The Decade of Deep Love Chapter 436

The Decade of Deep Love Chapter 436

"Qiu Yue is the most beautiful lass in our village. Many of the other villagers have expressed their desire to marry her, but none of them have ever been as competent as Tie Ta. In my opinion, out of this entire village, only Tie Ta has the ability to gain this treasure." An elderly man spoke with a gravelly voice. In these past few years, Tie Ta would go to the mountains every day and hunt for a wild beast before splitting it with everyone in the village. This had earned him the love and respect from everyone in the village to a very deep level.

Now that this situation had occurred, Jian Chen knew that every single surrounding city was no longer safe. Every single power had already put out an order for him to be arrested in the case they discovered Jian Chen. Because the tiger was far too conspicuous and because Jian Chen had promised Rum Guinness that he would take care of the cub, the cub would have to stay with him. Right now, the tiger cub was far too weak to protect itself. If it were to try and live by itself, then there was a good chance a mercenary group or another magical beast would get to it.

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out. If he had a chance to communicate with this monk, the two of them would definitely make a perfect team.

"What?! Solved? How did you do that?"

"The Tianhua Sect offers one hundred twenty thousand purple coins££"


Continuing to fly along the road, he quickly came to the city gates which were already closed and had blocked many people from entering or leaving.

Shangguan Chong's exploded from Jiang Chen's powerful punch, and he died on the spot. After killing him, Jiang Chen didn't even take a second look at this dead body, he just turned around and continued walking toward the other Combat Soul warriors who previously tried killing him. On the other side, Big Yellow immediately jumped next to Shangguan Chong's dead body and began looting. Many people really hated what he was doing, but none of them dared speak a single word.

"Heavens! This strike is called the 108,000 Swords, there really are 108,000 swords in the skies now! Each sword carries a devastating force, this is terrifying!"

Devilish energy was rolling around Han Yan's body. The devilish energy looked like countless Black Devil Dragons. With all these Devil Dragons, Han Yan's energy was soaring at a rapid pace.

The Crown Prince cried out in shock. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, as he had just killed this monster with his golden halberd. However, not only was the monster no dead, it had appeared in front of him once again, and without any injuries! Although the Crown Prince was rich with extraordinary experience, he had never faced such a bizarre situation before, and he had never met such a weird monster either.

"Just who is this man for him to compete against us in an unrelenting manner?" Ankhs growled.

"What a vigorous man, I have never seen such an incredible young genius before!"

"Wang Yun, the few of you are strong enough to be a group. As long as you don't get close to the second sector, there shouldn't be any danger. I had some insight during these last two days, so I am going to enter secluded cultivation, and I can't go with you this time."

"Roar! All of you are too despicable! I'm going to destroy this place today!"

"Let's go check it out, let's find out who is seeking his own death so eagerly."

A man standing at the forefront said. He was a fat man in his fifties, and the Lianyun Castle Tribe Chief. Right now, both his eyes had turned red, and he was clenching his fists tightly. As these peoples' Tribe Chief, watching his people being taken away by these evil beasts brought him an unbearable feeling.

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