World Domination System Chapter 785

World Domination System Chapter 785

And that light shone on one person¡­. Bai Xiaochun!

Tan Yang was shaken off the ground and retreated backwards in a gliding manner!

Canghai Mingyue smiled and asked, "Liu-Li, is that your wish? To be with Qing Shui?"

Huoyun Liu-Li's smile slowly widened as soon as she caught a glimpse of Qing Shui walking over to the kitchen. She had a complicated expression on her face that Qing Shui found difficult to discern.

There was only one important person in his life, and that was his father. Back when he'd lacked the power to even live, that person had offered soft, warm comfort, and that was something that Bruiser would never forget for his entire life.

Master God-Diviner quickly caught on to this. Other than the first small group of cultivators who had made up the original Azure Dragon Society, few people ever saw him. He was Bai Xiaochun's trusted adviser who lurked in the shadows, unseen by the public. When Bai Xiaochun got Master God-Diviner's report about the rumors, he took it very seriously. He was well aware of the devious ways of the Celestial Sky Society, and could well imagine that their lack of action during the past few months was because they were waiting for the right moment to deliver a fatal blow.

"Don't go, guys! You're my Dao protectors! I brought you here with me! What am I supposed to do if you all leave...?" What was especially terrifying was the realization that the spirit stones the sect had given him were almost all gone. The fact that everyone was leaving at that point was what hurt the most.

This time, it was very smooth, he moved slowly and smoothly to the end. Finally, Qing Shui stopped. It did not succeed, it became trash. He had failed after stopping at the end.

"Not telling..."

Bai Xiaochun looked up into the night, and the rain splashed onto his face. For the first time, he actually felt cold. However, it was also in that same moment that he looked down at the back of his hand, to the spark-shaped scar that was the spot where Bai Hao had perished.

One of them clutched the sides of his head and began to weep loudly. Another squatted down, put his hands on either side of his head, and stuck his index fingers up like rabbit ears. After looking around quizzically, he began hopping around like a rabbit....

This group of men were also riding on a number of Golden Eagles - some were sitting on the back of the Golden Eagles, and some were standing on their Golden Eagle.

This was the first time Qing Shui saw such an expression of laughter on Wu-Shuang's face. Words were insufficient to describe it and thus, he could only stare at her, slack-jawed. Time, momentarily seemed to pause as the expression of her laughter, akin to the blooming colors of the rainbow, fully occupied Qing Shui's mind.

"The glory of the Vast Expanse Dao Domain is a thing of the past. It is now the age of the Never-Ending Dao Domain! Never-Ending Turtle, destroy Holy Extermination and prevent a second Allheaven from being born!" [2]

However, being the perfectionist that he was, he decided that the best thing would be to fill ten percent in a single shot!

Other than selling spiritual herbs, the Qing Clan's Medicinal Store also built up their supply by planting their own herbs and buying them from others as well. A part of their supply also came from people who went up the mountains to gather herbs, or those who had cultivated the herbs themselves. Of course, the prices for buying the herbs were substantially lower than their selling price, as the Qing Clan would still need to further process the herbs before it became a refined product which would then be sold off.

Initially, the charming woman at the side of the fatty still wanted to counter Huoyun's words with even more of her arguments, but the moment her eyes landed on the two peerless beauty, she stood there stunned. Just from their demeanour and the grace they exuded, she knew that they were people that she would never be able to compare to.

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