The Grandmaster Demonic Cultivation Chapter 2793

The Grandmaster Demonic Cultivation Chapter 2793

"To be able to kill Saint Masters with ease, with us having only the strength of a Great Saint, I don't know how long it'll be before we become a target for him."

A stretch of forest bordered the edges of the Magical Beast Mountain Range and deep inside the forest was a large mountain range. Within the mountain range were numerous magical beastsThe environment inside was vile as well, and according to the description of the Magical Beast Mountain Range from the map, there were countless poisonous vipers and insects within the forest. Not only that, swamps could also be found all over, and if a person were not careful, they could sink into one. Without the help of a companion, it would be extremely difficult to escape with their life.

They were trying their best to hold their breath. Jiang Chen was extremely frightening to them. In their eyes, he was already an existence equal to the devil.

"Just burn them all."

A single purple coin was worth a hundred gold coins. A few purple coins was more than enough for an entire family to live half a generation of luxury. Therefore, a sum like this was more than enough to spend on an entire lifetime.

Yan Chenyu responded. She arrived in front of Jiang Chen, then stretched out her jade-like palm and placed it on top of Jiang Chen's palm. He then shut his palm, grabbing hold of her. Jiang Chen felt nervous, as if Yan Chenyu would leave him at any time if he didn't grab her tightly.

Seeing each and every single one of the bodyguards beside him fall, the man's face finally began to show the tiniest amount of despair.


Jiang Chen shook his head and didn't bother about the dog anymore. He kept waving and striking with the longsword in his hand, and in just a short moment, he had killed his opponent 8 times. When the crystal beast revived for the last time, fear finally emerged in its single eye, and without any hesitation, it turned around and started running.

Behind them, Ruan Ling turned towards Lee Shan Yue and said, "Chief Lee, I hope you can help us catch that Jiang Chen and that dog. The Heavenly Sword Sect will reward you handsomely afterwards!"

"Help us? Wentian, are you joking with me? Uncle Tu knows you've enjoyed joking around since you were young."

Both of them possessed powerful strength. One was an Early Combat Soul demon, while the other was a Mid Combat Soul demon. Without even thinking about it, Jiang Chen already knew who they were. They couldn't be anyone other than the last two masters of the Demon Palace ΓΏ The Lion King and the Wolf King.Annihilation

"I refuse to believe that you can defeat me!"

"The Combat Soul Evil Devil isn't easy to deal with. Once we see it later one, brother Jiang, you can use the blood talisman straight away. We can use this opportunity to assess its power."

Whenever he broke through, Jiang Chen could precisely feel how many Dragon Marks he needed for him to break through to the next stage or realm. Thus, in order for him to break through to the Heavenly Core realm, he would need a total of 100 Dragon Marks. Now, Jiang Chen had 65 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea, so he needed another 35 Dragon Marks in order to break through to the Heavenly Core realm.

Said Jiang Chen calmly.

"Hmph! What an arrogant fool! If he wants to talk with me, ask him to come here personally."

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