Foxes among Wolves Chapter 1544

Foxes among Wolves Chapter 1544

At that moment, the youth that had invited Jian Chen and Tie Ta into the group said, "Liang Xiaole, do you know who they are? When did our Kargath Academy have such amazing people in it? They aren't Saints, but to easily defeat Class 1 Magical Beasts? Just who are they?" Saying this, he seemed to have immediately realized something, as his face rapidly changed colors.

"Brother Jian Chen, you should be careful then. That old man is a Heaven Saint Master, that is an entity that an Earth Saint Master can't hope to contend with." Hu Xiaotian spoke seriously.

No sooner did Huang Tianba finish speaking when another figure came speeding toward them at the speed of lightning. Coming to a stop right by the side of Jin Feng and Jin Tian, this newcomer stood in the air with an intimidating amount of pressure radiating from his body, stifling the air around.

Fang Hui looked at Jian Chen's face and smiled, "What a handsome youth, I've long known about the youth Rosco rescued, but this is the first time I've actually seen you. I didn't think that you'd be such a handsome youth, but why is your face so red?"

When he looked at the wisp like energy within his dantian, he couldn't help but ask, "Ziying, Qingsuo, is this really Chaotic Force?"

Jiang Chen asked.

"According to this speed, I will soon be able to breakthrough into the Saint Master level. I estimate that it should take me from ten days to half a month. But still, that won't do, that is too slow." Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows in thought. Because of his dantian, all of the energy from the monster cores was being robbed from him, causing him to feel a bit dissatisfied.

Jian Chen was silent as well for a moment. "Mother." He began, "I came back this time with extremely important information I wanted you to confirm."

The elder patriarch of the Yangji Sect looked at the burning buildings behind him with a dark expression before glaring sharply at Jian Chen, "Sire, just who are you, state your name."

The roars of various demons entered his ears from various directions. Looking ahead, Jiang Chen saw numerous cages hovering within this huge space. He had no idea what material was used to make these cages, but they looked extremely sturdy. Each cage contained a prisoner, some of them being powerful demons. Many of them were seen covered in blood, and their auras were weak. They were clearly approaching the end of their lives, as the cold wind had started corroding the bodies of these demons.

Up until that year, the girl had never been peeped on when bathing by a man before. So that had been a bitter event where every moment of her life, she had always thought about finding the man who dared look at her body and punish him. However, after departing from Wake City, she had never found Jian Chen's footsteps which caused her feelings of hatred to slowly leak away. Today however, when she found him again, her heart had instantly burst with anger beyond reason.

Exchanging several words with Wang Yufeng, he introduced everyone to one another. However, he did not divulge Jiede Tai's identity and gave a careless introduction when it was his turn.

Jiang Chen took a step forward and slapped Yang Yong's skull with a powerful strike.His skull exploded, sending blood and pieces of his brain all over the place.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong walked forward until they stopped right before the center of the hall. Cupping their hands, they bowed down to the elder, "We greet the senior!"

The king, Khafir, and Ye Ming all exchanged several words of greeting before Chang Wuji took them to their own personal rooms. However, the three men all gave one long look to Jian Chen. After the past few days, Jian Chen had amazed them more and more with each second. None of them had thought that in several days, Jian Chen would unexpectedly return with eight Heaven Saint Masters and an entire division of soldiers. The arrangement of military might had caused the king's heart to flutter Jian Chen's influence in the Qinhuang Kingdom was far beyond what he had initially imagined.

Every single person within the room was stunned by Jain Chen's words. A youth that was only 21 years old was able to kill a Heaven Saint Master, that was a shocking piece of news.

"Brother Xuan, what you said is correct. I am almost in a situation where anyone could be my enemy. I don't mind facing so many enemies, but this will definitely affect the Black Sect. The restless situation the Black Sect is facing right now is not what I want to see."

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