Wisdom of a Mage Chapter 2774

Wisdom of a Mage Chapter 2774

"Look, Fan Kun is going to kill Han Yan! Also, Yan Chen Yu was severely wounded, and is laying on the floor! Things have gone really bad!"

Yan Xing came forward hurriedly and bowed politely to Jiang Chen as a sign of respect.Two days ago, they had come to know that Jiang Chen was going to cure Yan Chen Yu.That was why they were so polite to him.

Even the three great guardians were shocked when faced with this attack. This number one genius of the Profound River Palace with the title Wonderhand Thousandtune truly deserved her reputation.

This young man was indeed the head of the Changyang clan, Changyang Ba.

Then, a sudden thought came to Jian Chen. "Little sister, perhaps I have something that your master left behind. That may be why you sense your master's scent."

"Young master, how dare these two men come here and cause trouble?Let me teach them a lesson!"

Han Yan said.

But before they could even pour the vats completely, another ear-piercing sound could be heard as several short crossbow bolts were shot through the air. The soldiers holding these vats were riddled with holes from the crossbow bolts before they could even react. With no soldiers holding onto the vats of oil, the vats fell back onto the walls and splashed the flaming oil onto the ground. In an instant, the entire surface on top of the walls was set aflame with black smoke soaring into the sky, as if verifying the tragedy of war.

Jiang Chen replied with a loud voice, not taking the Old Great Emperor's speech to heart.

Big Yellow said with a look of disdain.

"Kaka, this guy is getting stronger and stronger!"

At that moment, an old man came walking in from the outside of the shrine. Presenting a Space Ring to Tian Jian, he spoke, "Shrine lord, I've accomplished your command. All there is to be found is in this Space Ring!"

If it weren't for the fact that Jian Chen could clearly feel that the energy in the monster core was now less than before, then Jian Chen would have thought this situation had all been in his head; this situation was far too weird to understand.

"Hey, hey! This is a high class restaurant; pets aren't allowed here!"

The three great elders sat calmly on their magical beasts without any intention of getting involved. At the same time, they did not worry at all, as they had already witnessed Jian Chen's strength. They all knew that the Flood Dragon Bandits, so renowned and dreaded by several of the surrounding kingdoms, were as weak as ants in Jian Chen's eyes, unable to form any threat to him at all.

The Eight Elder laughed, "The Heavenly Enchantress guesses correctly, he is called Jian Chen and is our King of Mercenaries. Although he is only a First Cycle Earth Saint Master, his fighting strength is not weak at all."

Everyone behind the tiger mom could only watch the pair of tigers with disbelief. Not a single one of them could believe what they were looking at since the emotions that this tiger was displaying were far too rich for them to believe that they came from a magical beast.

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