Spirit Circuit Chapter 2886

Spirit Circuit Chapter 2886

The group walked through the dense forest slowly. In regards to this killer after them, they didn't dare to move too quickly in case they made noise that would mask over the minute sounds of their stalker.

"Brother Yang Yutian indeed is very powerful. With just a single hand, he's done something that completely surpassed all of us. Even the person who places first in the top ten Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters probably can't cast five Radiant Artes at the same time to such a level." The refined, middle-aged man of the Cheng family sighed emotionally in his heart. His gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with shock and disbelief.

Jiang Chen asked Tian Yishan with a smile on his face.

Sitting at the table with the family of four, Jian Chen began to eat. The meal was rather simple and consisted of vegetables they grew themselves.

"Can't go any deeper, this is my limit! My body is going to be severely injured if I go any further. I wonder where Jiang Chen actually is££ Never mind, I'll just search for the Magma's Heart at this depth, if I am lucky enough to find it; it will be my greatest fortune!"

Hearing this, Jian Chen gave up any idea of resisting and allowed for the sand to submerge his body.

Jiang Chen was really excited. The medicinal strength contained within the Glory Lotus King pounded into all his limbs and bones. Dragon roars could be heard from within his body, and more and more blood red Dragon Marks were condensed and formed. In the blink of an eye, 100 new Dragon Marks had been formed. Presently, Jiang Chen had managed to form another 350 Dragon Marks. But, his body was still hungry, as if it was a bottomless hole that could never be sated.

"Young master Jiang, that area is desolate and has nothing around, let me pick you an excellent spot to build a house that will match young master Jiang's status."

Jiang Chen said. He was currently in sector two together with Big Yellow, but they hadn't ventured far enough, so they hadn't met any Heavenly Core demon lords. So far, they had only killed a few Late Mortal Core demon beasts.

Seeing two people die in front of them, the Black Leopard Mercenaries let out painful cries at the loss of their 2 Great Saints. Those who had a great relationship with the ones who had just died immediately roared in anger as they charged at Jian Chen.

The tunnel was pretty narrow actually, it only allowed one person to pass through at one time, so it caused Big Yellow's body to feel a tight squeeze. The whirlwinds kept blowing into the tunnel, causing their faces to hurt.

Big Yellow said in a gloomy manner.

"Bastard! Zhang Yang, are you trying to revolt?!"

Jiang Chen sighed in his mind. Since the Misty Mountain was occupied by the Firethorn Savage, it wouldn't allow other Divine Core demon beasts to reside here anyways.

The white robed Jian Chen continued to fly through the group of guards with his Light Wind Sword continuing to flash with each swing. The Zhou clan guards fell to the ground one by one. In the beginning, there had been a hundred guards, but after this short amount of time, only half of them remained.

Together with these armies of tornadoes, Shangguan Yiqing simply flooded Xuan Yuzi with deadly attacks. When the tornadoes disappeared, one of Xuan Yuzi's arms had completely vanished, and his entire body was covered with blood. Even his white hair had become completely blood red because of his own blood. The longsword in his hand was gone, while cuts and wounds could be seen all over his body. Xuan Yuzi repeatedly coughed out blood, and at this point of time, he was like an arrow at the end of its flight.

Only the yellow clothed girl was standing in front of him, and since there was a layer of poisonous mist covering his body, no one else was able to see Jian Chen.

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