Reincarnated as a Saiyan with a System Chapter 1345

Reincarnated as a Saiyan with a System Chapter 1345

"Big Yellow's condition is different from mine. His condition is largely caused by the backlashes he suffered, that's why normal healing pills won't work for him. The only way to wake him up is by awakening his sleeping bloodline. Big Yellow has the bloodline of the Divine Beast Dragon Horse, so we need to find a similar bloodline and use it to wake him up. For example, a unique beast such as the Flaming Stallion. As long as Big Yellow is fed with its blood essence and demon soul, he will awaken. Also, reawakening his bloodline will cause him to be tempered because of the life and death experience, which will cause it to evolve; bringing Big Yellow tremendous benefits."

After listening to Jian Chen's suggestion, the tidbit that indicated that Jian Chen was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom was not revealed. So when he became an Imperial Protector for the Gesun Kingdom, several dukes and chancellors contested it, but their voices were tiny. With the king having the support of both Ye Ming and Khafir, the opposition was quickly suppressed, which gave way to Jian Chen becoming an Imperial Protector for the Gesun Kingdom. In fact, he was now the only Imperial Protector the Gesun Kingdom had.

Big Yellow said.

Yu Zihan let out a few mild coughs.

Right now, Wu Ningzhu was sitting with her legs crossed in mid-air, stroking the strings of her zither with her soft hands. It was a black zither, and even its strings were black. It perfectly matched her dressing style.

Yan Chenyu immediately chased up. In her hand there was another icy sword made from solid ice. Without heisting, he simply slashed it toward the Crown Prince's crotch.

Just as the 8 Great Saint Weapons cut through the cloud of dust, suddenly, a silver glow of light came from within at an incredibly fast speed. It almost seemed as if it were flying. By itself, it flew around the 8 men before disappearing from sight leaving behind a small trace of blood on each their necks.

When Yan Chenyu reached the Peak Divine Core realm, her momentum finally slowed down, causing everyone to breath out sighs of relief. If she truly broke through to the Combat Soul realm, all of them mighty faint on the spot.

"Take your time to chat. I have some other matters to take care of, so I shall take my leave first." Huang Qinglan didn't have any intention to stay here any longer, so he quickly left the pavilion.

Right in front of everyone, a single stone door blocked their paths.

Seeing Jian Chen's sword disappear, the mercenary's pupils contracted in surprise as he suddenly whipped his great sword down to where he thought the Light Wind Sword would appear.

"I don't care who you are, I want you to kneel down in front of Sister Ling and apologize! After that, kill yourself in front of her! If you force me to strike, I'll make sure you die in the most miserable way possible!"

Jiang Chen hurriedly covered his face and pulled Yan Chen Yu to another direction, pretending they didn't know Big Yellow.Chapter 84 ΓΏ A Genius's Manners

Jiang Chen said.

A look of surprise appeared on Jiang Chen's face. He knew the solution to helping Big Yellow, but he just couldn't find the suitable items. Now, by knowing about the existence of a Ferghana Stallion, it also meant he had a clear target. For Big Yellow, the benefits brought by a Ferghana Stallion were much better than the benefits brought by a Flaming Stallion. Big Yellow had already absorbed a Flaming Stallion before, so he already had its bloodline in his body. Thus, the effects would be much weaker from absorbing another one. However, if it was a Ferghana Stallion, it would be a completely different story. The pure bloodline of a Ferghana Stallion could definitely help wake up Big Yellow's bloodline, allowing him to stand at the pinnacle.

"What?! One thousand Earth Restoration Pills? Fuck, I've finally witnessed what it means to rob someone under daylight! Damn it, why don't you just go and rob someone?"

"I am known as Tian Jian, a grand elder of Mercenary City. Your help won't be necessary for now with what power you have. Wait until you become a Saint King, then we'll talk!" Uncle Tian spoke. To him, a Saint Ruler was nothing special, there were plenty of those to be seen in Mercenary City.

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