Is It Wrong To Try To Have Sex In A Dungeon? Chapter 1009

Is It Wrong To Try To Have Sex In A Dungeon? Chapter 1009

As for Jiang Ru Long, he could only let out a quiet sigh and think of a way to get revenge later on.

Now that he was surrounded by the stones, Qian Yun had no other choice but to use his Saint Weapon to try and block Jian Chen's strike.

At such a sight, both commoners couldn't speak a single word. This was a shocking sight that neither of the two could ever predict. Jian Chen was somehow strong enough to cause the entire Yangji Sect to fall into ruins. For such a calamitous event to happen here, was this even the work of a man?

Upon the disappearance of the flame, Katafei's body fell from the sky like a kite without a string. His body fell twenty meters from the sky before finally crashing down to the ground with an extremely pale face.

One of the Imperial Advisors spoke out loud, "Everyone doesn't need to worry. The appointment of Jian Chen to become an Imperial Protector was also approved by the four Imperial Protectors as well. The twenty of us just recently made contact with those four before we gathered here. If anyone has any suspicions, they can go to any of the Imperial Protectors for proof."

"This power is indeed terrifying. Hu Ba was correct, we cannot go head to head against him." Kris exclaimed to himself in astonishment. After personally witnessing the terrifying power of the Origin energy, he now knew just how amazing it was.

In that period of time, people from the eight clans constantly went to find Jian Chen, to take the initiative and get on Jian Chen's good side. They also spared no trouble to invite Jian Chen to their clans as a guest. However, a few arrogant people from the eight clans looked down on Jian Chen, speaking to him intransigently. However, not only did they fail to get what they wanted, they were met with a cold shoulder.

"Who are you?" Jian Chen asked in a low voice. His eyes glowed brightly with a fierce killing intent toward the five as his gaze swept past the.. However, when he looked to two of the men in the middle, his eyes suddenly widened with some shock.

When Yan Chen Yu and Liu Wei Wang's palms collided, Liu Wei Wang was forced back by the strike despite his momentum. This wasn't the most frightening part. The real horror was Liu Wei Wang's arm being covered in white frost. In the next second, his entire arm was covered in solid ice, and a cold energy then rushed into his body, making him shiver and tremble.

Changyang Hu fiercely nodded, and excitedly replied, "That's right, fourth brother. Moreover, your partner is the emperor's third princess ¨•¨• Princess Ge Lan. I've heard that this arranged marriage had even been the emperor's own suggestion."

In the centre of an endless desert, an obscure figure shot through the sky like a lightning bolt, and reached the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Liang Xiaole rushed to the girl, and excitedly hugged her tightly. In a tone filled with joy, she said, "Li Sha, I hadn't imagined that I would've been able to see you again here. I thought you had already left the forest."

Many people felt a desire to leave a shoe mark on Jiang Chen's face, and none of them were able to think of a reason why Zhang Yang had become so arrogant. Could it be that he had been maintaining a low profile for too long, and when he suddenly broke through to the Late Divine Core realm, he felt that his day was here and wanted to show off his mighty? However, what was the difference between this and committing suicide? As the old saying went, "ask for no trouble and trouble won't kill you', in the minds of these outer circle disciples, Zhang Yang was a typical example of someone asking for trouble.

Nangong Wentian shook his head. Although he was a man with amazing innate talent, and had confidence in himself, he had never thought about breaking through to the Combat King realm, because he wasn't even a Combat Soul warrior now. The gap between his current cultivation and the Combat King realm was too huge.

Jiang Chen retracted the True Dragon Flame and started circulating the Great Soul Derivation Skill, then he examined the mountain range's landscape. On the other side, Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, and Big Yellow surrounded Jiang Chen as they killed all incoming stone golems.Chapter was sponsored by: Gerald and Dragan! Thank you very much!

"Captain Chen Yunlong has already been killed, everybody run££"

Laughing, Jian Chen nodded his head, "Do you still wish to continue fighting me?"

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