Salbabida Chapter 233

Salbabida Chapter 233

Big Yellow's eyes lit up.

Jian Chen and the other men began to fly at the snake with their Saint Weapons ready to attack. On its head, each person swung down to deliver a heavy stroke.

"Little brother, don't tell me you are entering the Misty Mountain in order to train? You can't go in now, the Green Sanctuary Sect has blocked all access for seven days. You have to wait until their disciples finish their training. The Green Sanctuary Sect is not something you can afford to offend."

Jiang Chen said as he started laughing.

Guan Yi Yun who was wearing white clothes raised his head and looked at the crowd. His handsome face had a cold expression, and with a loud voice he said, "Apart from the four big sects, if there's anyone who wishes to join the competition, you can just come. As long as you manage to enter the top 30, you can choose to become a disciple of any of the four big sects straight away."


Jiang Chen gazed at the blade. With his experience, he could easily tell the level of this blade.

Tiangang Yi asked.

"In my opinion, we don't need to let those people enter the Misty Mountain in the future, let's just declare the mountain our own territory, then only disciples from the Green Sanctuary Sect will be allowed to enter the mountain. Letting those of the public enter the mountain is just a waste of resources."

Jian Chen let loose a happy smile from the affection, before he gradually disentangled himself from his brother's arms, "Big brother, there's too many people here to talk. Let's leave this place first."Chapter 24: Skill

Shangguan Yiqing suddenly shouted out loudly.

The innkeeper came rushing out when he heard the commotion. When he saw the coffin, he said with an embarrassed expression, "Dear customer, if you could please find somewhere else to put the coffin. We cannot have such an item in our inn, otherwise, how will our other customers dare rest here?"


At this moment, an intense amount of Sword Qi with a flame like essence flew at the Green Scaled Ape. Right behind the Sword Qi was Katafei with his sword.

A churning golden wave was seen in the middle of the collision accompanied by a subtle crash. The air was torn apart, Mu Rong Zhan's Black Hawk Strike shattered into pieces by Jiang Chen's Single Solar Finger attack as it couldn't even withstand the attack for a second.

"Space Gate?" Jian Chen was confused for a moment as he tried to think of what a Space Gate was. Then, his face grew joyous as he spoke, "Qin Xiao, could it be that your Tianqin clan has a Space Gate?"

The warrior was trembling out of fear. The fury of a Late Combat Soul warrior was not something that anyone could resist.

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