Psychosis Chapter 1165

Psychosis Chapter 1165

This was a magnificent girl, her beauty was out of this world. Even when she was just lying on the bed, she still looked like the most elegant fairy.

Seeing the others agree with him, an elder whose body radiated with the fire element spoke as well, "That's correct, the fire element is indeed floating around this area. While it is quite faint, I can still sense it clearly. I suspect there was another person here not too long ago."

Jiang Chen sneered. He simply stood there without moving a bit. With a palm covered in dragon scales, he simply waved his hand and instantly shattered all the energy waves unleashed by Xu Yun, as if he was just popping some bubbles.


"How is this possible?"

The usage of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill by three Heaven Saint Masters was more than enough to cause a tremendous influx of energy to surge around the area. The clouds in the skies above had already started to swirl around the area and the dirt on the ground was being thrown about due to the fierce wind blowing around. As if an angry dragon was about to awaken, the power that was beginning to unfold here had started to spread out to such distance that even the inhabitants of Mercenary City could feel the change in weather.

"Wonderhand Thousandtunes Wu Ningzhu, you've played your zither well. Just attack with everything you got, I wish to see how strong this Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes can be."

"This, how can this be possible?"

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

"I can understand that. Yun'er, if things aren't convenient to talk about, then there is no need to talk about it." Changyang Ba spoke.

"Earth Devil? Why is brother Jiang looking for it?"

Roar££ roar££

"That bastard! He's too ruthless! Those top ten senior disciple said that if they bumped into Zhang Yang in the competition, they would definitely teach him a good lesson! If that Zhang Yang really dares to stop onto the fighting stage today, perhaps he'll never get the chance to step down!"

Jiang Chen asked. This was also something that he wanted to know. Wu Ningzhu's appearance was equal to that of Yan Chenyu. In fact, it was so great that it could cause both cities and kingdoms to fall. With such good looks, no matter where she went, she would definitely become the center of focus. This was one of the things that made a girl proud. However, Wu Ningzhu had actually hiden her own pride. This didn't fit the nature of a girl.Chapter 468 - Wu Ningzhu's Secret

Right at this moment, a deep voice run through the air in the Freezing Hell Jail. At the same time, several dozen powerful auras arrived in this place. Amongst these auras, the most powerful belonged to a Seventh Grade Combat King. Jiang Chen could easily tell this from the voice alone.

However, when they saw the technique Jian Chen had used to kill the people, their hearts sank. In that moment, they could only see the faint image of his sword. Jian Chen's was so fast that they could barely see it with their vision.

Jiang Chen threw out his guess.

Psychosis Chapter 1165 End!

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