Trafford is Trading Club Chapter 1333

Trafford is Trading Club Chapter 1333

Even Song Junwan, after her initial excitement, came to the conclusion that Bai Xiaochun wouldn't make much of a difference in the fight. Furthermore, the five Nascent Soul cultivators who had been closing in, after their initial pause, snorted coldly and pressed the attack. Two of them focused on Master Limitless, and three on Song Junwan!

The burly man's face fell as he looked up. Then, a huge boom rang out as the mountain of flesh smashed into him.

This group of Earth Dragon Beast appeared very majestic. Since they were spaced out from each other, they look up a large portion of the road on the way.

"You misbehave the moment you arrive. Why are you here?" Shi Qingzhuang stated, in somewhat of a bad mood as she silently glanced at Qing Shui from the corner of her eyes.

Three days went by quickly.

Outside, in the skies was a huge Golden Eagle. When it spread its wings it was close to a hundred square metres in area. Its wings when stretched was over 10 metres. Under the sunlight, it was glittering gold and its might looked uncomparable. (Qing Shui's firebird and Canghai MingYue's Golden Winged Thunder Condor was also about 10 metres in length and width. The previously mentioned 100 metres was actually the area in square metres.)

At the same time, a metal-type aura erupted out, causing rippling fluctuations that both Bai Xiaochun and everyone else instantly recognized.

This saying fully expressed that eating and enjoying women were the most important things in life. Of course, if one were to call the act of enjoying the pleasures of women the act of leaving behind lineage, it would be sacred. The importance of leaving behind lineage were the words of the sages of the past, and had definite persuasiveness!

The other disciples in the area now felt a bit of hope. More than a hundred people closed in from all sides, joining forces to try to kill Bai Xiaochun and snatch the heavenstring energy.

At that point, he opened his eyes, his expression one of slight disappointment.

"Have a death wish?!" It wasn't that Celestial Virpk?a hadn't seen Bai Xiaochun kill Deadfall. It was that he still believed that, even if Bai Xiaochun were stronger than he was, he could still be handled. And that was especially true now that he wasn't wielding his Greatsword of the North.

Because of that, Bai Xiaochun was now just as valuable as the deva soul, if not more....

He decided that it was better to rush out. He would not be worried if he was by himself but Di Chen was here. He could not let anything happen to her, thus he took out two Frosted Iron Ball.

Before long, Bai Xiaochun's voice could be heard outside.

At this point, he looked up at Big Fatty Zhang, who had been standing there quietly the entire time. He could see the confusion and anxiety in Big Fatty Zhang's eyes, and at the same time, realized that his previous caution had been thoroughly justified.

"It's Bai Xiaochun!"

Bai Xiaochun's lips twitched a bit in response to what was happening, unconvinced that Shangguan Tianyou was as amazing as people made him out to be.

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