CROSS Chapter 2002

CROSS Chapter 2002

Han Yan asked.

Right at this moment, everyone had put their hopes on the Mayor's Mansion. Ever since young master Jiang Chen had left, the Mayor's Mansion had become brighter with each day, and Mayor Jiang Zhenhai, like he had been fed with some miraculous pill, his cultivation had broken through again and again, and he was now a Late Heavenly Core warrior, giving him the ability to fight a huge amount of the Dimensional Creatures. More importantly, there was a real demon lord residing in the Mayor's Mansion right now.

As expected, the Old Emperor immediately erupted with anger. The Fifth Emperor was his son, and even though he was the Old Emperor, he still couldn't control his emotions upon hearing the news about his son's death.

What? Hang up the Sect Elder and beat him? Are you sure?

Although Jian Chen was not familiar with the layout of the academy, but because Changyang Hu was there to lead the way, they both ended up at their destination sooner than he had expected.

"Yes, my lord. From his appearances, his age was estimated to be around twenty years old; an exceptionally young face." Duo Li spoke out frantically.

A lot of people pitied Jiang Chen because all of this was a trap setup by the Mu Rong family, and now, the Jiang family couldn't back down.

Jian Chen didn't stop there; his legs began to blur as he skillfully maneuvered to counter the shock. Looking at the rapidly retreating Ka Di Liang, Jian Chen immediately dashed forward and leapt up from the ground, both of his legs kicking out at Ka Di Liang.

Jiang Zhen Hai said as he started laughing out loud.Chapter 12ÿThe Massive Influence of 100%Effectiveness Pills

The twenty men continued to discuss among each other in front of the poisonous mist and continued to debate about just what could possibly be within.

Big Yellow was immediately pissed off. He had finally managed to get himself a human pet, but it only lasted for seconds before she was killed off by Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow said.

Instead of running, Jian Chen's face darkened as he said in a low voice, "Big brother, who in the world beat you to such a state?" The suppressed rage in his tone could've been identified by anyone.

In a single moment, there were 7 corpses with a single wound on their neck. At this, the remaining men all had a surprised look on their faces as they brandished their weapons in order to block Jian Chen's sword.

Chapter 310 ÿ Controller of Life and Death

Wu Yan was forcefully thrown onto the ground, causing pain and dizziness to fill his body.

CROSS Chapter 2002 End!

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