My Bothersome Life Chapter 1350

My Bothersome Life Chapter 1350

However, Wu Ningzhu had to fight three enemies at the same time, and they weren't ordinary opponents; they were the great guardians of the Demon King Palace! Even if she possessed amazing talent, she had to split her attack into three. It was impossible for her to completely defeat all three of them at the same time, and now, she couldn't even break their defense. It looked like this would be a drawn-out battle.

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and started walking toward the manor. There was nothing to see in this trade fair which looked like a food market. Ordinary treasures couldn't catch Jiang Chen's interest, and if anyone possesses real precious treasures, they wouldn't sell it here, they would auction it away in two days.

Jiang Chen raised the longsword in his hand high up into the air. The bright sword aura struck through the air, and with an ultimate momentum, it slashed toward the leading Divine Core warrior.

Jian Chen stood at the center with his sword in his right hand pointing down toward the ground. Five meters away from him, the armored young lord stood with his giant sword stabbed into the ground.

Stars almost burst out from Wang Heng's eyes! Big Yellow's aggressiveness had turned his mind upside down! The Early Divine Core warrior who also carried the chair had stopped complaining, and all the other men had become tempted to address Big Yellow as master dog, just like Wang Heng did.

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen flickered towards the two Saint Rulers to stab at the forehead of the nearest Saint Ruler without mercy.

"The Primordial God Silkworm is a spiritual object of the world, created from the laws of the world. It is born because of calamity and formed from fortune. Once the god silkworm is born, it will use all its three vital energies of life to weave the godsilk and leave it behind, before turning into ashes."

Among the seven, the group that profited the most was the Bloodmoon Mercenaries. They were able to use their one Heaven Saint Master to keep up the front while all of their Earth Saint Masters were among the next strongest within the kingdom. Thus, they were quickly introduced as one of the strongest powers of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, but because they were at the bottom of the group, they were only able to claim a second class city as their stronghold with a small potential for growth before the war.


"Heavens, that's a pill that only exists in legends! I never thought it could really be concocted, and not only that, it was concocted by a Combat King! If this pill is revealed to the public, I'm sure every single person in the Divine Continent will lose their minds and fight for it."

"With our current strength, I'm afraid it would take three months." Ziying spoke before continuing, "There is a second option. If master brings the Chaotic Force to a considerable degree straight away, then it will swallow up the imprint. That is because the Chaotic Body is something that will not allow any foreign thing to invade it."

Nangong Wentian showed no signs of being scared. Once again, he transformed into a barbarian elephants. An illusionary image of a barbarian elephant appeared outside of his body, and it was just as big as the golden mountain. The elephant then charged violently toward the golden mountain.

"Brother Jiang, you've killed Liang Xiao, I'm sure the Heavenly Sword Sect won't let go of this matter easily."

At this moment, within the depths of the Cross Mountains, stood a three meter tall middle-aged man. This man had a very stalwart in physique. The veins in his body glowed with a golden color. His copper-like muscles bulged as a sign of well-development, and the only clothes he wore was a single pair of shorts that stopped short of his knees.

"What should we do now?"

Senior disciple Huang was startled for a brief moment before showing a cold smile, "That's right, you're really clever."

Bi Yuntian's face was covered in tears as she looked at Jian Chen. With a loving gaze, she said, "Xiang'er, you have to study diligently at the academy. Try to stay out of trouble, understand?" Bi Yuntian spoke with a tone filled with deep concern.

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