Monster Factory Chapter 152

Monster Factory Chapter 152

Furthermore, a gravitational force had appeared, which sucked everyone inside. Zhao Tianjiao had only been able to send one quick message out before being cut off, words filled with terror and alarm: "This labyrinth is a land of ghosts! It opens in the evening and closes in the morning...."

As time passed, Bai Xiaochun spoke more and more quickly. With almost a single breath, he talked for two hours straight. To the audience, it almost seemed like no time had gone by at all, and virtually everyone had taken out jade slips to study along with Bai Xiaochun's recitation. [1]

A cold sweat covered the Vile-Prince's body, born of humiliation and rage. Suddenly, he clapped his hands.

When Qing Shui weakened his enemy, particularly when it was with the Poison Needle Sting of the Jade Emperor Queen Bee, he would be able to fatally wound his enemies in the State of One with Elephant. But he would need to use the Critical Damage technique.

Qing Shui then called out his Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable once again. He took out five Beast Pellets and Endurance Pellets for the sable to eat and increase its power quickly. Then, he took out a portion of the Agility-Enhancing Fruits and Strength-Enhancing Fruits and fed them to the sable as well. Qing Shui could feel the joy of the sable as its strength grew substantially. He felt relieved that he had kept a surplus amount of pellets and fruits just for this kind of moment.

"This youth is really arrogant, to say these kind of words, unless he was actually scared silly."

Looking at this screen made him feel that humans were really insignificant. To think that the majestic aura from a standing screen was already able to give him such a feeling, Qing Shui wanted to very much know what level of cultivation the artist was at. It was just that he was slightly puzzled as to why such a high level standing screen as well as the drawing on it would be classified together with furnitures. The screen felt more like an exquisite art piece with excellent workmanship.

Qing Shui laughed before he said, "Qingzhuang, let me tell you that there's a very big difference. A bad person is just a person who is bad in nature, while a bad eggĦ­ What do you think would be bad?"

"Very good, all of you. This competition has gone very well so far. And now, we will continue to narrow down the competitors. Would the five of you please step forward and select a marble. One of those marbles is a free pass into the top 3." Smiling, Elder Sun produced the bag again.

Both Bai Xiaochun and Gongsun Wan'er were visibly taken aback. At the same time, they both came to the same conclusion. If the living being inside of the egg sac emergedĦ­ then it would lead to a catastrophe the likes of which neither of them were equipped to handle!

"Qing Shui!"

There were even some blood spheres which were empty, having not been selected by any of Xuemei's Dharma protectors, which were also quivering, as if with anticipation.

After a moment of contemplation, Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth and looked down at the ground. He wasn't interested in fighting to get the blood master title. After all, he wasn't even a real disciple of the Blood Stream Sect.

Boom boom...

His speed was too slow, added to the fact that he was the closest one to the shockwave, he wouldn't have been able to dodge it even if he had wanted to.

However, the pressure was still uncomfortably strong, like numerous mountains weighing down on them. The specific level of pressure, of course, depended on the cultivation base of the individual cultivator.

Zhao Rou had been killed, and Foundation Establishment cultivators from the Pill Stream Sect, Profound Stream Sect, and Blood Stream Sect had all been cut down. At the same time, a huge amount of earthstring energy was swirling toward the Spirit Stream Sect disciples, who were just as shocked as everyone else.

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