Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Chapter 1806

Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet Chapter 1806

At that moment, the White Crane hovered in the skies and cried out shrills.


Feeling the strong wave of energy within his body, he had the sudden impulse to battle a Demonic Beast of peak Martial King grade. Alas, it was just a thought°≠...

"Hello, three guests. What did you see? What can this old man help you with?" At this time, the kind old man walked over and said with a smile.

"It's no bother. I'm the most ordinary disciple here. I'm Huang Liang. If you don't have a bad impression of me, then I hope to keep in touch with you in the future." The youth said cheerfully.

Her gaze was clear yet seductive, with hints of a shy and stubborn feeling. However, when engaged in the most embarrassing act with Qing Shui, the gaze she showed was only the shyness of a mature lady with a slight hint of expectation.

"Little Liu-Li!" Qing Shui shouted!

"Tell me about your clan's reserve savings!

After wearing the armour, Qing Shui now had the defense of three countries. Among the cultivators of the same level, he was considered exceedingly strong. He had, after all, consumed the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core, achieved to the realm of Buddha Apparition, allowing his "Mental State akin to that of Immovable Mountains" to advance to a whole new realm.

Of course, the reason for it all was Bai Xiaochun, and as of this moment, they yet again swore to themselves that they would never do anything to provoke him. And in fact, they were already trying to think of ways to curry his favor. After all, if they got swept up in any more of Bai Xiaochun's sudden brainstorms, they might end up getting killed before they even got to the Wildlands.

Chapter 420 Dao of Talisman Drawing, Nine Grades of the Heavenly Talisman!.

Ye Clan's courtyard decoration could be compared to Zuoshi Clan's. Zuoshi Clan was the weakest secluded Clan. Ye Clan on the other hand, seemed to also be at the same level considering that the elderly men behind Ye Guyan had all achieved the lowest class of Peak Martial Saint Stage.

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"The sons of aristocrats sure have it good. Donggong Taiqing can just wear a simple disguised armor and his ability will be practically doubled. This must be the benefit of being born in a strong aristocrat clan."

It was the purest kind of blue, much like the color of the sky. Qing Shui could sense the dexterous Spiritual Qi around the metal, but he still couldn't figure out a way to grab a portion of the metal from the pile.

Taking a deep breath, he put a somber expression on his face and then, before they could get too close, loudly said, "I have to go see the patriarchs!"

The coast was littered with shells of all colours, which looked especially beautiful. There was no one picking them up, as there were too many of them. Regardless, Qing Shui bent down and picked up a few exceptionally pretty ones and tossed them into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

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