The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 209

The Avalon Of Five Elements Chapter 209

Li Qinghou wasn't interested in the affairs of the world anymore. He and Patriarch Spirit Stream lived out in the lush mountains, far away from the affairs of the dynasty. Despite that, not a person existed in the Eternal Immortal Domains who would ever dare to refuse a request from them.

The cold and bone-chilling pupils were like a world of ice and snow. Their beauty was unparalleled, and they were pure and sacred like a ten thousand years old icicle.

Even as everyone watched, shaken, filled with mixed emotions, the aura of Heaven-Dao in Bai Xiaochun's dantian region grew stronger and stronger. His nine spiritual seas were rapidly turning golden, although the process would clearly take a few days to complete. Once that happened, and they were completely gold, that would mean... that Bai Xiaochun had truly reached...

The Lightning Order cultivators who had been teleported away were stunned to the extreme. The Lightning Order now looked completely different from before, and the change had occurred so quickly that they had no chance to even react.

As for the fourth young guard, the cocky one who had failed to take out a defensive magical item, he screamed miserably as the energy blast picked him up and hurled him far off into the distance. No one could even tell where he landed....

When it used the Diamond Ferocious Attack, it might even achieve a strength which was worth 720 countries!* The Vajra Subdue Demons could lower opponent's strength by ten percent. Thus, if Fourth grade Martial Saint human warriors were to run into the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, they would only be seeking death.

"Grand Heavenmaster, his excellency was startled by your cultivation base fluctuations just now. He has asked your humble servant to come and inquire as to what aroused your wrath...."

"Qing Shui, you must work hard too! Let me know if you need any help, I would do my best to help you." Qing Zi said simply. Just from these simple words, Qing Shui could feel the sincerity in Qing Zi's heart.

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The foot-thick bear skin is soft beyond comparison. Qing Shui smelt it with utmost concentration. He is not concentrating because he wants to sit comfortably on it, but because that "Overlord Storm" is also the armor for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

The room was extravagantly decorated, so much so that a Nascent Soul cultivator who entered it would be shocked.

For one thing, he was worried that the sealing strip which currently restrained the Mortal Renegade would not last long enough. And unfortunately, he had no idea how long it would take him to break out of the Archaean Realm.

He shivered at the terrifying thought, and even considered flying out of the turtle-wok. However, that was when intense rumbling sounds began to echo out.

"After I give the 500 portions of low-grade soul medicine to the Blackmountain Tribe, my task here will be accomplished. Although this place isn't bad, there's no reason to stay here." With that, he settled into contemplation. On the one hand, he really needed to figure out how to get back to the Great Wall, but on the other hand, he also wanted to acquire the formula for fifteen-colored flame.

Furthermore, these giants were different from the other savages Bai Xiaochun had seen in battle. Although giants in the armies he had seen were numerous, and abounded with killing intent, they were very similar to the rogue soul cultivators he had seen. They were disorganized and unable to work together. These fifty giants he was facing right now were clearly different.

Off in the distance, Chen Yue was completely shaken by what had just occurred, and he could scarcely even believe what he had just witnessed.

"Luck is something that works in mysterious ways. Who knows? You might even sense the Saint Threshold tomorrow." Qing Shui could not help but feel that his words were so superficial.?

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