The Woman in the Palace Chapter 314

The Woman in the Palace Chapter 314

"Your Majesty!" A single guard came running in quickly.

Jian Chen didn't say another word and flicked the Space Belt around uncle Liu's waist into his hand and threw the body to the Xia clansmen.

The next match was between Qin Ji and Zhar. Although Qin Ji had a Ruler Armament he could not use it in this match because of the barrier placed onto him being restricted. The match was extremely short since Qin Ji was incapable of hurting Zhar with his Radiant Saint Armor, leaving Zhar as the winner.

"I'm going back to the Qi Province. I am a disciple of the Qi Province's Black Sect, and since I have accomplished my goal in Inferno Hell, I'll have to return at once. There are important matters I need to attend to; this trip has taken quite a lot of time from me."

Just then, a small rustling sound came from behind. The moment he heard that sound, Jian Chen's heart stopped. He quickly leaped up onto a nearby tree branch that was hidden from view thanks to the leaves.

"Damn you, try letting your father see you become mad!"

Clenching his teeth tightly, Jiang Chen rolled up his sleeves and flew into the sky. Without saying anything else, he immediately threw a punch toward Big Yellow. He knew that this dog had thick skin and strong muscles, and especially his head; nothing seemed to be harder than it. Thus, he didn't show any mercy when attacking.

Seeing his attack miss, Luo Jian's eyes reflected a shocked expression. However the next instant, the cyan Saint Force immediately appeared from within his body. As soon as it materialized, mysterious breezes began to surround his body.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chen started laughing. He flicked his wide sleeve and retracted the Great Illusion Realm. Within the illusion realm, Shangguan Wei tripped on his feet and almost fell down from the sky, but he ended up stabilizing his body. Then, he raised his head and stared at Jiang Chen.

Sensing the change, Jian Chen felt extremely unwilling in his heart. He was just lacking this one final step! If he could do it, he'd be able to go from a Heaven Saint Master to a Saint Ruler. This was the realm that he was constantly yearning for!

All the people on the Black Sect's side were feeling really excited. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen's aggressiveness had calmed their minds, especially those who were regretting helping Jiang Chen; they felt really lucky right now, as Jiang Chen was just a Mid Combat Soul warrior, but was still able to defeat a First Grade Combat King warrior. With his potential, it was almost certain that he would soon break through to the Combat King realm, and no one could imagine how terrifying he would be upon breaking through to the Combat King realm.

"Jian Chen is the winner of Arena Eight!" Came the judgement a second later as the two Space Gates opened up on either sides,

Carefully remembering every single detail given to him, Jian Chen spoke, "I know what to do, but we should leave now. The longer we idle here, the more variables there will be."

Big Yellow said, beaming with joy.

"Jiang Chen, kneel before me!"

After paying for the herbs he needed, Jian Chen left the store and headed outside of the city. He arrived 10 miles outside of the city walls, and entered into the small forest. There, he dug a few mounds of earth and plucked some tree leaves. He then stored them within his Space Belt and walked back to White Cloud City.

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