Jiang Chen said.

However, their wishes did not speak for the entire group. The middle-aged man's attitude, in particular, made it hard for them to act.Chapter 468: Retreat of the Huang Family

"That££ I££ I££" The shopkeeper sputtered. When he had said that the wood was from a mysterious place, it had been a fabrication he knew nothing of. It was only meant to raise the mystique and price of the wood. What he didn't expect was that he would meet someone more knowledgeable about it than him.

Jiang Chen flipped his palm, revealing the bright bronze plate once again. Other people might feel that this bronze plate is strange, but Han Yan and Big Yellow didn't.

Nangong Wentian asked.

The white tiger stared closely at the young man who had grabbed at it with its bright eyes. A look of mockery and disdain appeared in those intelligent-looking eyes. Just when the young man had arrived before the tiger, it suddenly opened its small mouth and bit one of the young man's fingers.

The waiter welcomed them attentively. He brought the trio over to a big table in the center of the room. The way he looked at Big Yellow was a look filled with fear. This dog was really terrifying; even the energy emitting from his body was not something the waiter could resist.

All the pills he had consumed during the last 10 years were just too strong.His body literally became a treasure.It was such a waste!It's no wonder there were people who wanted to harm him.


"Your servant had witnessed it clearly. My information isn't wrong!"

"This is truly what I call a complete transformation; change into a new self."

"Damn it, this beast has become much stronger than he was three years ago, and he is now in a frenzied state. It will be hard for us to defend!"

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. The effects of the crystal core to him were really great. He previously consumed the Five Elemental Pill to strengthen his foundation, preventing it from being shaken upon leveling up too quickly. The more advanced his cultivation became, the more he would need to strengthen his foundation.

Although the amount of Class 3 Monster Cores he had to consume was a frightening number, Jian Chen wasn't concerned at all about a lack of monster cores. Not only did he have hundreds of Class 3 Monster Cores in his Space Belt, he was also in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. He could enter the deeper regions and kill Class 4 Magical Beasts any time he wanted to. Class 4 Monster Cores contained enormous amounts of energy, and far surpassed that of Class 3 Monster Cores.

"I didn't expect Brother Jiang Chen would not know about the legend of the Island of Ice."

A miserable scream sounded out from the Old Emperor's mouth. His sword was knocked out of his hand and was taken away by Jiang Chen. Numerous wounds appeared on the Old Emperor's body after being hit by Jiang Chen's attack. Blood was constantly dripping down, and his spirit had already reached the bottom.

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