When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host <Pause> Chapter 2470

When Immortal and Anime System Found Same Host <Pause> Chapter 2470

Plus, these seven swearing loyalty to the Qinhuang Kingdom or to Jian Chen wasn't too different. After all, his status as an Imperial Protector wasn't just for show. It was only that for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, the might of the Qinhuang Kingdom was far more prominent than an Imperial Protector at the strength of a Heaven Saint Master.

"If that is right, then that would be for the best. I do not like meddling in the affairs of others, but I have already promised Jian Chen to help. I have listened to your family troubles, so I shall give you this jade piece. Should you ever need me to act, then just crush this in your hand and I'll come within three breaths worth of time!" A thumb-sized white jade floated from uncle Tian's hand and slowly moved toward the ancestor.

Wang Ting said with an interested look on his face.

Shangguan Chong finally stopped underestimating Jiang Chen. He unleashed the energy of a Combat Soul warrior without any restraints.

One of the honorable guests of the Yu family murmured.

After leaving the small valley, Jian Chen wandered through the poisonous cloud while following the way back to when he had first arrived here with Ming Dong.

Everyone standing underneath them were holding their breath. No one had any idea who would be the winner of this exchange. Judging solely from the energies, both of them were evenly matched. This once against caused the expressions of the Golden Guards and Imperial Soldiers to change. They could no longer see any hope; this monster was a heavenly defying existence, and even a Combat King warrior like the Imperial Emperor was unable to defeat him.


With the wine drunk and the food eaten, Jian Chen followed his parents back to visit his eldest brother, Changyang Hu. Changyang Hu was confined to the bed without even the most basic of motor abilities since he had lost his limbs. He couldn't eat or change his clothes without help. A life that was robbed of any freedom of movement was a life that words could hardly begin to describe the cruelty of.

Hearing this, everyone stood still as Jian Chen looked behind him at Xiao Dao, only to see him on his belly with his hand outstretched into the swamps. In the swamp, Kabolds figure was already completely submerged.

"Heavens, who would have known there would be a Heaven Saint Master within our Lanfeng City."


Jian Chen's eyes narrowed as he felt the extremely large amount of energy flow into his arm, causing it to numb a bit from the pain.

"What are you two doing?"

Walking to a desolate area, Jian Chen saw over two hundred men fighting against each other. The battle seemed extraordinarily fierce and many people were already on the floor dying within their blood.

"You're right! This square is really big, it's so huge!"

"Impossible! Yang Yutian is only a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master! How can he obtain the secret manual to practising Judgement's Sword? I heard that it's impossible to obtain it without being Class 7, and also impossible to practise!"

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