Scream Acres Chapter 2636

Scream Acres Chapter 2636

At the border between the inner circle and outer circle, a man stood and watched the fight. This man was Fan Kun. When he saw the fight between Jiang Chen and Jiang Wei, his face immediately darkened.

Suddenly a thought appeared in Lee Shan Yue's mind. He hurriedly took out an item from his spacial bag.

Qing Styx casually waved his hand and unleashed a beam of energy which shattered Jiang Chen's Six Solar Finger. He was a peak Late Divine Core warrior, Jiang Chen was far from being his match.

"Chen Gege, when are we going back to Eastern Continent?"

"I'll get straight to the point, I have accepted a mission assigned to me by the Majestic Emperor. There is a dimensional crack in Mount Origin, and a huge amount of dimension creatures have rushed out of this crack and are wreaking havoc. I need to rush over there and eliminate all those foul creatures and fix the crack. With every second delay, the innocent lives around the Red City will be in greater danger."

Jian Chen and Ming Dong brought Qin Xiao, Senior An and Yun Zheng to the inn where the Grand elder was waiting for them at a table with several dishes nearby.

After leaving Lore City, Jian Chen continued to the area where the Eastern Deity Swords were garrisoned on the outskirts of Lore City. Upon seeing the three generals, Jian Chen spoke a few words to them before leaving the camp on his mount.

Within a separated courtyard, Elder Wu and another man around the same age as him sat together at the same table.

The burly man explained what happened at the entrance to the old man.

A blood red dragon claw descended from the skies and covered the leading black crow like a gigantic prison.

However, the old man's complexion quickly became ugly. He stared at Nubis with great shock and killing intent rose up without any restraint. He said coldly, "You're looking to die!" As soon as he finished speaking, the old man appeared in front of Nubis with a great speed. His right hand formed a claw, swinging at Nubis's neck with lightning speed.

For a while, the odd silence permeated the restaurant before a loud sigh of admiration could be heardÿ

"Alright, kill them all and demolish the Mayor's mansion. Do not leave anyone alive."

Hiding his right hand behind him, Jian Chen retrieved a jade stone from his Space Ring and crushed it without making a sound.

As Tyrant was a Sixth Grade Combat King, with the natural suppressive effects of his skills, handling a Seventh Grade Devil King was simply a piece of cake for Tyrant. The Devil King just couldn't defend itself against Tyrant's attack.

"Please give your order Mister Chen. It would be an honor for the Lee family to be able to do something for the Heavenly Blade Clan."

Obviously, the bigger an Ice Demon was, the stronger it was. Jiang Chen had no doubts about that.

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