Silent Crown Chapter 1173

Silent Crown Chapter 1173


At the same time, Jiang Chen's body started transforming from within. New Dragon Marks started forming. This was a transformation that happened from his very source, and the growth rate he obtained was unimaginable.

Jian Chen looked with disdain at the man. He was only a Peak Great Saint Master; someone not worth being worried about. "The items are in my hand, if you have the ability, come and take them."

Chang Wuji's speed at gathering the fire elements was extremely fast. In an instant, he had formed a giant sword of fire that flew toward Saiya.

In just a short amount of time, Jiang Chen successfully concocted a Revival Pill. The Revival Pill was one of the best medicinal pills used to heal wounds. A 100% effectiveness Revival Pill, it would cost a fortune if it was sold in the outside world.

Many people felt like they were going to faint. This dog that appeared out of nowhere was really brutal; he was simply inhuman! Of course, he wasn't really a human££

Hearing Jian Chen's words, Ming Dong grew serious as he murmured, "It seems we have to be careful of her in the future."Chapter 334: The Ten Great Practitioners (Four)

Seeing this monk, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. This little monk must be here for the treasure.

There was a total of three stories to the treasury of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. The first layer was extremely big with Space Belts nicely ordered about the entire area with symbols up above them to signify what was inside each Space Belt. The entire first floor seemed to have, for the most part, army provisions and high grade armor.

Sensing the sudden gust of wind come toward him, Jian Chen's eyes flash dangerously as he brought his Light Wind Sword up. Suddenly, a faint glow of azure and violet light could be seen, allowing Jian Chen to then fearlessly bring his own sword against the patriarch's axe.

Taking the book from the elder, Jian Chen began to flip through the pages. Indeed, what the elder said was correct. The book was a catalogue of every single Heaven Tier Battle Skill or Cultivation Method. This was especially surprising for Jian Chen, since he was able to see hundreds of battle skills and cultivation methods. He became tongue tied when he began to read through the list.

"Master, this Lotus Sutra is truly amazing, it enlightened me deeply about the path of Buddhism. Master, what other remarkable techniques and Sutras do you know? Why don't you teach them to your disciple?"

Li Wu Shuang let out a cold snort. Jiang Chen's calm words of despise had deeply invoked his deep pride.

"Changyang Xiang Tian's strength can't possibly be only at the 8th Saint Force layer. Who knows, he might have already condensed a Saint Weapon. Otherwise, how else would he be able to beat a student like Senior Ka Di Yun, a Saint££"

On the other hand were the Radiant Warriors who were given the nicknames of being undying. Radiant Warriors were filled with Radiant Saint Force and were exceedingly rare. Although they could control the Radiant Saint Force, they followed the way of the hegemon, which contrasted against the Radiant Saint Master's way of the king. They could only heal themselves and could not heal anyone else.

His eyes blazing like torches, Jiang Chen stepped onto a specific area. In an instant, a sad and miserable scream was from the other dimension, and the Old Great Emperor was kicked out of there by Jiang Chen's foot.

Nether represented hell; it was the symbol of death. Only the most deadly venoms were qualified to bear the name Nether. Clearly, the venomous strength of this Venomous Nether Toad was many times stronger than that of the Green Hellish Python.

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