Demon Child - Awakening Chapter 2582

Demon Child - Awakening Chapter 2582

However, he could only fantasize about it. It's a fact that he would not be able to achieve that yet. The truth is that not many people would be willing to spend for the luxury of having Golden Essence Extract weapons, armors, and the like, especially when in other situations there were many other alternatives. For example, there were other materials that cost much less than Golden Essence Extract, despite the fact that the results were almost the same.

"How could I bear to do that."

His Ancient Strengthening Technique edged forward another five cycles and his other skills also progressed. Regarding his alchemy, Qing Shui managed to clear many of his small meridian channels with the medicinal herbs that Yuan Su had sent. But, he still left about five hundred Meridians Clearing Pellets for Yuan Su.

Obviously, they didn't just plan to kill Bai Xiaochun, but also the people under his protection.

As the protective shield rippled, the cultivators of the five legions grouped into spell formations and unleashed constant counter attacks. Beams of light erupted from war chariots and magical cannons, all of which caused widespread destruction.

Decomposing cores was not difficult to do, as it was a fundamental skill of all Alchemists. Qing Shui felt as much excitement as unease because even though he had decomposed many things before, he was still dealing with a mythical beast core.

"Qing Shui, this heaven shaking hammer is for you. Originally, I prepared this as a birthday gift for my son that year, but sadlyˇ­" Cang Wuya passed the hammer to Qing Shui.

"Oh, there's no need to ask this. Could it be that the old guy was resurrected? If so, I wouldn't mind killing him one more time. That old guy who wanted to turn everyone he saw into his marionette should have died a long time ago, don't you think?" Qing Shui continued to say calmly.

Zu Yanglong was brought away amidst his loud cries. Even Zu Sui's corpse was taken away. Ji Wutong then carefully said in a soft voice to Qing Shui, "Mister, do you still have any other instructions?"


Bai Xiaochun immediately sped up, flying past the cultivator. Some distance away, he looked over his shoulder to find the cultivator rushing toward him aggressively. But then, the man suddenly stopped in place and nodded in terror....

Dark Ember Slash!

With that in mind, his place of interest should be at the peak of the lofty mountains. However, that was easier said than done, as there were countless mountains within a million li of the perimeter. He was perplexed at first, but as he recalled his inability to venture through the deeper parts of the forest due to his current strength, he decided that he would travel to the mountain peaks within 500,000 li, or maybe 400,000 li just to be safe.

In the past, she had already thought highly of the man that her elder sister had fallen for. It was just that she felt he was a little young. Furthermore, she had also seen him before.

As the voice trailed off, the old man on the battleship turned and looked at the vortex. Eyes blazing, he laughed.

A moment later, his bag of holding vibrated, and the little turtle poked his head out into the open. Looking a bit embarrassed, and simultaneously ingratiating, he said, "Don't get angry, kid. Uh... I didn't realize things would go this way...."?

"Are you humiliating me? I want to challenge you. If you don't dare to accept my challenge, just forget about it. After all, you are only a blacksmith." The infuriated face of the young man gradually regained his earlier calmness.

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