Sect Patriarch System Chapter 1957

Sect Patriarch System Chapter 1957

Truthfully, there was no inheritor of the Ice God. Even the Ice God was just a fabricated idol, it was something that only existed in the mind of the Ice Demon King, a totem which it could worship. It was not real!

A frosty glow appeared in Jian Chen's eyes as he clutched at the sky. Suddenly, a large amount of the fire element began to gather around his hand before condensing to instantly form a giant sword made of flames. With a brilliant flash of red light, it flew toward the snake.

"The defense mechanism is at the entrance of the cave."

Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse descendant, and he had the complete inheritance of the Divine Beast. He could obtain all sorts of ancient and powerful treasures from his memory. This Heavenly Book of Source Formations was one of his awakened memories.

"Fuck! Buddy, you instantly because a millionaire! This is a huge amount of wealth!"

The sudden introduction of a younger cousin made Jian Chen feel quite complex. He wasn't sure if he was happy or worried.

Elder Xiu's words left Jian Chen at a loss on what to do.

Jiang Chen said.

Li Hao said with a voice filled with killing intent. He felt a strong desire to just rush forward and kill the Island Master. As long as he could get the Island Master's head, he would become the new 13th Tycoon.

Such a huge amount of Mortal Restoration pills; even with the Misty Rain Tower's money, it was almost impossible for them to have so many pills at once. The Mortal Restoration pills within the storage bag must be worth at least half of the Yan family's total net worth.

After Wu Jiu learnt the fact that Jiang Chen originally came from Mount Origin, there was no reason for him to try and stop him any longer. Although he hadn't spent too much time with Jiang Chen, he knew this young man was a man who cherished his friends and family. If something bad happened to them, Jiang Chen might instantly go on a rampage.

The king of the Gesun Kingdom approached one of the nearest Space Belts and retrieved a single black set of armor from it. With sparkling eyes, he cried out, "This armor is made from tungsten alloy! Just how does the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom have such a large amount of tungsten alloy?"

Those who were familiar with Wu Ningzhu knew one thing; this Holy Maiden who sat above all would never speak in such a manner. But today, she actually just teased Jiang Chen, expressing an attitude that was completely different from how she usually behaved. It looked like Jiang Chen's charisma was indeed extraordinary.

"Sect Elder Fan, you know, I trusted you the most. Jiang Chen warned me about you, he told me that something wasn't right, but I didn't believe him. My trust in you nearly dragged the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness into an eternal perdition. You've really disappointed me."

Jiang Chen flipped his palm and retrieved the demon soul from his storage ring. Guo Shan's expression drastically changed when he felt the powerful energy fluctuations coming from the demon soul.

"So it seems the Spirit Sword can break through the Silver Striped Golden Snake's defenses." Jian Chen cheered inwardly. Under his deliberate control, the sword and his spirit had joined together so that the sword became the spirit and the spirit became the sword. This type of miraculous fusion that Jian Chen had clearly felt made him feel as if this sword was his life, his soul.

"En, all ancient formations has their own miraculous effects. Jiang Chen, you have done a good this time. Although you didn't quite fix the dimensional crack, but I'll still consider it a successful mission."

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