G-Project Ultima Rex Chapter 2311

G-Project Ultima Rex Chapter 2311

Ling Du immediately sensed something bad was going to happen. He stopped moving further, and instead turned around to start running. The monster in front of him was too powerful, he was so strong that even Yang Yun and Shangguan Yihong were killed by him with just a single strike. If Ling Du were to face Jiang Chen, there was no doubt he would receive the same ending as Yang Yun.

"We can't win, retreat!" After having two of their own killed, the remaining few members felt as if they were dealt a tremendous blow. One of the members immediately cried out for the others to give up the fight and to escape.

Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, Yu Zi Han, Yu Tian Long, and two honourable guests of the Yu family. Six Heavenly Core warriors. Going to the Valley of Yin Spirits with just these people was basically the same as going to commit suicide. But, since Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were in the group, it would be a different story.

Shan Ying coldly harrumphed.

Jiang Chen looked towards Yang Yong with a fierce look in his eyes.He was not dumb;he knew that these scumbags would not dare touch him if there wasn't anyone asking them to do it.Furthermore, they wouldn't have had the ability to feed him the cleansing pill.

Jian Chen smiled in return, "No worries. I've only just arrived myself. Little Fatty, congratulations on becoming an Earth Saint Master. You are now one of the stronger people of the continent."

That appraising elder hesitated for a bit before replying, "Tie Ta, did you go to the 3rd region?" Although the elder's question was overstepping his responsibilities, he could not ignore the strong feelings of curiosity in his heart. Even though he had already guessed the answer, he would definitely not dare to believe it unless Tie Ta confirmed the situation.

The sudden action of Jian Chen had caught the attention of the entire street. When they saw the strange look in his eyes, everyone had thought that they were about to see Jian Chen start to fight within the city. One by one, they shook their heads with a pitying laugh. In today's age, just what person didn't know about the prohibition on fighting that Mercenary City enforced?

The one who had suddenly attacked him was Elder Wu from the Tianqin clan.

The Tenth Emperor said with a vicious expression.

Nangong Yunfan had long ago noticed the sleeping Big Yellow. Initially, he thought that Big Yellow had been injured, but now he realized that Big Yellow was actually cultivating. Using sleep as a cultivation method, this truly put everyone else to shame.

Within the cave, Jiang Chen's energy was getting stronger and stronger. The Dragon Horse blood had been completely absorbed by him, and the Dragon Transformation skill had gone through a huge transformation. His circulation speed had been doubled, which meant that his cultivation speed would be twice as fast.

"That Tianxiong clan is too damn arrogant. I was happily eating here before they suddenly commanded all of us to leave. Whatever random crap you guys do has nothing to do with us. We're just eating our own meals, it's not like we'd hinder you."

After this horrifying event, the Holy Empire sent out over ten Heaven Saint Masters to go kill the Silver Striped Golden Snake. But before half a day was over, seven of the Heaven Saint Masters were killed by the poison with the remaining few having serious injuries or were poisoned heavily. However not long afterwards, the remaining few experts that were poisoned died as well.

Big Yellow, while wiggling his tail, slowly started walking out from the courtyard.

Jiang Chen was slightly shocked. The smell came from a very poisonous being. If it didn't then he wouldn't have been able to make him so dizzy. But to his surprise, the Dragon Transformation skill could actually absorb poison.

The Green Hellish Python felt a cold shiver down its spine and only reacted now, but its reaction was too slow.

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