The Saiyan of the Naruto World Chapter 2626

The Saiyan of the Naruto World Chapter 2626

Another of Xuemei's Dharma protectors was a bit further off in the distance. After watching the depressing scene play out, and then hearing everyone crying out, his own anger surged, and he shot after Bai Xiaochun.

Qing Shui, are you sure that you want to send the betrothal gifts to the Shi Clan today?" Qing Yi asked in surprise.


Once they have someone as a target, it is difficult for that person to escape. If the person joins, they can forget about leaving unless they are dead.?

At the area where those from the Skysword Sect had gathered!

"It does not matter who am I, I only noticed that the Ximen Clan is so poor till they have to bully people into selling. Are the people of the Ximen Clan all scums like you? I wonder if the elders of the Ximen Clan are aware of your actions?"

"Sure. Hurry up." Qing Shui took half a step forward.

"Many thanks, exalted one, for extracting me from a life of complete bitterness. Your humble servant would like to make a request. I sincerely hope that you can fulfil my wish, exalted one!"

After all, he was already a blacksmith, Qing Shui abruptly realised that he should start forging some hidden weapons for himself. He decided to use the 1,000 years cold steel to forge a set of Coldsteel needles similar to the size of the golden needles for his own usage.

Lotus leaves floated on the surface of the water, each one seemingly as large as an island. In fact, upon closer inspection, all of the lotus leaves actually had spectacularly luxurious buildings on them!

"Grand Elderˇ­"

10,000 Medicines Pavilion was one of the most lively locations on Fragrant Cloud Peak. Virtually every day, crowds of Outer Sect disciples came and went. One reason was because of the ten stone steles, and the other reason was because of the 10,000 Medicines Pavilion itself, which was located in the middle of all those stone steles. That was where you could exchange merit points for medicinal plants and pill formulas.

1. 1. Hou Yunfei showed Bai Xiaochun around the sect in chapter 14?

Of course, throughout the years, there were always people who didn't crush the jade pendant fast enough, and ended up dying.

The middle aged man respectfully replied, "all shall be as Ancestor wills."

This was the Gale Talisman made using the tiger skin.

At night, Hai Dongqing searched for a bedroom with Qing Shui. Qing Shui was smiling, as he followed behind her silently.

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