It was none other than the Giant Ghost King!

With another powerful strike, two black holes appeared in an instance, emitting a terrifying suction energy that could devour anything within close proximity.

And just then, the lady's longsword flew toward Qing Shui, its sword Qi like a rainbow and its speed was extremely fast. This made Qing Shui tense up. He took a step to the left and then two steps backward, dodging this sword.

The truth was that this technique Bai Xiaochun was making surpassed anything that anyone else could imagine. And if anyone could have it described to them, they would be deeply shaken.

Everyone was very worried about the two old men from the Sky Prison Sect. They hoped to be able to let Mu Clan's old man rest in peace underground before the two of them came.

It seemed that the center of communication between the different countries would be Central Continent City. Qing Shui guessed that the Central Continent City would have either a very strong sect or family clan leading the city, or else the Central Continent City would have turned into a battlefield long ago.

"Flaming bird? Mmm, it's also right. Red Luan is a mutated beast in the world of the nine continents. It is said to be of the same blood heritage as the Flaming Phoenix and could possibly evolve into the legendary phoenix. However, the chance is very low since the phoenix is a legendary Divine beast in the world of the nine continents." Canghai Mingyue looked yearningly at Qing Shui's flaming bird.

"These talisman formations, they are in the Heavenly Talisman that I gave you. The talisman drawing procedure emphasizes the usage of Xiantian Qi. Whether to keep it well-proportioned or steady, you should decide which one is more important inside the drawing. After that, form them in one go."

"This thing is so mysterious! I wonder what it is. And I wonder when I'll encounter something like it againˇ­." He was truly torn between his desire to collect souls, and his fear of the potential danger.

Zhou Yixing was actually feeling quite stunned himself, although not as much as Song Que. Bai Hao's words of ˇ®orders received' were still ringing loudly in his mind.

Qing Shui lightly shook his head at Canghai Mingyue: "I am still alive. I will not let my woman lift a finger," he chuckled.

After all, it was a vengeful attack from a Martial King who was at the pinnacle of grade 7. Compared to the old blind chap from back then, he was much stronger.

The sword was enormous; even the portion of the blade that was visible, along with the hilt, rose up far higher than Mount Flamecrane. If the sword were compared to the size of a hand, then the mountain would be like an ant.

The women's figure's figure was perfect, it was comparable to Canghai Mingyue, Huoyun Liu-Li, Di Chen and the other girls. She was wearing a veil, but the eyes that were exposed looked at Qing Shui, giving him a favorable impression.

Qing Shui was astonished. To think that the elderly had trained to the level of having attained saber intent. He circulated his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique at full power and also brought the Unmoving Like A Mountain to its peak.

Gradually, Qing Shui's hand movements got more adept, people who gazed at him would be bewildered as their eyes would not be able to follow his hands movements. The more he practiced, the more he felt that the Solitary Rapid Fist was similar to some of the clamping martial techniques (e.g. Dragon Capturing Hands from Shao Lin) back in his previous world, only this was at a much higher level. It was somewhat similar to the super-close range bunting attacks of Wingchun..

All of a sudden, Bai Xiaochun was certain that he was going to die. Shaking physically, he said, "Um, still not ready yet! I'll come again later!"


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