The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1199

The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1199

"Where do you think you're running off too!?"

"I'm so envious! That is a broken part of an Emperor Weapon!"

"No, no££ Master dog, please, come in!"

At this moment, the carriage doors flipped open as an expensively dressed youth slowly walked down from within. The youth was thin in physique and was around twenty eight years old. His appearance was rather grand and he himself was quite handsome. In his hand, an expensive looking fan could be seen as he elegantly fanned himself.

What made them even angrier was that these three guys weren't any geniuses from the Martial Palace, they were just servants of Qiu Tianba. There were many disciples with powerful backgrounds in the Martial Palace, and when they came here, they also brought their own servants, and lived the life of a master when they weren't cultivating.

"Damn it, you're a really crazy fellow! But your father likes exciting adventures, kaka."

Mu Rong Zhan said coldly.

"According to the Dragon Transformation script, if I absorb a Demon Soul with a special ability, I will be able to possess its god given ability. I wonder if I will be able to obtain this Green Hellish Python's poison after absorbing its Demon Soul."

After taking all of the purple coins, Jian Chen turned around and began to look into every single remaining thing of interest left in the treasury.

Jian Chen calmly swept his gaze across the surrounding teachers. When he confirmed that the teachers were staring at him with eyes that were bright with anticipation, his previous indifferent expression could not help a subtle smile. He directly reached into his Space Belt and removed a handful of Class 2 Monster Cores and placed them on the table; there seemed to be around 10 of them.

Jiang Chen turned his vision onto the other three guys. These three fellows immediately gasped and started kowtowing. They were scared to death, as they had never met anyone so ferocious and brutal.

The Demon Beasts at the Qi Hai realm were the ones who could be considered Demon Beasts. The beasts underneath the Qi Hai realm could't awaken their intelligence. Therefore, they could only be called wild beasts.

Sans' real name was Ken Xiaosan.The name was a little crude sounding, but the village elder had been unable to find a better sounding name. At Kendall's suggestion, Ken Xiaosan became Sans' name.

And now that his emotions had been completely quelled, Jian Chen began to extend outwards with his presence once more. Deeper and deeper, his presence had started to investigate just how deep this hidden vein of tungsten alloy had gone.

"Kill all the Blood Devils, avenge our fallen people!"

"That's right, we don't even know what this person looks like. Even if we were to come across him, how would we even recognize him?" A bearded middle age man said.

"Keep these two in solitary confinement! We'll wait for Jiang Chen to come here to rescue them."

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