Praise the Orc Chapter 446

Praise the Orc Chapter 446

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AST 989 - Black Tortoise Formation, Sacred Land of Panacea, Greencloud Mountain, Trouble Comes Knocking

That soul emperor there looked almost exactly like these ones!!

Master Godwind frowned. "I guess this is our fault for not understanding the rules of the Middle Reaches cultivation worldˇ­."

"Bai Xiaochun has already caught thousands of fish! There are only 20,000 or so left in the heavenly pond!!"

Ever since Qing Shui clasped the golden lock onto Huoyun Liu-Li's neck, their relationship was like that of siblings. Just like a while ago, Huoyun Liu-Li would lightly punch Qing Shui when she was teased.

"Father, you didn't return the whole night. Didn't you say that you were going to woo mother?" When Luan Luan saw Qing Shui, she asked directly.

His eyes narrowed, flickering coldly. Although he hadn't fought much in the Blood Stream Sect, his battle prowess had increased to a dramatically terrifying level. Even as the sword slashed down toward him, he planted his right foot down onto the ground and then sprang forward with all the power he could muster. He instantly blurred into motion, leaving nothing for the sword to slash through other than afterimages. In the blink of an eye, he had bashed directly into Xuemei's Dharma protector.

When it hit, the ground quaked, and the mountain collapsed into pieces. By that point, though, Bai Xiaochun had vanished and reappeared some 3,000 meters away in midair.

Even more difficult for them to take was the pressure that was building up between Bai Xiaochun and Celestial Aged Spirit. It left them wanting to scream.


The old man nodded. "After you leave, someone will deliver it to you."

"It's got a celestial-level fleshly body!" Bai Xiaochun blurted, shocked. However, he didn't slow down. Unfortunately, he and Gongsun Wan'er had no time to work out a plan for how to deal with the situation. And yet, considering that they were teamed up on this endeavor, there was no need to discuss certain things. While Gongsun Wan'er fought the spider, Bai Xiaochun blurred into motion, heading towardˇ­ the wriggling egg sac!

Du Lingfei - See Du Lingfei in ˇ®other' characters

"Lingshuang, what did you promised? The promises you made should be fulfilled." Yu Ruyan smiled, looking at Duanmu Lingshuang and Qing Shui.

Inside of the bag of holding was a bone slip which contained a complete record... of Bai Hao's research notes, which had previously been written on the floor of his hut, and had later been wiped away!

Song Junwan smiled slightly and replied. "Peak Lord Xu, there's no need for such courtesy. Please lead the way!"

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