Cultivating with Rinnegan Chapter 710

Cultivating with Rinnegan Chapter 710

But because of Qing Shui's sudden appearance, the man came earlier than expected and finished the act. The man glared at Qing Shui, pissed, and blocked the lady's naked body with his own.

Once Qing Shui held the hammer, he realized that he had a lot to do. He himself did not have a complete set of armor, bracer, belt, pendant...

To see them fading away with the demigod patriarch was a bit irritating.

As soon as Bai Xiaochun heard that a huge secret was involved, his eyes went wide, and he began to pay rapt attention.

With two flowers blossomed, it would be able to boost the vitality and raise the qualities of plants within a radius of 200 meters by 10%......

Looking at the serious expression on Qing Shui face, Wenren Wu-Shuang couldn't help but giggle, as she replied "Speak, no matter what, as long as Elder Sister could help, I would definitely help!"

It was in that fashion that three whole days passed, until everyone in the River-Defying Sect came to fully understand Bai Xiaochun's personality. Wry smiles could be seen everywhere, and many people began to avoid him as soon as they saw him off in the distance. After all, he didn't seem anything like a deva patriarch in person.

"Nightcrypt, I am the grand elder of Corpse Peak. You did a great job here. Splendid, really. You created a brand new type of zombie. I need to go back to study the method for some time to determine how to reproduce it. You have performed a great service for Corpse Peak!

"This is too troublesome. We should get a huge bed next time. That will be much more convenient." Qing Shui smiled mischievously at Canghai Mingyue as he dressed himself.

"He's hogging the pills?" said the grand elder of Lesser Marsh Peak, a burly man with a booming voice. His expression was rather ferocious, and yet his eyes gleamed with admiration. "How bold! That's just the type of personality Blood Stream Sect disciples should have. I never paid much attention to this kid before. What a pity he didn't reach Earthstring Foundation Establishment, otherwise he would have become a major Chosen!"

"It makes perfect sense! He might be a special guard, but he's also a foreign deva. We can't just let him do whatever he wants in our sect!"

The sky has gotten dark. Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing had looked through the last few holes with no discoveries. However, it wasn't actually surprising that this happened. Fortunately, they managed to find out about the Immortal Fox Lake. There was a huge possibility that it existed there.

After Duanmu Lingshuang heard what Qing Shui said, she moved aside. The old man smiled and nodded at Duanmu Lingshuang before proceeding to Qing Shui's side.

Pa! Pa!

Then, he lifted his head¡­ and opened his eyes!

"I'm finally back.... I can still remember how everyone could hardly stand to part with me....

Of course, of all the people who were waiting for the Foundation Establishment trial by fire, he was the one who actually cared the absolute least about it.

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