Beyond Redemption Chapter 1513

Beyond Redemption Chapter 1513

Big Yellow grinded his teeth as he bounced and rolled around angrily in the courtyard.

The two Saint Ruler had stared at the back of Jian Chen until he had disappeared away from sight. For a good while, neither of the two responded. Ever since they became Saint Rulers, this was the very first time they had met a Heaven Saint Master that did not show them courtesy.

"Haha, perfect!I want to see how Mu Rong's pill shop is going to survive!"



In other words, the current Jiang Chen was not someone Liang Xiao could kill as he wished. Even if he could slightly suppress Jiang Chen, it was impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen now.

Jian Chen had long since been aware that his door had been smashed apart, but he wasn't able to move both his body and mouth since he wasn't in control. And the Class 4 Monster Core gripped tightly in his hand was visibly smaller now to the naked eye, its size already roughly the same size of a ping pong ball.

Jiang Chen wanted to destroy the liquid, but the liquid was like some gooey substance. It just stuck onto Jiang Chen's fist.

Within the courtyard, Yan Chen Yu was in secluded cultivation, but she could suddenly hear some footsteps outside her room. When she checked it out with her Divine Sense, she found out that it was Fan Kun. Her expression immediately changed.

Time passed, and soon, another day had gone by, and the night had come.

After Jian Chen had left, a figure in a light screen appeared in the fifth elder's room. If Jian Chen was there, he would recognise that the person was the master he had accepted, the president of the Radiant Saint Union.

"Is there something you needed?" Jian Chen asked with some confusion.

Shangguan Chong added.

After spending one day in secluded cultivation, a cracking sound suddenly came from Wu Jiu's body. It was the sound of breaking through a bottleneck.

A huge auction hall was built in the center of the Blissful Manor. It was so huge that at least ten thousand people could stay in it at the same time. It had an appearance like a giant tower. With such a massive venue, most people who came to this trade fair would be able to join the auction.

After finishing his words, Daoist Black disappeared from where he was standing. It was like he had never been here. It was actually just because his speed was extremely fast. Daoist Black was just one step away from the Combat Soul realm, his mightiness could never be imagined by ordinary people.

A white robed, middle aged man shook his head as he spoke in a somewhat helpless tone, "It won't do us any good to obstruct this. Although this is Phoenix City, our territory, there are not only many clans from other cities with peak strength gathered over there, but also 3 of our own Phoenix City clans. If we were to rashly do something, we might offend many people."

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