Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything Chapter 716

Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything Chapter 716

Seated right next to this elder, the other laughed as well, "This is truly a great profit, but this only a small one. Wait until after the auction finishes, an even nicer surprise will be waiting for us."

Early one morning, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes from his meditative posture and looked at the blooming skies. Muttering to himself, he spoke, "It's about time to leave." With that, Jian Chen got off his bed and allowed a faint glow of azure and violet to be emitted from his finger. Floating overhead, it reached the wooden ceiling and immediately bore a hole into it, causing the wooden ceiling to shred apart like tofu. With a gentle push, Jian Chen removed the half a meter long circumference hole from the ceiling, revealing a single hole.

Jiang Zhenhai and Wu Jiu gave out words of caution at the same time, especially Wu Jiu. His face was covered with worry. He certainly knew how incredible Jiang Chen was, but the Imperial Emperor was a real Combat King warrior, not someone a young man who was only at the Combat Soul realm could deal with. Three strikes from the Imperial Emperor could really kill him.Chapter 449 ΓΏ Peerless Monster

Touching down onto the ground several kilometers away from the barrier, Jian Chen walked the rest of the way. Without a care for the nearly transparent barrier, he walked through and into Mercenary City.

"Stand up and walk towards me."

"Alright, I'll follow you to greet the Sect Chief."

However, after Jiang Chen at the demon soul, not only did he not show any signs of discomfort. Instead, his energy started rapidly rising. Since the Dragon Transformation skill had gone through two transformations, its speed of circulation had become much greater. In just a few breaths time, the demon soul of a First Grade Combat King had been completely absorbed. As Jiang Chen had expected, this demon soul had given him another 2,000 Dragon Marks, so he now had a total of 18,000 Dragon Marks. As long as he could form another 2,000 Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Combat King realm.

One of the Late Combat Soul warriors nearly vomited blood. None of them had ever seen such a strange monster before. No matter how much they tried, it just couldn't be killed. How were they going to deal with a monster like this?

"Jiang Chen! I, the Crown Prince will kill you!"

"Fellow, I'll leave this to you."

"Save me, grandfather!"

"Yes, captain!" Kai Er enthusiastically responded. Twisting off the stopper to the bottle, they each poured a drop of the liquid into their mouths before they passed the bottle on.

Jian Chen followed the ninth and fourteenth elder through an impressive corridor. They went directly to the second floor, passing by many Radiant Saint Masters of differing levels. All the Radiant Saint Masters bowed and greeted the two elders without any exceptions, before all staring curiously and doubtfully at Jian Chen.

The reason he came to the Chaotic Ocean was to kill the master of the Heavenhawk Island. He didn't want any conflicts to arise between Jiang Chen and the Asura Palace.

"Roar! All of you are too despicable! I'm going to destroy this place today!"

With both the king and Bi Dao captured, Chang Wuji wasn't able to fully attack without fear of hurting the two as a result.

Mu Rong Zhan ordered three Qi Hai warriors to attack Jiang Chen. If it was a one versus one match, then he would be the only one who could fight Jiang Chen.

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