The Old One Chapter 828

The Old One Chapter 828

The Combat Spear produced a dazzling light. It looked like a gigantic pillar the held the heavens up as it collided with the energy storms. Violent and destructive energy ripples started rolling around. With just this collision, the scene immediately started looking like a doomsday. The devastating energy ripples made a bottomless hole appear in the frozen ocean, causing ocean water to shoot out from the hole. But, in just a split second, the hole was frozen once again.

After storing away the two magical beasts into his Space Belt, Jian Chen took out another set of clean clothes and put it on. Although he hadn't left the Magical Beast Mountain Range in a long time, the amount of clothes he had taken from the other mercenaries wasn't lacking.

The soldiers behind him immediately rushed forward in an attempt to hen Jian Chen in.

The Imperial Emperor said.

Jiang Chen asked.


"Brother! Let's fight them! Even if we're going to die, we've got to bring a few of them with us!"

Suddenly, another whistling sound could be heard as a golden ray of light came from behind Jian Chen. In an instant, the lightning like bolt of light speared through the second brother's chest. Right where the heart should be, only a hole could be seen.

The moment they saw this twenty year old youth, the Zhou clan leader's glare flashed with a cold look as he spoke out, "Who are you to dare cause trouble for our Zhou clan? Do you think our Zhou clan is an easy target to bully?"

"Nubis, you come with Senior Huang and me this time. Jiede Tai, you can stay here to keep watch." Jian Chen quickly allocated the positions of his subordinates. He did not get Jiede Tai to go along because it was completely unnecessary. Also, against an opponent with a Ruler Armement, if Jiede Tai fought, he would just be more of a hindrance than help, unable to use his strength to the fullest.

As the new hallmaster for alchemy, He Yun had a fair amount of status within the Flame Mercenaries now. Hence, He Yun had been given his own residential area within the palace.

There were rumors throughout the Tian Yuan Continent. Whenever there was a new Gathering of the Mercenaries, if they were able to fully mature, at the very least, they would become a Heaven Saint Master. The rest would usually be able to have a good chance of breaking through to become a Saint Ruler.

"Buddy, you broke through?"

"Oh right, monk, is this Heavenly Tower run by monks as well?"

"But how? How is this possible? Not only was the head of the Heiming clan killed, the heads of the other two major clans were killed as well. They were all Earth Saint Masters though!" The head of the Yun family muttered in dismay. It was very hard for him to believe this recent bit of information, and his heart was still finding it very shocking even now.

Jiang Cheng looked at Jiang Chen.

"I gave you a friendly reminder just now. If you had chosen to run away at the beginning, you might still have a chance to live, but now? You're dead meat."

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