Demonsong Chapter 2524

Demonsong Chapter 2524

She had once been confused and unintelligent, with no hope of ever regaining her senses. But then Bai Xiaochun had entered the Fallen Sword Abyss, and she had consumed his medicinal pills. Her soul body had been stimulated, and her mental faculties had recovered. At that point, she remembered everything about her past!

That soul emperor there looked almost exactly like these ones!!


Before leaving the Yu He Inn, Qing Shui actually had his tofu eaten [1] by Yu He. Feeling extremely depressed in his heart, Qing Shui almost cried. How could this have happened? Wasn't he the only one qualified to eat the tofu of others? Before Qing Shui and company left, Yu He lightly pinched the sides of his cheeks as she laughingly stated that in the future, all the costs for Qing Shui would be waived should he wish to visit the Yu He Inn.

Qing Shui knew that this was the effect of State of Immovable as Mountains, a kind of mental state akin to that of immovable mountains. Now, it could be considered that he had stepped through the threshold of the true Mental State of Immovable as Mountains.

The patriarchs of the Profound Stream Sect, especially Patriarch Crimsonsoul, were not magically sealed. Instead, the arch-patriarch and the founding patriarch calmly accepted their surrender.

In that moment¡­ Bai Xiaochun suddenly stooped down and picked up the command medallion. When he looked up, his expression wasn't blank at all, and he was shoving the command medallion out toward the mouth!

When he found that the black-robed figure was staring back at him, he hesitated for a moment, then pointed at himself and asked, "I'm the inspections commissioner?"

A box?

He didn't want to offend this lady that he had always respected.

The 10,000-Year Cold Ice was approximately a cubic foot in size. On the side of the Cold Ice was a rolled portrait that Qing Shui was able to recognize in one glance.

"Fellow Daoist Bai, you can keep the rewards for all of the levels you pass on your own. Once we start working together, we'll just split things evenly! Do you agree, Fellow Daoist Gu?" With that, Sima Yunhua looked over at Gu Tianjun. As for Bai Xiaochun, he was not feeling very happy about the arrangement, but didn't let that show as he also looked at Gu Tianjun.

His cry echoed out into the ears of Bai Xiaochun, who was some distance away. Stopping in place, he jerked to face the direction of the sound. Then, energy surging, he shot like a lightning bolt in that direction. The will of the heavens stirred, and a huge version of his face appeared in the sky as he closed in on Big Fatty Zhang!

Chen Zi'ang and Zhao Yiduo couldn't conceal their astonishment as they realized what they were looking at. However, they almost couldn't make themselves believe it was true, and knelt down to inspect the bamboo more closely. Zhao Yiduo began to tremble, and had to resist the urge to try and break open one of the bamboo stalks to examine it from the inside.

"Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill...." he murmured. "I never imagined that this stone stele would offer a medicinal pill like that as a reward. From the name alone, you can tell that the pill probably increases longevity." After a bit of thought, he approached the middle-aged cultivator.

Of course, even Earth-Dao Nascent Souls were incredible, and were considered the peak level of power among devas. As of this moment, Big Fatty Zhang was getting access to resources that only top chosen of the sect would normally see.


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