Dragon is Soul Chapter 2579

Dragon is Soul Chapter 2579

Bai Xiaochun was completely infuriated. Gritting his teeth, he howled, "Shut your mouth!"

The Lingxiao Treasure Hall was like the moon in the centre of the skies, situated in the most central location while the other halls are clustered around it in varying distances.

Tang Manor Medicinal Hall!

The eyes which Wu-Shuang regarded Qing Shui with, shined with a bright glow, "Your thinking is weird, but it seems to make sense in a strange sort of way.

The resulting pill glowed with seven-colored light that reflected in Bai Xiaochun's proud eyes.

Her beautiful eyes on that extremely seductive face were half squinted, and filled with mist. Her small mouth had a slightly gap. The intoxicating cries once again rang out, which were especially crisp and near his ears.

This sudden turn of events caught Ghostmother by surprise, and a murderous aura sprang up from her. Even the Celestial was shocked. However, he reacted quickly, and sent the golden hand speeding toward the laughing-crying ghost face!

"Come back. He is a Xiantian, don't go." The beautiful middle-aged woman hollered softly.

When the last hammer strike fell onto the Thunder God, a gleaming light of five colors flashed from the hammer as he lifted the forging hammer, which promptly forced Qing Shui to open his eyes. The hammer stopped in mid-air as he stood there looking elated at the newly formed Thunder God.

"How is that Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a going so fast!? With muscles like that, there's no way he's very smart. How did he get through the maze?" The more he thought about it, the more he started to suspect what was happening.

"Okay, I've got it, big brother!"

Sluggish Bear Crystal Card!

Pu pu!

"Why would I not? Come, let's go up. You guys haven't visited me after so long." Mei Yanxue headed upstairs with Qing Shui.

But the Grand Elder was talking about the Nine Continents. He dared not say the same for other things, but there were countless real experts across the World of the Nine Continents. Furthermore, the other nine continents were also packed with dangerous places and people. Behind these flourishing continents were all the unpredictable warriors that were wandering back and forth around it.

Then, it was with a very fervent and hopeful look in his eyes that he produced a Soul Convergence Pill and held it out.

"But this eleventh forefather transformation¡­ has to do with a moon. I wonder if I could combine them¡­." Having reached this point in his train of thought, his heart began to beat even faster. Although he couldn't be sure of whether or not it would work, he decided that he had to try.

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