The Devil is Cage Chapter 736

The Devil is Cage Chapter 736

"Haha, Jiang Chen, I don't think you expected this! Even with a Mortal Core cultivation base, daddy can still fly! Once I leave this desert, and my cultivation base is restored to its original state; death will rain down upon you!"

Just then, Jian Chen thought about the attack he had suffered from the claws of the Golden Fur Tiger King before falling unconscious, and his head quivered in memory for a second. But when he took a look around, only emptiness greeted him. The perimeter around him was a zone of nothingness, without even a single plant. There was only a fine layer of dust covering the floor, and there weren't any traces of the Golden Fur Tiger King.Chapter 125: Hey, Listen!

"This guy was using a combat skill that can unleashed shadowy Flood Dragons, and its potential for attack is extremely formidable. Too bad it didn't have the Flood Dragon's blood essence to make it even stronger. That's why he wanted to get the Flood Dragon's blood essence and demon soul; he actually wanted to improve this combat skill. I wonder if I can find the combat skill in his storage ring..."

"The fourth master is currently in the fourth lady's room." The servant replied.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, every one of them including Yan Zhan Yun broke out into a cold sweat and felt lucky that Jiang Chen was here.Without him, they wouldn't have known the real reason behind Yan Chen Yu's body, and they would definitely have had her consume the Pure-Yang fruit immediately.

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun entered the Heavenly Falls Tower and met the shopkeeper of the Heavenly Falls Tower.

The four Heaven Saint Masters had not yet discovered just how strong the Origin Energy was for themselves. So, instead of evading, they began to use their Earth Tier Battle Skills and charged to fight Jian Chen.

Wu Cong explained with a vicious expression.

The trader looked at Jian Chen with suspicion before pointing towards a big caravan. "That caravan is preparing to leave the Gesun Kingdom."

"What, fifty purple coins?!" Jian Chen's eyes widened as he cried out in shock. This was no longer a matter of expensive or not expensive anymore, this healer was trying to cheat him.


Jiang Chen said with a furious expression.

"This dog is so horrifying, Guo Lei is at a peak Mortal Core warrior, but in front of that big yellow dog, he simply has no way to resist!"

"Mother, you should say it right: fourth brother's strength is really amazing! Before he was even a Saint, he could easily hunt and kill Class 2 Magical Beasts. And after he did become one, even the combined powers of the geniuses of cultivation of Kargath Academy ÿdespite having the genius Upper Saint Cheng Mingxiang among their ranksÿ were beaten in under three minutes. The ten other who followed them were also easily beaten up by fourth brother as well." Changyang Hu was clearly excited, his voice was rising in volume as he spoke. "Mother, you didn't see the fight, but I did. Although fourth brother was by himself, he had beaten a dozen people until they were covered with bruises in the blink of an eye. These dozen people were all at the rank of a Saint at the very least, but against fourth brother, they were no match at all."

In a short ten breaths, each and every single one of the fifty Earth Saint Masters from each faction had been eradicated. Not a single one was left, and no matter where the tiger turned, there was no one left to see.

"Jian Chen, this is the barrier that only a Saint Ruler can create. Containing the laws of the world, it is connected with the world itself intrinsically. One can say the interior of this barrier is an entirely different space. Although a barrier is unbearably weak toward another Saint Ruler, even a Heaven Saint Master is unable to break through this. Aside from the power of the barrier being depleted, a Heaven Saint Master has no chance of shattering it." The ancestor spoke.

"Honored senior, are you sure you didn't receive the wrong person? We might not be the guests you are waiting for." Ming Dong cried out in worry from behind. This mysterious lord of the floating shrine was undoubtedly an extremely strong person. In the case that the two of them weren't the ones he was waiting for, then what would happen to them was a mystery.

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