Legend of vixen Chapter 824

Legend of vixen Chapter 824

After being injured, it looked as if Tie Ta became even stronger. In a flash, he had already killed 2 wolves.

The patriarch of the Xia clan was the leader of the clan, and was also the founder. At the same time, he was also an Earth Saint Master, meaning that the wealth he had would surely be a great boon to Jian Chen and the developing Flame Mercenaries.

"Haha, I knew it! You don't have the guts to kill me!"

Finally, the ground let out a long sigh of relief. Although they didn't fear these stone golems with their abilities, facing the constant attacks from a seemingly infinite amount of stone golems was no fun.

Li Hui suddenly felt scared. He was an Early Heavenly Core warrior, but with just one strike, Jiang Chen had completely locked him down, making it so that he couldn't even strike back. This was too frightening. Although he knew that Jiang Chen had previously killed Li Wu Ling; Li Wu Ling had just entered the Heavenly Core realm, and his foundation was unstable, so there was no way the two of them could be compared. Besides, it wasn't easy for Jiang Chen to kill Li Wu Ling, so the only explanation was that Jiang Chen had become stronger than before.

"Hmph! You violent creatures, how dare you slaughter innocent humans?! You all deserve a thousand deaths!"

Jian Chen's eyes burst with an azure and violet glow causing several trees down below to explode into a storm of splinters that shot upward as if attracted to the two grand elders. While this was happening, the two grand elders both looked at it with astonishment before covering their bodies with Saint Force.

"It's time to wait then. Jian Chen should have exited the Holy Lands by now. If he comes from Mercenary City, it'll take him several months to get here if he doesn't use a Space Gate." The youth sighed before growing silent to dig back into his meal.

"I have finally witnessed the supreme killing realm today!"

Now, Big Yellow finally understood how much trouble he had brought just by changing back to his true form. He simply didn't expect any of this.

Tia Ta scratched his head with a modest smile, but he didn't know what to say in response to that.

A simple clothed person was slowly descending from the sky just three meters away from the squadron.

"So that's what it is."

Yang Yun asked.


With a cyan flash of light, the man strode over 20 meters towards the floored Jian Chen and sneered, "I'll give you this one last chance. If you tell me whatever secret it is that made you so fast, then I'll spare your life. If not, then you will die!" The man's eyes flashed with blazing curiosity, and his heart raced at the thought of becoming faster with Jian Chen's technique. To a wind attributed person, speed was an extremely crucial thing to him. Although he didn't dare to think that his speed would reach a new level, he was certain it would improve his strength and increase his position within the Boundless Bandits.

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