Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer Chapter 719

Reincarnated Legendary Contract Killer Chapter 719

Hearing this talk about his mother, Jian Chen's face suddenly changed as a tremendous spike of killing intent flowed from his eyes. Lifting up his left hand, he blocked the incoming slap from the older man and then immediately planted his right hand into his stomach.

At this, the youth had a joyful look that held a small hint of disbelief as he looked at the fantastical steel box.

The two sides remained still for a moment, both of them had a little fear in their hearts since both clans knew that their strengths were nearly equal. In the case that a fight broke out, both sides would take a loss and lose power.

The man smile grew warmer as he said, "My child, your strength is still quite weak. For now, you should stay with me, I will exhaust all my strength so that I may be able to improve your strength. Whether or not the glorious era of the Ming family returns, that will depend on you. Do not disappoint your ancestor."Chapter 294: Godkiller Ants

There were different levels for the alchemists in the Saint Origin continent:Mortal, Earth, Heaven and Saint level.The level of an alchemist was not determined by the quality of the pills they produce.Their level was determined by the strength of their soul and their cultivation level.The quality of a pill was determined by the high precision that came from an alchemist's control.

Followed by a mournful scream, a huge body was slammed onto the ground, creating a huge crater. Then, a 30-foot-tall rhino struggled for a bit before dying. A deep hole could be seen on the rhino's head, and next to the rhino, a white clothed young man stood while holding a blinking demon soul.

"I'll ask a Tycoon to come here and deal with him."

"Is that true?" Nubis questioned. "How curious. Why has Mercenary City decided to do that? Don't they know how terrifying the Winged Tiger God is? With their strength, there'd be no way to stop the destruction the Winged Tiger God could cause other than by taming it. The Winged Tiger God at its maturity is a huge threat to the entire Tian Yuan Continent."

"Precisely! Jiang Chen clearly knows there is no way he can stop all these people from entering the ancient pagoda once the stone door opens, that's the reason why he made this condition. With Wu Cong and all those geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect's statuses, asking them to be the last ones to enter the pagoda is just a straight up insult to them."

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Raising Qiu Er's body, Jian Chen didn't bother giving him time to retaliate, both his legs began to move across the ground as Jian Chen threw the heavy body of Qiu Er forward.

Jian Chen himself did not have the slightest understanding of the history behind this white stone. Although he had the expansive library from Kargath Academy as his source of knowledge, he still did not have a single piece of information about it.

"There's an invisible barrier one feet away from the pond. Be careful."

"Nephew Jiang Chen is indeed an incredible genius! Even I have to admire his formidable strength! Wu Ningzhu is not nephew Jiang Chen's match."

"Young master has already given his order, if Jiang Chen comes here, we are to let him come in."

Yun Can shouted once again. Only this time, Jiang Chen could hear him loudly and clearly.

The fat on Yin Ren's face was trembling as he threatened Jiang Chen. His lustful eyes didn't forget to occasionally gaze at Yan Chen Yu's body, making Yan Chen Yu furrow her brows.

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