To Conquer The World and To Win Women Chapter 2327

To Conquer The World and To Win Women Chapter 2327

With an enormous hissing sound that stung the ears, the snake flew toward the yellow clothed girl.

Slowly bringing his eyes away from the battle skill book, Jian Chen gazed upon the first book to see the four words Spirit of the Wind. This was a Human Tier cultivation method best suited for those with the wind Saint Force.

However, in these two hours, Jian Chen's Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master level of Saint Force had already been halfway used up. The Illusionary Flash was a supplementary battle skill of the Heaven Saint Tier level and not a Saint Tier Battle Skill. Thus, the amount of Saint Force used for this battle skill was terrifying and Jian Chen himself would be only capable of keeping it up for four hours.

Two formidable attacks! This caused Shangguan Yilei's expression to instantly change.


At the moment, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian both became silent. They knew that in order for them to become mighty warriors, they would have to go to the Divine Continent. If not, no matter how talented they were, they could at most only become Combat Kings by staying here, and it would be impossible for them to obtain stronger cultivation bases. It was all because of the difference between the regions, as well as the fluctuations of the Worldly Laws, as they greatly restrained the growth of a warrior. Thus, it was impossible for this land to produce mighty warriors like those in the Divine Continent.

Jian Chen could only chuckle in response. "What are you hurrying for? Being able to become a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master at your young age is not something most can do. With your current strength, I don't even know just how many people are envious of it. There's only a short amount of time before you become a Heaven Saint Master anyways. Give it two years or so before you become one. For now, just focus on refining your foundation and listen to uncle Tian ¨• you can't go wrong listening to him."

Not long after, the disciple who ran away from the scene returned, but not alone. A formidable guy came with him. This guy only had one arm, and his face carried a ruthless expression. Jiang Chen was able to recognize this guy with just a single look; he was the man he had fought in the Chaotic Ocean, the Eighth Tycoon ÿ Ling Yi!

Uncle Xiu looked at Jian Chen, "Jian Chen, you may be one of the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, but that identity will not be able to protect you at all. This is because the Qinhuang Kingdom is only a subsidiary country of one of the three clans. Once your identity is revealed, your movements will become greatly restricted. Also, in all of history, a Radiant Saint Master cannot be a fighter as well. Not only have you already become a Saint Ruler, you also possess the abilities of a Radiant Saint Master. Something this weird has never happened on the Tian Yuan Continent, not even in the ancient times. Once your secret about being both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master is discovered by the Radiant Saint Master Union, it will definitely affect you. As for the outcome you have face, I have no idea, so it's best if you don't carelessly reveal that secret before you possess the strength to resist the Holy Empire."

"I don't care what sect you belong to. Return the person back to me and kneel down in apology. Otherwise, you and your men will never leave this place alive." Jian Chen spoke. Since they had taken the son of his uncle Kendall, there was no way he would forgive such an action.

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen still had a calm expression. With his experiences as the once greatest Saint in the world, there was nothing he hadn't seen before, so he didn't take the mid-ranked combat weapon to heart. But, the storage ring is something good, he was now using a regular storage bag, so if he could get that storage ring, then it would be much more convenient for him to store his items in the future.

Jian Chen's gaze landed on the Ruler Armament that was still tightly grasped by Jin Tian's corpse. He grabbed at it, and the sword-shaped Ruler Armament immediately left Jin Tian's hand, flying to him.

Jiang Chen punched out with a massive forced. His fist collided with the shadowy Flood Dragon, causing it to shatter together with a cracking sound. It was instantly destroyed by Jiang Chen.

"I'll destroy your formation with brute force; break for me!"

Despite there not being a single candle light, the figure was able to walk to the table and sit down without a single problem. Then, the sound of an elderly voice could be heard, "Jian Chen, I will be straight to the point with you. I wish to buy your Multicolored Stone, just how much will it take for you to sell it?"

"Jiang Chen, honestly, I never expected you to come here."

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