Random Anime Fanfiction Chapter 650

Random Anime Fanfiction Chapter 650

The elder's eyes swept the audience as he cleared his throat and loudly announced, "Honored guests, I thank you all for participating in our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House's annual auction. I, Xiu Gerong, will be the host for this year's auction, and so I hope everyone today will be able to see an item they will want to buy!"

Many people were whispering amongst each other. Jiang Chen's domineering behavior had influenced the crowd. By just standing there, he caused many people to feel their blood starting to boil.

Yu Zihan and the other two shook their heads with helpless smiles on their faces. The three of them had yet to reach the Combat Soul realm, so if they followed Jiang Chen, they would only serve as burdens. Thus, they just kept silent.

By this point, both elders' attitudes had become serious. The middle aged man by the red robed elder walked to him and said, "Honored Yu Ping, now is not the time to settle your grudges. It would be best to finish what is in front of us first before resolving the grievances between you two."

"This pond is really deep!"

"What's so special about this bronze plate?"

When Qin Yunlong appeared without a sound right in front of these maids, they immediately halted their conversation to stare at Qin Yunlong in brief amazement. Even their most basic manners had been forgotten at that moment.

"Imperious Ruler skill, merge with my aura!"

Buzzing started sounding out from Jiang Chen's body. The Dragon Transformation skill had begun circulating at full speed and absorbing the golden egg bit by bit.

Tyrant said.

After the vibrational force from the palm and fist subsided, Tie Ta staggered back a few steps. Ming Dong's body shook violently for a moment, but instead of staggering back, his feet dug deeper and deeper into the ground.

The two who had yet to leave were obviously Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Big Yellow was angry now, and began scratching the table with his hooves. He had nearly drowned in his own saliva, and even now, he had yet to eat a single thing. Thus, it was just a joke to ask him to leave this place.

After killing the eldest brother, Jian Chen let out yet another mouthful of blood. The repercussions were already reaching the limits of what Jian Chen could handle. Blood was starting to drip from all seven openings on his heads, and combined with his extremely pale face, this visage made him seem like a horrifying ghost.

Jian Chen stopped in his tracks and indifferently looked at the middle aged men, "Gentlemen, do you have any business with me?"

Upon seeing this youth come forward, the other commanders began to call out to him enthusiastically.

Yan Chen Yu shouted out in panic. Her face was pale and looked upset. As a na?ve girl who had never experienced anything in the outside world before, she had never seen a scene like this. Just now in the battle, she had used the freezing cold in her Nine Yin Meridians to kill two people. This had given her a bad feeling. It would be too cruel if they were to kill all these men, she just couldn't accept it.

Xiu Rui said coldly.

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