Enlightened Empire Chapter 1045

Enlightened Empire Chapter 1045

The path was really quiet, and silence filled their journey. The only sound they could hear was the sound of their footsteps. The group walked the path with solemn expressions, trying to be as careful as possible.

"Eh, my fellow brothers, do you know exactly why the clan leader wanted us to look for this man so badly?" A person said curiously.

Guided by the control of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy within the Earth Fruit entered Jiang Chen's Qi Sea and started forming into new Dragon Marks.

Changyang Ba snapped out of his shock as well and quashed the tremors in his heart. Quickly, he spoke, "Yes yes, let us go to the hall. Your Majesty, honored Imperial Advisors, please follow me inside."

"Let's go, we'll go meet the Imperial Emperor now."

Each seal was interconnected with the Five Elements, and the mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements made the strength of this combat skill unstoppable, so much stronger than the True Dragon Palm. As for the actual strength of this combat skill, it would be directly affected by the five elements that Jiang Chen found, meaning that this combat skill wasn't easy to master. The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal was different from the True Dragon Palm and Azure Dragon's Five Steps. The True Dragon Palm and Azure Dragon's Five Steps were both printed directly into Jiang Chen's mind, and he was able to use them straightaway, and they would become more powerful following the strength of his cultivation base. However, this wasn't the case for the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. Jiang Chen was only provided the cultivation method of this combat skill, so he had to work on his own to cultivate this skill.

Jiang Chen slapped again. Although the way he slapped looked simple, it was an extremely fast slap. Even Cai Dong didn't have the time to react.

Seeing that Jian Chen was ignoring him, the youth couldn't help but get angry. He coldly glared at the retreating figure of Jian Chen and shouted once more, "The kid over there wearing a sack for clothes, are your ears working? Did you not hear my words?" The youth's anger was rampant and his expression was brimming with arrogance.

Jiang Chen attacked with his palm. There were tornadoes formed by the Yuan energy in his palm as it clashed with Lee Chang Hao's fist. Jiang Chen only used half of his strength with this attack. He had formed five Dragon Marks by now. If he used his full strength, he would have killed Lee Chang Hao with a single punch. But, Jiang Chen didn't want to leave a huge impact today, which was why he only used half of his strength.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!"

"Whoosh!" The golden arrows flew through the air with a whistling sound as they traveled toward the men.

Controlling the light Saint Force within the air, Jian Chen had made sure that the healing effects of the light Saint Force couldn't be seen by his opponent first. When it came to the special attribute that was the light Saint Force, he did not want anyone to know about the milky white glow or healing abilities.

Nangong Wentian was startled.

Upon hearing that Jian Chen was planning to head out to the outside world, an indescribable sheen could be seen in fatty's eyes. After looking at his grandfather, the sheen disappeared. With an envious look, he spoke, "Jian Chen, come back soon. You promised to help me build a new house, don't forget!"

Jiang Chen laughed out heartily. No signs of fear could be found on his face.

Situ Qing hesitated for a moment. To have this blue-robed elder owe him a favor was not a very easy thing to do. He was in fact wondering if using this favor to deal with Jian Chen was worth it or not.

Many people stared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who were running towards the Misty Mountain as if they were looking at idiots. Although the Green Sanctuary Sect was domineering, they really had the strength and the abilities to do so. A tiger's butt was not something anyone could touch.

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