the other world Chapter 2736

the other world Chapter 2736

Although he seemed to be in a bit of a daze, he was clearly satisfied in an unprecedented way. After a long moment passed, he regained his senses. Trembling, he said, "The hallucination was much more realistic than the Fantasy Pills from the Celestial Sky Society! And easier to manipulate! In fact, after a certain point, I completely lost myself! I didn't need to control the hallucination at all: it did everything I wanted. How pure! How unadulterated. This... this is what a Fantasy Pill is supposed to be like!!!"

There was no need for Bai Xiaochun to do anything. The Grand Heavenmaster immediately took leadership of the immortal domain, and Patriarch Spirit Stream set to work reestablishing the River-Defying Sect!

Qing Shui kept thinking about the Raging Blow. Some time was needed for him to perform this skill and it was a bit slow. Although it was not overly slow, when Martial Emperors fought, their speed would be fast as lightning and being just a little slow would make it hard to perform the Raging Blow.

He could sense that his arms were now filled with incredible power and speed.

As for Bai Lin, when he saw what was happening, he roared, "Everyone, toss out your Soul Convergence Pills! I refuse to believe these vengeful souls can't be vanquished!!"

Everything that Qing Shui trained was connected to the Ancient Strengthening Technique. That was why he would spend part of his time in the spatial realm to train on his Ancient Strengthening Technique no matter what.

It was a figure wearing a Daoist robe, who was immensely handsome, and had eyes like starlight. If Bai Xiaochun were here, he would recognize this person immediately. The form Song Que had summoned was none other than¡­ the Worldly Daoist!!

"I think I'm heading in the right direction. I just overlooked a few of the problems that cropped up because of the ingredient interactions. I should be able to do a few tests and work things out. In any case, as long as the furnaces continue to explode, the general will be happy." Bai Xiaochun sighed, convinced that life in Great Wall City was actually wonderful.

Qing Shui got hit in the chest by accident. Despite having formidable defensive strength, he still spat out blood from the attack. But because Qing Shui's powerful body was recovering on its own, Qing Shui didn't feel that it was such a big deal.

Although he couldn't be sure, he thought that some of those living bodies actually smiled in the moment before they faded away into nothing¡­.

Very serious expressions could be seen on their faces. After all, they also had Foundation Establishment cultivation bases, although they were at the peak of the stage. At a single glance, they could see that something strange had happened.

He tried again and again, over ten times, until suddenly his left eye began to shine with dazzling moonlight. As it did, his 30-meter-tall forefather form looked very different than Master Cloud Lightning's had.

Sighing, he walked over to the corpse.

Other areas were vastly more dangerous, and in fact, the three sects were all staying in roughly the same area, relatively close to each other.

Now that the patriarchs and the legacy echelon cultivators were back, the final work on the Heavenspan Battleships began. Everyone in the sect helped out as the deva beast spine was used to craft the keels of the ships!

Unfortunately, the combined divine abilities of the three sects were even faster than that. Moments later, intense rumbling sounds could be heard as the stream of starlight appeared in front of him.

Bai Xiaochun raised his hands up above him, then shoved them back down. Instantly, huge waves roiled out across the surface of the lake up above, along with intense rumbling sounds. The sixth vortex began to ripple and distort, then spin like mad. Gasps rang out in the Fallen Sword World as... a seventh vortex appeared!

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