Reborn: The legendary Warrior is back! Chapter 2511

Reborn: The legendary Warrior is back! Chapter 2511

"I can't just let this drop," he thought. "Ji Fang might have some skills, but I have even more skills! I have to think of a way to teach him a lesson he won't ever forget!" Having reached this point in his train of thought, he opened his bag of holding to look for the little turtle, but even after searching around for quite a while, couldn't find him.


Qing Shui stared wordlessly at this charming women, he knew that she was no longer angry, he had achieved his goal.

When Qing Shui saw Huoyun Liu-Li's expression, he really wanted to laugh. After all, she was still a woman, she still had a shy side. Normally, this kind of time was the time when they tend to be more frail.

"Little Ai, is this the blacksmith that bullied you?" A scholarly and handsome looking youth nonchalantly asked.

The Yin-Yang Image began circulating faster than ever!

Moreover, he had made a fool of himself earlier, losing his ride. The more he thought about it now, the more furious he became. With a loud roar, he leapt up with great force from his legs and speed as fast as an ape, the Jasper Quartz Saber in his hand waving out in a crescent shaped swing.

Three years of seclusion cultivation, three years of enlightenment. Di Chen could only smile bitterly. If she had known that it would turn out like this, she would not have chosen to inherit the Lotus.

"This little?" Qing Shui was having doubts. Even in the great perfection stage realm, two arms would only equal to 24 acupuncture points...

"Huh? I passed, just like that? I won?" Feeling very uncertain about the whole thing, he cautiously left the level and returned to the fan rib. As he did, countless fluctuating streams of bright light shot up from the fan and flowed directly toward him!

"Aunty!" Wenren Wushuang teared up once again!

Apparently, all of the precious materials he had eaten had built up in his fat. By practicing cultivation in the way he was, it was forcing those items to materialize as part of his cultivation base. It also ended up making his body tougher than the average person.

This was an increase of strength to Qing Shui's physical body. 20% to his physical body's strength would would be no less than 800,000 jin of tremendous strength. How could Qing Shui not be shocked?

Peak Grade Six Martial Saint!

Now, Qing Clan was undoubtedly the top clan in Hundred Miles City, even the whole Qing Village had been brought to greater heights together. In the past, when people from the Hundred Miles City passed by Qing Village to hunt in the Qing Village, there would always be some conflicts. During these times, people from the Qing Village would always have to put up with it after seeing that they were from the Hundred Miles City.

He felt more tired than he ever had been in his entire lifeĦ­.

Bai Xiaochun swished his sleeve again. Although he only unleashed the fluctuations of a Foundation Establishment cultivation base, it definitely made him look like a grand figure.

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