Win Papa¡¯s Favor! Chapter 1425

Win Papa¡¯s Favor! Chapter 1425

"Mingyue, remember to keep the door for me tonight. I've missed you!" Qing Shui lightly bit on her beautiful earlobes as he whispered into Mingyue Gelou's ears.

Zhao Xionglin was inside the heavenly marquis pagoda, meditating fitfully. As soon as he heard what was happening outside, his face twitched, but he forced himself to ignore it.

Months flew by. Bai Xiaochun quickly became very familiar with the areas on Fragrant Cloud Peak set aside for the Inner Sect. Eventually, the novelty of being an Inner Sect disciple began to wear off.

Qing Shui was looking at the bystanders in front of him commentating at the situation. Then he shifted his gaze at Feng Yunyang and said: "I can kill you now, you know."

What kind of ability did the old turtle possess? The old turtle was gigantic too, unlike the much smaller Turtle Snake in front of him. Even though the Xuanwu he had seen from the illustrations in his past life had similar features to the Turtle Snake, there were also many descriptions that depicted the details of the Xuanwu. The Xuanwu was supposedly a divine turtle that possessed an exceedingly powerful strength.

As for the other cultivators, they were even more on edge. Muttering to himself, Bai Xiaochun stepped out of the teleportation formation and waved his hand.

Qing Shui thought over it for a while and felt that he had improved a lot, especially compared to his previous self. Qing Shui felt confident that he would be able to defeat warriors with strengths of four countries if he were to run into them.?

Qing Shui was surprised to hear that from her, although her tone was still icy cold, but Qing Shui felt that was a habit or part of her character.

"There should be tons of unique treasures up for sale at this hundred clans auction, including a lot of shocking medicinal pills. That's because the Outer Sect Chosen battles will be coming up. They only happen once every thirty years!"

Bai Xiaochun dodged out of the way, his fury burning. The two of them faced off angrily for a long moment, until finally Bai Xiaochun pointed at him and said, "Alright, you're forcing my hand, Mr. Zhou!"

"You still have spiritual power now, so you can defend yourself. But in another ten days or so, you'll run out¡­. And that's when you'll really start to ¡®enjoy' yourself.

The old man took one bottle doubtfully, opened it up, and closed it immediately, "You are above the King Grade in medicine cultivation. Ye Er has hope." He was agitated as hands were trembling.

Emperor's Qi!

"Tongtong already knows how to flatter people at such a young age, you will no doubt have a promising future ahead of you." Qing Shui smiled as he shared some firecrackers with them since he had bought a lot. These were also for Changfeng and Changfeng was Qing Zhi's child.

He placed the two bottles before Canghai couple. Huoyun Liu-Li knew what they were, but she did not say anything even though her lips twitched.

After a moment, his eyes began to sparkle.

As the Celestial's energy rose higher and higher, he turned into a series of afterimages that shot toward the faceless woman. Snorting coldly, he said, "Did you think that hiding in the Deadmire would keep you safe, Ghostmother, you old bitch?! Did you really think I wouldn't be able to get to you?!"

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