The Saga of A Mage Family Chapter 117

The Saga of A Mage Family Chapter 117

He nodded his head, "Correct, but because my strength is quite low, I am only one of the lowest of D ranked mercenaries."

After explaining several more things of importance, Rum Guinness had made sure to remind Jian Chen that news of her cub being a Winged Tiger God must not be revealed.

"However, although your elder sister has admitted defeat, I still want to taste defeat. Little brother, let's attack each other one last time! Elder sister hopes you can use the sword you used that day to fight against my ancient zither. Perhaps you can even provide some help to elder sister's cultivation?"

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed and purposely emanated his aura. Upon sensing the Late Divine Core aura, the expression of these two men changed dramatically. At the same time, the disciple who was knocked away by the slap stood back up, and was planning to scold Jiang Chen. However, when he sensed Jiang Chen's aura, his face turned pale with fright, and dared not speak another word.

The speed in which the golden light was traveling was incredibly fast. It easily pierced through the World Force and dispersed it without a problem before continuing toward the Saint King without slowing.


At this point, the few Great Saint Masters who were looking down on Jian Chen now had a different opinion of him. Now they saw him as an opponent of an equal standing.

"Elder Ping Yun!" A grief-filled voice called out from the man who had been sent flying back from Chang Wuji's earlier blow.

"Yang Yutian, you really are an unprecedented prodigy of the Tian Yuan Continent. You indeed possess power that exceeds Radiant Saint Masters at the same level as you."

Jiang Chen introduced himself. After that, he asked, "Just now, you mentioned Guan Yiyun, I want to know more about his current situation."

A light smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face, he was filled with an ultimate overbearing manner and confidence, his current combat strength was equal to a middle tier Divine Core warrior, but because he was having many powerful tricks, that made even upper tier Divine Core warrior wasn't his match at all.

Wu Yan's gaze swept across Jiang Chen and group, then he asked with a cold voice.

"If I'm not wrong, they should be the Tianqin clan from Walaurent City in the Zhuya Kingdom." The dignified voice echoed from the hall once again. However, it contained some ridicule this time.

Right now, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu were both Early Mortal Core warriors, and Big Yellow had recently awoken his bloodline and entered the Mortal Core realm as well. This powerful combination allowed them to walk through Origin Mountain like it was their own backyard.

Jiang Chen said with a stern voice. For the last few days, Lord Blood Moon hadn't shown himself anywhere. He had obviously been preparing for tonight's blood sacrifice. If he was allowed to succeed, he might break through to the Divine Core realm, and if that was the case, Jiang Chen would not be able to defeat him, and Yellowstone would become Lord Blood Moon's slaughterhouse. Tonight was Jiang Chen's only chance.


Huang Luang stared oddly at Jian Chen, "A Heaven Tier Battle Skill is the highest battle skill on the continent. Each Heaven Tier Battle Skill is highly profound so that a regular person would never be able to fully comprehend a Heaven Tier Battle Skill in their entire life. It isn't to say that learning more battle skills are good. Even if one were to learn many Heaven Tier Battle Skills, they would not be better than one who mastered a single one. So one should try to fully master a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill and not waste time learning anything else. Wasting energy is one thing, but wasting progress is another."

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