Split Zone No.13 Chapter 684

Split Zone No.13 Chapter 684

The two elders glanced at each other, the expressions turning extremely ugly. After realizing that their target was Jian Chen, the two had a change of plans. Even if they were to brave the aftermath of damaging their clan's reputation, they didn't wish to make a move against Jian Chen. Not only was he a genius, but he had been a benefactor to their family. This was more than enough for the two elders to do so. Furthermore, he and Huang Luan had a strange sort of connection between them.

"This is a deathmatch! You know the rules; even I am unable to interfere with what is happening on the fighting stage! Whether or not Nangong Wenyen dies, it's all up to Wentian, and no one can stop him; including you!"

The wait lasted for half an hour, and Big Yellow also nagged continuously for half an hour. He kept complaining that Jiang Chen was a coward. Half an hour was more than enough for him to wreak havoc in Firethorn Savage's cave.

Elder He Mu didn't bother to answer the other elder and instead looked at Jian Chen with a sneer, "Wu Yun, this change in your appearance is truly massive. To a point that not a single one of us could recognize you, but no matter how much you change your appearance, you cannot escape my Spirit Snake's sense of smell."

"Stop right there!"

"Mount Wufu, so this is where the Martial Palace is located?"

"The item in the grand finale of the auction is a low-grade Earth rank Soul Refining Pill.This pill came from the inner sections of the Qi province, and it was concocted by a grand alchemist.It is also a 100%effectiveness pill!"

"Could all of the experts of the Gesun Kingdom be gathered within Changyang Manor?"

Jiang Chen said.

Big Yellow's face was filled with a cunning and proud smile.

The Holy Empire was one of the strongest empires on the Tian Yuan Continent. The Tian Yuan Continent had a total of seven capital cities, while the Holy Empire possessed three of them. It was greater than either of the other two empires.

"Second brother!"

The arrival of two Saint Rulers had instilled a great amount of confidence in Jian Chen. His heart now no longer feared the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. After they had arrived, the entire group set off for the sect with the two Saint Rulers leading the way.

With a high amount of killing intent, Jiang Chen flipped his palm and pointed the poison needle in his hand towards Jiang Wei's forehead.

This figure was Jian Chen. After selecting an empty house to reside in, Jian Chen strained his ears for any outside noises before settling down with the white tiger by his side. Taking out another Class 5 Monster Core, he began to recover his lost Saint Force.

What kind of gaze was that? Yang Shuo felt as if his heart had been emptied by it. It was like a gaze of judgment, a gaze that could sentence him with just one look.

Over the next three days, Jiang Chen spent all his time together with Jiang Zhen Hai. He didn't take a single step out of the Jiang family mansion. Jiang Zhen Hai also cherished every moment they now had together. To be honest, he could've broken through to the Mortal Core realm on the second day, but he held it down and decided to wait until Jiang Chen left.

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