Dragoon Chapter 1016

Dragoon Chapter 1016

Qing Shui swiftly pierced it into his Lingtai Acupoint.

"Look at the second stone stele! That little turtle... it's showed up again!!"

? ? ˇ­ˇ­

"When the warrior goes to battle, he must have a magical weapon!" Even as the words left his mouth, he waved his hand, causing a little wooden sword to fly out, which he strapped to his left side. Next came the Golden Crow Sword, which he placed on his other side. After that came three more flying swords, which he strapped to his back. Finally was the Divine Crane Shield, which he attached to his forearm.

If you put vengeful souls into a bag of holding, they would slowly deteriorate in much the same way that food would rot away if left out in the open. Only the legendary soulhoarding pagodas could keep vengeful souls fresh indefinitely.

Bai Xiaochun even went so far as to summon his two archaean slaves from the treasured fan, and sent them into the fray.

In the shortest of moments, deafening booms were ringing out.

When they realized that Bai Xiaochun was about to enter the city, they pushed forward with greater speed, the killing intent in their eyes shining brightly.

The Focused Concentration he had comprehended when he was at the Southern Sea had actually leveled up here. With his Focused Concentration, both his his attack prowess and his defence could increase by about 20%.

"Liu-Li, could it be that you really want him to eat you?" Canghai Mingyue finished her sentence with a laugh and left the room without waiting for Huoyun Liu-Li to finish pouring her emotions out.

"These are the national treasures of the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, heavenly dragonfish!"

Bai Xiaochun gasped at the sight of it. Based on what he remembered learning of the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect, he realized that the cloud in the hand of that statue must beˇ­ the sect's Cloud Order!

"I knew from the beginning that I might fail to kill him. But I decided to try anywayˇ­. The truth was that, even before you came to the Wildlands, I had already begun to make arrangements for what happens after I die." The gravekeeper sighed and looked over at Bai Xiaochun.


"Why are the two of them dueling? Don't they know about Hai Ciya and Tan Yang. Besides that, Brother Xi, how long have Tan Yang and Hai Ciya known each other?" Qing Shui forced a smile to mask his anxiety, aware that he appeared overly concerned.?

"It seems like there's a problem with his head. Why is he not treasuring his life?"

His Uncle Li had brought him from Mount Hood to practice immortal cultivation, and had even taught him the fundamentalsˇ­.

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