The Returner Chapter 727

The Returner Chapter 727

Fast, incredibly fast, the sword strike resembled a thunder bolt.When the old man sensed the danger of this sword, it was already too late.The Mid Qi Hai warrior had been cut in half by Jiang Chen, he didn't even have a chance to defend himself.

"Sire Wu Yun, even though our Mutian clan also had some deaths to you, they were the outstanding members of the clan and were favored by the clan leader. If you do not hand over compensation today, even we will have a hard time quelling this. Our clan leader's wrath is not an easy thing to accept."

With that said, Jian Chen wasted no time and turned around to leave Huang Luan's place of residence.

Someone extended his big hand and tried catching Big Yellow, but Big Yellow evaded with ease.

Said Mu Rong Zhan.

"I'll go with you."

The middle aged shook his head as he looked at the dead body on the magical beast without saying a single word.Chapter 256: Heavenly Flower Sect

"The ending will be the same even if you have 900 lives, let alone 9 lives.

Everyone's head began to turn as they looked at a cyan robed man kneel to the ground as he spoke respectfully to the king.

There were eight major regions in the Divine Continent, and the smallest region was called the Western Region, which was of course located at the west of the Divine Continent. It was a remote place, and the entire region was only as big as the Liang Province. Compared to the other seven regions, it was extremely small. However, no one dared underestimate the Western Region, because it was the heart of Buddhism. Although Buddhism had gradually decayed over the recent years, no one could ignore their influences. The Buddhist culture was rich, extensive and profound, and the beings there rarely left the Western Region, as they had their own historical roots in that place.

Big Yellow Dog explained.

Occasionally, buzzing sounds could be heard from Jiang Chen's body. His bones, his blood, and his flesh were also producing clicking sounds. He was completely immersed in a mindless state, and the Dragon Transformation skill was circulating crazily. All the Dragon Marks were swimming around within his body like real dragons, stimulating Jiang Chen's potential, and strengthening his foundation.

The secret chamber was filled with intense and chilly devilish energies, and claps of thunder kept sounded out from within. The devilish energies overflowing from Han Yan's body had a sense of nobility to them, it was not something that ordinary devilish energies could compare with.


Jiang Zhen Hai said helplessly.


Daoist Black was startled.

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