Monster Emperor System Chapter 513

Monster Emperor System Chapter 513

"Damn it, look at his prideful face! He has only broken through to the Late Divine Core realm, but he acts as if he has taken first place amongst the outer circle disciple."

Jian Chen possessed a handsome charm that could sway any woman under the heavens. Combined with confident and free nature of his, his supertalent, the amount of power he was endowed with, that made him brave, and his intelligence in the face of any enemy strike, all of these superior qualities of his gave him an unbelievable allure. He could even be said to be the shining white knight of any woman on the continent.

"The Golden Tiger King's cub carries an unforgettable story with our Flame Mercenaries." Jian Chen sighed as he thought back to the past and what had transpired back then.

The Light Wind Sword danced as the earth Saint Force was scattered apart by Jian Chen before reforming straight away. Without any further impediments, Jian Chen shot toward the ancestor and stabbed for the ancestor's throat with his sword.

A mental sigh escaped from Jian Chen. He knew that Bi Yuntian would feel anguished when she learned that Bi Yunhai had already passed on.

Hearing this, Jian Chen laughed, "This one was born in a faraway and isolated village with no name. Even if this one were to say the name of the village, Manager Yullian won't know, so it's better to not say."

Jiang Chen showed all the spectators his decision with his action. He waved his hand and unleashed the True Dragon Palm, and in an instant, the blood red dragon claw completely covered Shangguan Wei.


Because Jian Chen had only requested a normal room, its layout was extremely simple. It had a single wooden table, a few chairs, and a bed. Aside from these, there was nothing else present. However, the place was extremely neat and tidy; one could even say it was completely spotless.

Under the gazes of over three hundred thousand people, Jiang Chen finally moved. He leapt forwards and jumped up into the air, immediately crossing ten stone steps. He was now on the 90th step.

"Hmph, old devil Ping Yu, I have not forgotten about that time 5 years ago. With this opportunity, why don't we end this once in for all." Huang Pingshu stared at the elder Ping Yu and spoke in a cold tone that clearly expressed his killing intent.

When both groups met, without any official introductions, all the people of the Profound River Palace looked at Jiang Chen's face. None of the people here were idiots, and they all had good senses. Amongst all the people here, only one man stood side by side with Wu Ningzhu; a handsome white-clothed young man. No matter how you looked at him, his bearing or aura, he carried a domineering attitude that was unmatched. Thus, without giving it a second thought, everyone knew that this young man was Jiang Chen.


The Light Wind Sword shrieked as it traveled through the sky toward the men at the front with an inconceivable speed that couldn't be seen.

Instead of feeling angry, Jiang Chen was actually laughing. There were no signs of nervousness on his face.

Big Yellow said. When they were here last time, because the doorway out of the Island of Ice was disappearing, they were forced to hastily leave. If they hadn't, they might get trapped for another hundred years. Thus, they didn't have enough time to take a second look at this Teleportation Formation. However, out of their expectations, Jiang Chen was the man who got all the benefits. With the bronze plate, this Island of Ice could be considered Jiang Chen's garden.

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