The Lucky Cultivator in Disboard Chapter 417

The Lucky Cultivator in Disboard Chapter 417

An indescribably powerful tempest erupted out into the ocean of water created by the Yin powers of the Palace of Water. Within moments, a limit was reached, and a series of explosions occurred!

"Does it hurt?" Qing Shui gently caressed the wounds on her face.

Qing Shui remembered that it was the same with Qing Hanye, it was a spiritual communication, a Duo Cultivation of the consciousness. Now, the same thing was happening with Di Chen, the situation was almost the same.

Godly Armor Shield!


Because of Bai Hao's genius, Bai Xiaochun's advancement in the art of flame conjuring had been incredibly smooth. Furthermore, Bai Hao's skill had been the key to snatching Bai Xiaochun out of the jaws of death.

However, before any of the other powerful figures in the sect could inquire about what was happening, Feng Youde led all of the more than 10,000 cultivators of the Hall of Devil Slayers onto the battleships. Then, the power of teleportation surged out, whisking them away. Of course, to teleport so many people so far and so quickly came at significant cost.

A few gasps simultaneously rang out from the crowd below. Donggong Taiqing's corpse finally fell on the floors of the arena a few seconds later. Everyone was stunned when they saw the body. Even Old Man Donggong and the old man from the Ye Clan had frozen in place.


"Regretting yet?" Qing Shui commanded the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to restrain the remaining old man and casually asked.

"I've finally reached Foundation Establishment!" He was also thinking about a bit of information he'd gleaned from a jade slip. Considering his current status, he now qualified to accept an apprentice, and was thinking of doing just that. It would probably be a lot of fun.

"Is there even a need to ask? I'm here to visit my beloved!"

Were it not for the fact that this was a large-scale assault, the Wildlands forces would have long since retreated. Whenever Bai Xiaochun went out to personally witness the devastating effects of his exploding furnaces, he could sense that the fighting was continuing to intensify.

Therefore, he actually gained a lot from that single night of study. The mere thought of actually trying to conjure that flame and become an earthly necromancer caused his heart to start racing.

"Alright, alright. Qing Shui, Dongqing and I lost our parents when we were young. She's tough for sure, but she's still a woman. She couldn't tell the world her sufferings and she didn't even have the privilege to act like a spoiled kid. All I wish for is you to treat her well. Make her the happiest woman and I will be thoroughly satisfied." Hai Dongying said as he smiled. He already had faith in Qing Shui. If Qing Shui truly loved Dongqing, then his sister would be happy being together with him.

They needed to catch him within seven days as ordered, and hopefully, nip the rumors in the bud.

People change, a fact that would remain until this day. Moreover, Hai Dongqing was born a talented cultivator and based on that alone, her powers would only increase faster than normal cultivators. She was one of the beauties amongst the Portraits of Beauty and she was a woman of her own wealth. He decided to pay a visit to her in order to clear some things in his mind, he wanted to know if she was still waiting for him or not.

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