The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1811

The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1811


The other youngsters had just realized what had happened. They were already on the edge of death when Qing Shui had come into the picture. The young men just wanted to seek some fun with the women in the city, and they were planning to play with whoever young master Yun has his eyes onĄ­..

"Metal. Wood. Water. Fire. Earth. Let's begin with my metal clone!" He unleashed the power of his cultivation base, causing the fluctuations of the great circle of the Gold Core stage to erupt out. Even as the pressure of his Gold Core weighed down in the area, Bai Xiaochun's eyes shone brightly, and he looked over at his metal-type deva soul clone.

Petal Rain Under the SkiesŁĄ

When he was looking around, the Fire Bird which was perched on the towering Chinese Parasol Tree in the distance, and let out a few joyful chirps when it sensed Qing Shui's entrance. Qing Shui happily responded with two long whistles back at it. Qing Shui felt that Fire Bird was getting more and more intellectual. As expected of a Mutated Beast of Heaven and Earth which had a trace of the Phoenix's bloodline.

In the time it takes an incense stick to burn, eight people on the street near his shop were all struck, and were sending foul gas out in all directions. Cries of alarm rang out as the passersby fell into pandemonium.

These dancers were almost like those celebrities in Qing Shui's previous world. Their social standings couldn't be compared to prostitutes. They had been constantly travelling all around the world. It was said that the biggest similar group that travelled around the Nine Continents like them was very powerful.

He had spent a lot on that command medallion, all for the purpose of avoiding the thirty percent fee charged by the Celestial Sky Society. Now that he was being told that the command medallion was useless, Song Que was nothing less than flabbergasted.

He was using a secret magic that he had happened upon long ago. Considering the current level of his cultivation base, using it caused a major backlash. Even as the soul blood appeared, his face went pale, and he coughed up a massive mouthful of blood. Then he looked up at Bai Xiaochun, voice hoarse and filled with madness as he said, "Dharma Protector Nightcrypt. If you let me reach Foundation Establishment, I'll be your slave for a sixty-year-cycle!"

"It was definitely our Blood Stream Sect. Hahaha! Now we have both Patriarch Limitless... and another top-level cultivator!"

The toughness of its organs had increased multiple folds, releasing great vitality. Even its cultivation level had soared up from Grade One Martial Saint to Grade Four Martial Saint.

"You had better not underestimate it just because it looks gentle and powerless now. When it encounters an enemy, it's whole body will shine as bright as a diamond. Furthermore, it can have a terrifying burst of speed. It's large rabbit teeth are capable of tearing diamonds, irons, and more, making it impossible to guard against. One of the most important features of the Golden Jade Rabbit is that it will spit out a mouthful of golden mist from its mouth, which can lower the reaction speed of the warriors as well as their sight range and their spirit energy," Cang Wuya chuckled.

"Don't you think she is pitiful? A little miss of the Yan Clan selling tea leaves on the street. Not only that, she seemed to be bullied by some Xiao Master. Can the Yan Clan take it down?" Qing Shui replied calmly.

Qing Shui was stunned. He did not expect that this Qing You, who had a big build who was always naive and simple-minded, also had a joking and lewd side. The atmosphere turned livelier than ever.

"How kind of you. Don't worry, we know how exceptional you are, which is why we've been very supportive of you. Since it's a gift to us, then it's impolite to refuse your kindness." The old man on the left smiled wickedly.

"The Buddha Sect is located in the Buddha City in Central Continent. It's recognized by all as the strongest sect within the Central Continent. At the very least, no one would say that other sects were better than them. They don't hole themselves up within Buddha City, and they can be seen everywhere. However, only very few know about the situation in the Buddha Sect." Lady Duanmu explained gently.

The Arch-Emperor Dynasty had another celestial!

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