Infinite Power Chapter 2470

Infinite Power Chapter 2470

"Young man, I'll remember you! You will suffer now that you have offended the Lee family!"

Jian Chen had long since understood the circumstances of the sight in front of them with his presence, and shook his head with a smile, "No, definitely not. They are in fact here to welcome us."

Tianxiong Lie held onto his battle axe with both hands in disbelief. When Jian Chen had stabbed at his battle axe three times, the amount of force behind it was strong enough for the vibrations to completely paralyze his arms for a moment.

"We've witnessed Chen Jiang's incredible strength, but I never thought this dog would be so frightening as well! But, the man and dog duo££ why is this giving me a familiar feeling?"

Lying on the ground, Jiang Chen's face looked as pale as a sheet of paper, and he had stopped breathing. However, Tyrant could clearly sense that there was a force hiding inside of Jiang Chen's body, supporting his life. If it was any other person, he would have instantly died by being in such a condition.

"Third sister, Ah'Hu is correct. Xiangtian is not to blame for the past. As a Primary Saint, he was able to cut off the arm of a Great Saint. This type of strength is not something the Gesun Kingdom sees often. We should be happy at his skill and not angered." Ling Long spoke. In the past, she had treated Jian Chen indifferently, but now that Jian Chen had saved her son, she was especially grateful and had a better opinion of him.

Many people had recognized Big Yellow, and some even recognized the aura of the treasure.

"Correct, uncle Mu Zhaye, you must help me teach him a lesson. Otherwise, this is something I will never be able to swallow." Xiao Han spoke. Mu Zhaye was an apprentice to his grandfather and was close to him.

"Jiang Chen, you've really surprised me, but that's all. Although your armor has an incredible defense, there is no way you can withstand my last attack."

Kendall walked up to the door of the house and lightly knocked on it. Not too long after, the wooden door opened slightly to reveal the dark skinned head of a person. Judging from his skinny face, the youth looked to be around 26 years old and looked like the type of person to be a snatcher if put within a group of people.

After Jian Chen had left, a figure in a light screen appeared in the fifth elder's room. If Jian Chen was there, he would recognise that the person was the master he had accepted, the president of the Radiant Saint Union.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. Although he only had a broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was still an authentic Saint Weapon which contained the Great Saint Laws. Even though Jiang Chen wasn't able to utilize these laws right now, the strength of the Saint Weapons was without doubt formidable. If he forged all the hundreds of Combat Weapons together with the Heavenly Saint Sword, the strength of the new Heavenly Saint Sword would be extremely devastating.

"The cub!" Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat in surprise and immediately took the cub from the hands of the soldier to inspect it. Upon inspection, Jian Chen could see that the dust had dyed the tiger's white fur gray, but its eyes were closed shut as it slept in hibernation to digest the heavenly resources.

Ming Dong and the others stared in confusion at Jian Chen; they didn't know what had happened to the Bi family, and didn't understand the relationship Jian Chen had with them. Naturally, they wouldn't know why Jian Chen would be so taken aback when he heard that the young woman's mother had the last name of Bi.

Jiang Zhen Hai said angrily.

It was extremely calm within Kargath Academy; nothing had been riled up by Cheng Mingxiang and his group of people's movements.

Jiang Chen smiled.

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