The Forest Sprite who sought the Gods Chapter 1006

The Forest Sprite who sought the Gods Chapter 1006

After Jian Chen left the king's study, he left for the Qin Heaven Palace. From far away, Jian Chen could already see several guards standing right by the palace as if they were stone.

Jian Chen and the group of hunters rescuing a man swiftly made news around the village, attracting the interest of many people. This time, everyone was trying to guess whether or not this man they rescued would be like Jian Chen and be a high leveled expert.

The three remaining disciples instantly unleashed their auras, preparing themselves to face their enemies. They had underestimated this monk. Initially, they thought this monk would only attack the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, but they never expected him to kill the guy.

Within a split second, an ancient looking black altar suddenly appeared right in front of the crowd. Above the altar, a black gate slowly opened up. There was an ancient teleportation formation right next to the black gate, leading to an unknown location.

"If the Imperial Emperor really gets involved, does that mean Chen Gege will be in great danger?"

After hearing what Jiang Zhenhai said, the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor's faces became pale. His words were correct; using Jiang Chen's family to threaten him when they couldn't find him was extremely shameful. However, since Jiang Chen was a man with huge potential, and he was nowhere to be found, they had no choice but to use this shameful method.

"Damned dog, that's a Heavenly Core warrior. How do you expect to fight him?"

The young lady of the Tianqin clan was so moved that she could not express herself. She felt that she was unable to accept what had happened in such a short time. She just could not believe it, that the Tianqin clan had actually saved her, as well as killed so many experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits.

Big Yellow showed his teeth to Jiang Chen angrily.

"Old fool, I'll kill you now! Guys, let's attack with everything we got! Remember, we need Wu Ningzhu to stay alive!"

The Radiant Saint Shield was a defensive type Radiant Arte and seemed to be made just for Radiant Saint Masters. Other than Radiant Saint Masters, no one else could practise it, not even fighters. The technique was essentially coalescing the surrounding Radiant Saint Force into a shield to block the opponent's attack, and its strength would vary according to the caster's strength.

Despite this, there were still many female students that looked at Jian Chen with sparkling gazes of infatuation. Jian Chen's appearance was extremely handsome, and was definitely not any lower than any other male in Kargath Academy. Combined with his unique grandeur and his powerful abilities, he was definitely a lady killer. Thus, in Kargath Academy, Jian Chen had become the white prince in many of of the girls' hearts.

As the gong sounded to indicate the beginning of the match, Tie Ta immediately rushed forward after the sound. Tie Ta rushed at Jian Chen, and immediately reached out to grab him with both hands, he planned to use his heavenly blessed strength to lift and throw Jian Chen out of the arena.


"Welcome, my friends. Sorry for not welcoming you out there!"

Both men immediately left the Crown Prince Palace and started flying toward the Martial Palace. With their speed, it wouldn't take much time for them to arrive at the Martial Palace.

"Haha, Grand Elder, don't be so surprised. This year I came across a fortunate encounter and was able to make a major improvement in my strength." Ming Dong laughed.

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