The Fallen Empress Chapter 325

The Fallen Empress Chapter 325

"How troublesome!" Katafei called out right next to his brother. Ever since the beginning of the war, this was the first time Katafei's face had a significantly different expression.

However, when Jian Chen learnt about the Radiant Arte, it was clearly useless, as he already possessed the strength to kill Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

"Damn it, the birth of another abnormal monster."

The streets were paved with rocks that seemed to shine brightly. With the road so evenly paved, even if a caravan ran full speed across it, the passengers wouldn't feel the slightest jolt.

Under such a powerful clash, Lee Chang Ming took two steps backwards. The shock in his eyes was even greater; the way he looked at Jiang Chen was a look filled with fright, especially for the combat skill Jiang Chen just used. He had never seen it before. If the Heavenly Yellow Finger combat of the Lee family was compared with Jiang Chen's combat skill, it would just be the best amongst the worst.


The youth had an expression of regret on his face; however, he still reconciled, "My two fellow students, although the magical beasts here are quite formidable, we have strength in numbers. As long as everyone is willing to work together, even if we meet two magical beasts at once, they definitely won't pose any threat. If everyone hands over two Class 1 Magic Stones, I believe that we will soon gather enough." The youth continued to press the issue. His gaze was quite sharp, and it was obvious that he had already realized that Jian Chen's and Tie Ta's strengths were above average.

Memories from long ago were suddenly recalled back into his mind as Jian Chen thought about his eldest brother Changyang Hu and Tie Ta from Kargath Academy. These two were very similar to the Senior An in front of him. Because of this, Jian Chen's impression of him was decent.

A fight was on the verge of breaking out. Even the girl and the warriors behind her threw their glances over. From the crowds discussions', they learnt what was happening. The girl had her eyes on Jiang Chen, curious to know how Jiang Chen was going to handle the situation.

Jian Chen said nothing.


The man had let out a pain-filled scream as the beam straight through his leg. With pain shooting straight up through his leg, the man's ability to run had been knocked for a loop, causing him to fall to the ground.

Jiang Chen swallowed the crystal core, then he circulated the Dragon Transformation skill and absorbed the entire crystal core in an instant. However, just as he had thought, the crystal core was just an energy source. A Mid Heavenly Core crystal core couldn't even help him for a single Dragon Mark. As for the nine lives, that was just a wild dream.

After the youth had left the room, the man let out a breath of air. "A Class 5 Monster Core is certainly too attractive of an object. What a shame that this youth named Jian Chen is too strong and only the sect leader can handle him. Otherwise, my chances of becoming an Earth Saint Master would go up drastically if I obtained that Class 5 Monster Core."

After bidding farewell to the people in the Changyang Manor, he left together with his grandfather Bi Hai. After all, he had only returned this time to confirm his grandfather's identity. There were still many things that needed to be dealt with for the Flame Mercenaries, so Jian Chen really could not stay for too long.

Tian Yishan retrieved the storage ring, overwhelmed by the unexpected amount of loot. 500,000 Mortal Restoration Pills, it was a huge amount of wealth, even for someone like him.

Although the mercenaries were all in the same group, life on Tian Yuan Continent was extremely cruel. Even these mercenaries would try to forcibly take an item they were jealous of, just like the Boundless Bandits had. Such circumstances happened all the time in Tian Yuan Continent

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