Tale of a Knight Chapter 1371

Tale of a Knight Chapter 1371

After overwhelming Jian Chen's strike, Hu Ba's Heaven Tier Battle Skill had diminished in strength. Although it was no longer at its max potential, the power was still terrifying.

"Shangguan Yiqing, you and I cannot exist together!"

"Useless fools, why are you all so scared? No matter how strong Jiang Chen is, he is still an outer circle disciple, and we were ordered by a senior disciple from the inner circle to deal with Wang Yun and the rest! This is the Black Sect, not a place where Jiang Chen can decide everything! Besides, he is only an outer circle disciple, don't tell me he is going to act against the rules?"

Zhang Han shouted out loudly.

"After Holy Maiden left, a war erupted between the Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace, and both parties have suffered many casualties. Under the attacks of the Demon King Palace, all the demons in the different places across this continent started launching attacks against human cities. In just a short period of time, three cities have fallen into their hands. The battle of Evergreen City was also an unexpected event, we came here right after we were informed, and were fortunate enough to suppress the battles."

Even Yang Shuo had a change in his expression. He stared at Jiang Chen with a razor sharp gaze, a serious look had emerged in his eyes, and the scornful attitude he had towards Jiang Chen was long gone.

And this was just the beginning. Jiang Chen didn't only want to change the rules of this small territory. Sooner or later, he was going to change the rules throughout all of Saint Continent.

"Kaka, rest assured; just let me handle this! I will put five men in one formation, and that will be more than enough for them to fight a ten man group!"

Liu Peng's expression became stern, and spoke in a threatening manner.

With the fact that Jian Chen was a Peak Saint Master now, the duration in which he could hold his breath was now longer and even more simple than eating dinner. Therefore, holding his breath within the water was not a problem for him.

Both men suddenly had tears in their eyes. They felt like they hack been struck by happiness, and they weren't used to it. The biggest joy in life is to be able to live in, it felt so good to be alive.

Being forced back by a young human had seriously challenged the dignity of this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, causing it to let out a ground-shaking roar. The devilish blade produced a violent buzzing sound, and suddenly, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil extended its gigantic claw and unleashed a dark cloud.

Upon hearing this, Jian Chen was beyond please. The Ruler Armaments were next to useless for him since he couldn't use their power, making them two pieces of garbage. With the Seal of Treasure Mountain on his body, he also had to worry about the Shi family using their special method to find him, which was a shame since Jian Chen had no idea how to deal with that. Right now, the violet and azure Sword Spirits could relieve him of a major headache by refining the energy within the weapons into Chaotic Force. This would then improve his strength, which was something he definitely agreed with.

"They're not too far away from here. Just head ten kilometers that way and you'll arrive at a large courtyard. All three hundred of the mercenaries live there." Ming Dong replied.

"The Flood Dragon's blood essence is really useful for me, it has given me huge benefits, and I broke through to the Mid Divine Core realm only because of the blood essence. With my current combat strength, ordinary Combat Soul warriors wouldn't be able to easily kill me."

The robust man was extremely shocked. The level of Jiang Chen's mightiness had gone way beyond his imagination. Jiang Chen didn't give him any chance to react, right as the robust man had been forced back; he turned into a trail of light and instantly arrived in front of the man.

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