The girl who wanted to be a hero, but reincarnate as a villain! Chapter 2254

The girl who wanted to be a hero, but reincarnate as a villain! Chapter 2254

"What is your name?"

"Captain, why don't we put our all into this fight?" Another mercenary said, an eager light constantly pulsing within his gaze.

"Young lady Tianmu Ling, we must apologize. A few days ago, my brother had matters to attend to so he went to the Qinhuang Kingdom. We don't know when he'll return." Bi Lian said apologetically.

"Sire Jian Chen, the Imprint of Death on you is something that the men behind the third elder could use to find your position rapidly. If sire Jian Chen can't fight them off, then my Vulcan Shrine would be more than happy to help you. Don't worry about the Shi family, our Vulcan Shrine have no fear for them." A red-robed elder smiled amicably to try and gain Jian Chen's favor.

"He's just a Heavenly Core warrior, he can't be strong than us! Let's strike together!"

"The treasure's aura is pretty weak, let me try again."

Liang Xiaole twisted her hands, and ripped the corners of her clothes to wipe clean the dirt on her hands. Tenderly, she reached over to receive the magical beast meat. Once it had cooled down, she directly ate it with large mouthfuls, not caring to keep up her appearance in the least.

Taking the purple card into her trembling hands, Ochire spoke, "Should my lord ever come to my pavilion for any future thousand year old heavenly resources, this servant here will be sure to give a favorable price."

"This is fantastic! Brother Jiang Chen has widened my horizons once more! With just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he actually defended himself from a Combat King warrior's attack, and he isn't at a disadvantageous position at all! If I hadn't witnessed this with my own eyes, I never would have been able to believe it! Shocking, this is absolutely shocking!"

With everything done and taken care of, the group cleaned up the area around the Kai family's compound before heading straight on in. Within the halls, Jian Chen sat at the very top where the head of the compound would normally sit. At his side was Ming Dong and the five others along with Kai Er and his three companions from the Flame Mercenaries.

"Jiang Chen, hurry up and let these men go! Haven't you had enough for one day?!"

When he had absorbed this new type of energy into his body, nothing negative happened. So because of that, Jian Chen had not tried to remove the clearly different energy from the World Essence. However, Jian Chen was now curious in the matter, thoughts and ideas were swirling around his head, but this new energy was not that simple to be figured out so easily.


Changyang Ba looked to Bi Yuntian with a conflicted look. "Yun'er, could you possibly tell me what in the world is going on? Why has a Saint Ruler suddenly appeared in our manor? Was your previously family not a small one?" In the past, Changyang Ba asked Bi Yuntian of her family, but Changyang Ba had only thought that the Bi family was a small familial power to some small city since he had never heard of the name before. But when a Saint Ruler from the Bi family suddenly appeared out of nowhere today, he finally realized that the Bi family wasn't as unordinary as he thought.

Someone immediately showed interest.

With intense killing intent, Tyrant clenched the palm with a tremendous amount of force. A miserable shriek rang through the scene, as the disciple was crushed into a bloody mist, dying on the spot.

"Fourth Grade Combat King, this monk is strong!"

The girl who wanted to be a hero, but reincarnate as a villain! Chapter 2254 End!

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