My Wish Teen Wolf Chapter 2341

My Wish Teen Wolf Chapter 2341

He then mounted the Fire Bird and left.

"But I really am the--"

Qing Shui felt that the heavens were helping him this time, thus he had a feeling that he would definitely succeed. This time, when he analyzed the properties of the medicinal herbs, he was even more serious than the time he analyzed the properties of the ¡®Gale Pellet'. He could not afford to fail this time.

"Fine, I won't kill that rabbit today. Instead, I'll kill Bai Xiaochun...."

"Even if she wasn't planning to do that, I'll try to goad her into it. If she did have that plan all along... well then, I think she'll be surprised at how things turn out. For the next fourteen hours, everything is up to you Dharma protectors!" With that, she flew off by herself.

It was rare that he ate breakfast at home, after bidding everyone goodbye, Qing Shui went to the big waterfall again. From today onwards, Qing Shui started to practice the next stage of the Ancient Book of "Rebirth".

Qing Shui could feel his blood boiling, without realizing, he was already so close to his target. It wouldn't be long before he destroyed Sword Tower entirely.?

"One should be enough for me!" he thought, gritting his teeth. He didn't set his expectations too high. As long as he could get one, then at least he could call the mission a success. Trying to get more than that would surely be too dangerous....

"Why don't we make a bet?" Qing Shui smiled at Lady Duanmu who had a slightly dejected expression on her face.

As it shrank, the snake-like bolts of lightning formed together, gradually creating one enormous lightning bolt as thick as a bucket! Then, that lightning bolt descended toward Heavenmaster Hall!

However, the more lividly people cursed, the more life force Bai Xiaochun would take away. Soon the others realized this, and the clever ones among them would simply look at him quietly. Feeling bad, Bai Xiaochun would take a bit less life force from them.

"Brother¡­." Bai Xiaochun murmured, his lips quivering. Yes, his memories were telling him that this was indeed¡­ his older brother, a blood brother with whom he shared both father and mother!

It was a Martial Emperor existence.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" everyone said in unison, and then sat.

His voice sounded like bones rubbing against bones as he murmured, "With latent talent like that... and that aura... he's much more suitable than Bai Qi to be my next incarnation...."

Bai Clan

The black-robed man looked around with a glint of reminiscence in his eyes, and then tossed a black command medallion to Bai Xiaochun. "This is the Inspections Manor. You're on your own now, Bai Hao."

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