Farming For Gold Chapter 1400

Farming For Gold Chapter 1400

"What else is Jiang Chen hiding?He is only a ninth level Qi Jing warrior, but he can wound a Middle Qi Hai warrior.This is unbelievable!"

£¦When I died on the Saint cliff hundreds of years ago, my soul was seriously damaged££But now I have two souls merged into one, and the Soul Power I can unleash is just equal to that of someone at the Mortal Core level££But I do have the skill£¦Mighty Soul Derivation'giving me an unlimited supply of Soul Power, so I won't have to worry about draining my Soul Power.'

Ka Di Qiuli was muttering to herself with knit eyebrows as she stared at the confident look on Ming Dong's face. There was a feeling of unrest welling up within her, so she couldn't help but speak with worry, "Second brother, do you see how relaxed he looks? Do you think he'll have something to rely on?"

After taking the pill, Jian Chen had felt his wounds healing faster than before. Even his pale face was beginning to regain some of its red flush from before.

A cruel voice sounded out from behind Jiang Chen. He turned around and saw a Combat Soul warrior about to attack him. Jiang Chen knew this guy; he was from the Yellow Arcane Sect, one of the men who surrounded him back on the Blissful Island.

Tian Yishan asked as he furrowed his brows.

Right at this moment, a ferocious cry suddenly resounded. Within a split second, Shangguan Ying saw a white beam jump right in front of Jiang Chen. It was a huge monster over 30 meters tall, and when it appeared, it simply punched out with its fist.

Han Yan felt like he was going to go crazy soon. All these sellers were truly wicked, they could simply claim they had the most valuable treasure in the world. All of them were just blunt cheaters.

"Hold on!" Qin Wuming took out a map from his Space Ring to give to Qing Shaofan. "The closest kingdom with a Space Gate near us is the Dazhou Kingdom. I've marked their location on the map, go to their kingdom and borrow their Space Gate to get back."

Cough, cough££

Within the Zhou Clan's residence in a grand hall. A single seventy year old elder sat at the first position of a table with ten other members nearby.


Both of them were deeply regretting their decisions. If they knew that there was a hidden Heavenly Core warrior in the Jiang family, then they would rather die than betray the family. Those who decided to die together with the Jiang family were still alive and kicking right in front of them, as for the ones who wanted to live££ They were facing death right now.

Draining the rest of his tea in a single gulp, the elder placed the now empty cup back onto the table. "I know. I can see that you've been injured recently. You must have come across trouble in the outside world."

Yu Zihan said.

A smile emerged on Wu Jiu's face, "I just hope Little Yu can escape from that dangerous situation."

Han Yan didn't understand his decision. They were up against an army, and the more people they had to help out, the better.

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