The Nose Chapter 170

The Nose Chapter 170

Ruan Ling stood behind him with her mouth wide open. Her confidence in Chen Shuang was now gone, and it was instead replaced by shock.

"Also, they are really fast, even we can't catch up with them!"

Big Yellow Dog threw out explosive information.

Jiang Chen let out a loud shout. In an instant, he unleashed the True Dragon Flames without any restrictions, then it turned into a 6 meter long fiery red flame dragon. Jiang Chen grabbed the flame dragon's tail and slammed it into the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil's attack.

But, Guo Lei felt relief at the same time. Since Jiang Chen thought so greatly of himself, this would be Guo Lei's chance. When Cai Dong comes here, he would be saved and protected. However, things weren't as simple as he thought, Jiang Chen had yet to finish with him. What happened next would just make him feel regret.

Even Lei Mingao's expression changed greatly. There was dread in the depths of his eyes. The Radiant Saint Master Union was an extremely great force in the City of God, and even had connections with the three great clans that controlled the empire. They were an existence that could not be offended no matter what.

Xiao Wei said.

The Golden Lion of Propel Wings roared again. It spitted out few golden beams like they were sharp swords, descending from the sky towards the Big Yellow Dog.

A sneer emerged onto Nangong Yunfan's face.

As everyone that had gathered around heard the results, they all gasped and looked at Jian Chen with pity and disappointment. Jian Chen's aunts Yu Feng Yan and Ling Long on the other hand, let loose a breath of air. Seeing the mother and son's unfortunate situation, the two aunts couldn't help but rejoice silently to themselves.

Each one of these bolts were two meters long, and because of that, they required an extremely strong and big crossbow to fire. These weapons were able to pierce through the body of a Class 3 Magical Beast, even the ones at the Peak level would be tremendously harmed.

"So it's like that, this one was too hasty in my observations." Afterward, Jian Chen spoke several conversational words before finally saying goodbye. "Second lady, today this one will be leaving the Tianqin clan. I hope that we will see each other again in the future, goodbye!"

Jiang Chen squeezed his palm with tremendous force, instantly crushing the metal-like wolf claw.

"Brother Jiang Chen, please consider carefully. Lee Shan Yue had three sons, but Lee Chang Hong is nothing compared to the other two. They are both geniuses. This young man in front is his second son, Lee Chang Hao, and he is an upper tier Qi Hai warrior."

When Han Yan and Nangong Wentian returned, they both immediately went to cultivation. As for Jiang Chen, the day after he returned, he brought Yan Chenyu to the Island of Ice.Chapter 482 - Ice Sculpture of the Fairy Maiden

Even Ka Di Qiuli, who was standing by her brother's side, was indignant. Glaring at Jian Chen, she started to jeer, "Hmph, you won't even accept my brother's challenge to a duel, what kind of man are you?"

Just ten kilometers away, two black-robed figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere, flying to where Jian Chen was.

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