The Hitting Zone Chapter 2076

The Hitting Zone Chapter 2076

The black blood soon began to be washed away by the rain. Meanwhile, the thunder above grew more intense, and the rainˇ­ fell harder.

Qing Shui couldn't help but think about the girls. Originally, Qing Shui had planned to organize a grand marriage for them, within these few years. But now, he knew that he couldn't let them remain as widows. He shook his head, not knowing what to do.

Qing Shui suddenly broke into hysterical laughter, to the extent that tears were gathering in his eyes!

"Place of romance, why does the great craftsman Qing Shui want to visit there?" Canghai Mingyue replied, embarrassed. That slight arch of those mountain-like eyebrows was persistent in maintaining eye contact with the clear eyes of Qing Shui.

"Thank you, Masterˇ­ for saving my soulˇ­." Even as he murmured the words, his head touched the ground, and he thought back to the moment he had regained consciousness, and seen Bai Xiaochun standing there. I'm your Master, he had said.

Some of the savage giants weren't quick enough to react, and were swept up by the water. Screaming, they were dissolved away, instantly becoming part of the river itself.

"To consume it the way it is would be a big loss. The best thing to do is eat it after doing a spirit enhancement." Licking his lips, he produced the two-colored flame firewood and kindled it beneath the turtle-wok. Immediately, the log burst into flames, and moments later, became ash. At the same time, two glowing designs appeared on the turtle-wok.

"Be sealed!" Bai Xiaochun roared. Instantly, frigid qi began to converge onto the nine-colored flame in an attempt to seal it. However, the incredible nine-colored flame was actually causing the frigid qi to melt!

"The position of Middle Peak blood master has belonged to the Song Clan for many, many years. But this time, Xuemei reached nine Tideflows, and thinks she can steal it away.

When Qing Shui saw the image on it, he understood why it was so. A inscription of a tiger was inscribed on it, with a tiger lying down, eyes squinting, feeling lazy, giving one the feeling of peace.

"Thatˇ­ that'sˇ­."

Armor Break Talisman!

At the moment, he didn't dare to fly in the air. After being teleported here, things had started out safe enough. With the residual power his Will Core had provided to his nascent soul, he had been able to evade any major dangers.

Qing Shui was leaning on top of Lady Duanmu when he realized that his abilities had also increased quite a lot. Not only that, his physical strength and spirit energy had also been raised tremendously. However, there wasn't too much joy in him either.

"Archaeans are strong, but if he wants to kill meˇ­ he won't be able to do it that way!" Looking up, Bai Xiaochun let out a shout at the top of his lungs, drawing on all of his fleshly body power, and rotating his cultivation base at top speed. He also unleashed a bevy of divine abilities, although he didn't resort to pulling out his turtle-wok. After all, this was only an illusory palm strike that he was dealing with, and after his experiences on the damaged fan, he was confident! After that ninety-ninth level, he felt mentally prepared to deal with an attack from an archaean expert!

Qing Shui laughed before he said, "Qingzhuang, let me tell you that there's a very big difference. A bad person is just a person who is bad in nature, while a bad eggˇ­ What do you think would be bad?"

The journey of more than a month was a long and difficult trek, but it didn't stop Qing Shui from cultivating in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal everyday. His Ancient Strengthening Skill had reached the 102th cycle.

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