Path to Heaven Chapter 1242

Path to Heaven Chapter 1242

"That's complete bullcrap!!"

Most shocking of all was that it was during the last interrogation of a prisoner who didn't seem important at all, that he got the most shocking bit of evidence!

Sun Yifan and Sima Tao were both visibly shocked, and were looking over in nervous expectation. As for Bai Hao, his eyes were wild with joy. He was the only one who knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that his Master had not made any mistakes.

He looked very heroic as he stood there uttering such words. Anyone who might have been able to see him would have been shocked. He seemed boundlessly righteous, a manly man as strong as iron and completely unafraid of dying!

It took a very long moment for Bai Hao's soul form to restore balance. When all of the cracks on the surface of his body were healed, he slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Then, his eyes came to rest¡­ on a person who looked exactly like him in every aspect, and yet who wore a look of deep concern on his face.

But then, a chill ran up his spine, and his hair began to stand on end as¡­ the previously unmoving rocking chair¡­ suddenly began to rock back and forth!!

Chapter 612 Nine Palace Art¡¢'Nine Continents Steps'£¬Shrinking A Foot Into An Inch

Everyone who saw Qing Shui bowed as they greeted him!

Although it was a simplistic movement, it would still be shocking enough to cause the wind to scream and the ground to quake.

"He is definitely a ruthless dagger, but the important thing is that I hold him in my hand. The Giant Ghost King doesn't qualify, only I do.

A few days later, they were closing in on the Bai Clan. Obviously, it wouldn't do to take Li Feng and Zhou Yixing with him, so at a certain point he stopped and arranged for them to stay in the vicinity and work on their cultivation, ready to come the instant he called for them.

Isn't it so, thought Qing Shui, though they talk about gender equality, Qing Shui was agreeing with the gender status in this society - only gender equality on the surface. Just like the issue now, if a male was to be the Chief Disciple, even if he was the weakest, it would not be as embarrassing.

Emperor's Qi!

This was his second time holding Yiye Jiange's hands. He did not know how to feel about it, but he did not brood on it too much.

Although that last sentence by Yu He, almost caused Qing Shui to eat Yu He, right here and now.

Qing Shui felt that he was still not mature enough himself, while Canghai Mingyue was already a lady of unsurpassed beauty of a generation.

As for Bai Xiaochun's wooden sword, it didn't even pause. It continued to shoot through the air toward Xu Baocai, who by this point was scared witless. Using all the power he could muster, he dodged out of the way. The wooden sword whistled past him, slicing his shoulder in the process, and then slashing into a nearby tree.

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