The Grand Elementalist Chapter 2174

The Grand Elementalist Chapter 2174

Jiang Chen gently shouted out. He unleashed nine identical figures of himself at the same time, instantly distracting both Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi. Taking this opportunity, the real Jiang Chen immediately flew away from them, and arrived in front of a Combat Soul warrior.

Fan Zhong Tang's demeanor was incomparably imposing. He began drawing something in the air with his hand. Soon after, his powerful Yuan energy flew out from his body like a tidal wave and turned into a golden colored shield. The golden shield was about 10 meters tall, it glowed brightly, and it had some simple symbols on it.

"That Jiang Chen didn't appear even at a time like this, it looks like he really isn't in the Martial Palace. That man is a dangerous man, we have to lure him out and kill him; we can't give him any more room to grow!"

Within the courtyard, Yan Chen Yu was very happy.

Crack! Ahh.


Right when Jiang Chen and the group landed in the Jiang family's courtyard, someone immediately announced his return with a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. When the guards of the Jiang family saw him, they started screaming their lungs out, excite expressions filling their faces.

The first Dragon Mark was fully condensed, Jiang Chen's Qi and blood were very strong while his body was sturdy like a human shaped beast.

"Ha!" The man roared as his Saint Force exploded out of his body. The Saint Weapon in his hand began to flood with a blue colored light as he slashed at Jian Chen.

Seeing so many purple coins, the shopkeeper's eyes became green with greed. He hurriedly collected the bag full of purple coins and said, "Okay, okay. Customer, please wait. I will go and get the best map for you right now." Before he had even finished speaking, the shopkeeper turned to leave. Very quickly, he returned with a scroll as long as a man, and said with an enchanting smile, "Customer, this is our store's largest, clearest and most detailed map. It records the geography of half of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Tie Ta followed suit and started to shake his own Space Belt. In the end, a small mountain piled up in front of him as well.

Feeling a sharp pain, the Silver Striped Golden Snake began to hiss in pain while its forked tongue flicked about. Finally, it opened its mouth wide, and a thick gray fog of snake venom began to float out. The fog quickly spread out to the rest of the environment. In a flash, the plant life began to wilt rapidly. Even the nearby trees that had very strong vitality couldn't resist this venom; they withered as the previously lush leaves became orange, falling down to the ground slowly, as if it was autumn.

"Young master, what's your wish."

Hiding outside the compound, Jiang Zhen Hai was shocked by Jiang Chen's transformation, but what followed his shock was a huge amount of joy.

At the same time, a Mid Qi Hai warrior attacked using a palm strike containing all of his power, which came with a thunderous and galloping manner. The other Low Qi Hai warrior did not dare neglect Jiang Chen. The superior strength that Jiang Chen had shown had frightened them, and they had to attack at the same time because otherwise, they would meet with death.

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

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