Immaculate Spirit Chapter 1018

Immaculate Spirit Chapter 1018

He thought about Yiye Jiange and Canghai Mingyue who had both lost their parents, and Wenren Wu-shuang who had lost her elder sister. Canghai Mingyue was now different, she already changed after they had children. She would no longer feel that kind of loneliness, at most she yearned for her dead parents.

Mortal Renegade looked back at the Worldly Daoist, who was now so weak he couldn't fight back no matter how much he wanted to, and then nodded.

"I can't believe that spirit enhancement is so profoundly mysterious!" Expression flickering, he took a few steps back. Then, seemingly entranced, he grabbed the next tongue of flame off of the stone dais and began another spirit enhancement

Voice quavering, he said, "Milord! Yixing has missed you to death!! I thought I would never meet you again, milord! The heavens do have eyes! They actually permitted me to see you once again!"

Unfortunately, this fruit could only be consumed by demonic beasts. Qing Shui continued to observe the two pieces of translucent and glittering azure blue Ice Snow Sacred Fruits as his heart was filled with a sudden jolt of excitement, albeit a bit less excited than usual.

When he left the palace, he saw that the gigantic old turtle was still outside. Qing Shui hesitated for a moment before telling it, "I am not powerful enough right now. I shall return here again to save her in the future!"

When the Mu Clan's juniors saw that Mu Qing and Qing Shui had returned, they came over and surrounded them.

As the dust settled, the tens of thousands of Heavenspan Realm cultivators who had been inside looked up. Despite being weakened, they knew that they now had a new lease on life. And then they saw Bai Xiaochun. Although some didn't recognize him, many were his friends. And many began to shed tears.

The Saint-Emperor was so furious he had a hard time keeping himself under control and not smacking Bai Xiaochun to death.

The Godkiller technique dissipated, revealing Bai Xiaochun himself, his eyes blazing with killing intent. He wanted to take lives, even those belonging to celestials. Without killing the people who stood in his way, he wouldn't have the time to open up the spell formation!

There were other types of wine other than Nu Er Hong, such as Snake Gull Liquor, which Qing Shui knew as one of the top quality wines. It was only slightly lacking as compared to the legendary Drunken Haze. it was a pity Qing Shui only knew it was at the same level as Tiger Bone Liquor after brewing it. Snakes were lewd in nature, thus Qing Shui thought it was a perfect match with the Tiger Bone Liquor.

"Could it be that Liu-Li knew I was coming so she left the door unlocked?"

"Nope, you are my 2nd most important person." Qing Shui rubbed his nose, as he passed the agility-enhancing fruits over to her.

All of the cultivators on the mountain were having a hard time staying on their feet, but as soon as they saw the vast number of items flying up, their eyes began to burn with passion, and they began to shout out loud.

Canghai Mingyue had already released Qing Shui's hand, but there was a slight flush on her beautiful face. Qing Shui held on to the lingering feeling of holding on to her soft hands as well as the wonderful feeling he had when he touched the tip of her nose.

"Lightness-in-Heaviness is about speed. Heaviness-in-Lightness... is about control methods!" A thoughtful expression appeared in Bai Xiaochun's eyes as he pondered everything he had come to understand recently.

Perhaps it was because he had been attuned to danger from a very young age. Or perhaps it was because of his dream of living forever. Either way, his ability to sense impending danger had improved throughout his years of cultivation, and had always surpassed cultivators in the same level as himself.

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