My First and Last Man Chapter 443

My First and Last Man Chapter 443

Luo Jian let out a smile filled with a murderous intent. "The reason I came is very simple. I just wanted to see how someone like you defeated a recently advanced Saint, even if Ka Di Yun didn't use a Saint Weapon. Changyang Xiang Tian, are you really that amazing?" Luo Jian cracked the knuckles on both his hands before clenching them both. The loud snapping sound from his knuckles was clear to hear as a strong amount of energy started to emit from his body onto Jian Chen's own.

The spectators were all certain that this trio would die today. Judging from how this fight has been playing out so far, it was impossible to hope for a miracle now.

Grim, Jian Chen thought back to what the third elder said before he died. "Imprint of Death," He muttered, "What kind of black magic is this?"

Wu Jiu said.

"Changyang Xiangtian, is this your home? It's huge!" Tie Ta gasped in amazement as he scoured the place.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed coldly as he brought out his own personal Saint Weapon. Quickly a thin and slender silver sword appeared in his right hand. Against these Heiming clan members, Jian Chen could tell that the difference between their strengths was as clear as day. The middle aged man that had spoken out to him first was a Primary Great Saint Master, and the other men with him were only at the Peak Saint Master level. A display of strength like this was not a threat at all to Jian Chen.


However, Jiang Chen had a feeling that things wouldn't be so simple.Yan Meng had spent so much just to hire all these Qi Hai mercenaries, thus there must be a reason for his actions.Chapter 31 ΓΏ The Killing Sword

Putting the crystal within his Space Ring, Jian Chen and Cao Keqin left to return to Lore City.

"This idiot is going to die in utter misery."

A layer of azure and violet light began to appear in Jian Chen's right hand before forming a 1.3 meter long glow. Grasping the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits, Jian Chen clashed weapons with the middle-aged man.

A sharp and penetrating hawk's cry screeched throughout the skies. The invisible sound waves emerged from Jiang Chen's mouth like ripples on an ocean's surface. At this moment, the sound waves covered the surrounding and reached high up into the sky. Layers of sound waves formed into an invisible giant net that instantly covered the Revolving Golden Lion.

"Fuck off."

A Saint with an attribute was generally stronger than a Saint without one by a large margin; not only that, but those with an attribute would generally have that added to their strength. Those with a wind attribute would definitely have their speed increased multiple times, and in the higher ranks, there would be very little that could compete with a wind attribute Saint in speed.

After standing in the center of his room with a stunned expression for a while, Jian Chen finally took a deep breath, gradually forcing himself into a state of calm. Then, he got onto his bed to start cultivating once more. Although he had the monster core now, he did not want to use it just yet, so he stored it away in his Space Belt. With the competition in mind, Jian Chen fully believed that he could take the number one spot. After all, in his previous world, he was a unique expert that stood at the peak of the world. And although he had lost a great amount of his power after reincarnating, he still had the knowledge of every type of swordplay, as well as understanding the deep profound sword laws, so much that they were ingrained into his soul. He had not lost his understanding of the ways of the sword, and so this is how Jian Chen would advance through the continent in the future.


When the Earth Devil arrived, it immediately threw its sight at this group. A bloodthirsty look could be seen in all four eyes. While looking at the group, it spat out its tongue and locked both its protruding fangs. It was only looking at this group as delicious preys.

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